Buying A Sim Card In Vietnam Internet Packages & Data Plan Of 2021


4G Viettel is a service of Viettel Telecommunications Corporation (Viettel Telecom) which is a subsidiary of Viettel Military Telecommunications Group, established on April 5, 2007, on the basis of merging mạng internet companies. Viettel, Viettel landline phone & Viettel smartphone phone.

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4G Viettel is a website that helps customers register 4G Viettel online easily & quickly, anyone can easily vị it successfully.


List of 4G Viettel PackagesPriceVIETTEL 4G PACKAGE + CALLS ON-NET, OFF-NETWORK, TEXT MESSAGES4G Viettel monthly package (Combo data + voice is chosen by many people)

4G Viettel monthly packageVIETTEL 4G PACKAGE BY DAY (WEEK)List of Viettel 4G packages 1 day in 2022:

List of Viettel 4G packages 1 dayA/ Viettel 4G packages 1 day 5K, 10K, 15K.Depending on your usage needs, you choose the 4g viettel 1 day packages below, each package suggestion will have a different data incentive and number of days of use. If you are accessing the article by phone, please click the Register via SMS button khổng lồ register quickly, or compose a message as follows:

Package ST10K (2GB high-speed data, 1 day use time, 10k price )Text ST10K 359216888 lớn 9123Package ST15K (3GB high-speed data, 3-day usage time, price 15k )Text ST15K 359216888 khổng lồ 9123MT20N package (5GB high-speed data, 24h usage time, price 20k)Text MT20N 359216888 lớn 9123Package ST30K (7GB high-speed data, 7-day usage time, price 30K )Text ST30K 359216888 to 9123HOW lớn REGISTER 4G VIETTEL SIM DCOMPrice menu of typical Viettel 3G and 4G packages for Dcom sims

HOW to lớn REGISTER 4G VIETTEL SIM DCOMI/ list OF 4G MONTHLY PACKAGESCurrently, Viettel offers many 4G packages with many prices from 70,000 VND lớn 300,000 VND and many different data incentives, but Viettel 4G monthly packages are being chosen by most people, with incentives up to lớn 90GB. Data / month comfortably meet the needs of use.

Summary of Viettel data network packages by monthPackage ST70K — Price 70,000 VND / month: Offer 15 GB Data / Month.ST90 package — Price 90,000 VND / month: Offer 30 GB Data / Month.Package ST120K — Price 120,000 VND / month: Offer 60 GB Data / Month.Package ST150K — Price 150,000 VND / month: Offer 90 GB Data / Month.UMAX300 package — Price 300,000 VND / month: Unlimited / month.

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How to lớn register for 3G / 4G Viettel sim ? How to register for 3G / 4G Viettel is extremely easy & simple. You just need khổng lồ compose the syntax according to the message, including Name+package+charge (space) 359216888 khổng lồ 9123 . You will immediately have a high-speed Viettel 3G/4G package khổng lồ use.

II/ Why should I register for 4G Viettel 1 day or month?As one of the most popular & valuable brands in VietnamOne of the 3g, 4g carriers with the largest brand value in Southeast AsiaHas the largest infrastructure in VietnamViettel 4G package 1 day reasonable price, price only from 5000 VND anyone can registerSubscribe khổng lồ Viettel network every month with big data incentives, không tính phí access, reasonable và attractive prices suitable for users’ needsThe fastest 4G internet speed, high-speed data incentives, great useDiversify the latest Viettel 4g package, suitable for all needs of users of all agesIII/ How to register for Viettel network 1 day or month

How to lớn register for 4G Viettel daily or monthly is very simple, you just need to choose the Viettel 4G tariff packages below, click the Register via SMS button if you are viewing the trang web by di động phone, or compose a message by gọi If you are viewing the trang web by computer, after successful registration, the system will send you a message to lớn confirm the registration & you can use it.

Register for 4g Viettel by texting with the following syntax:

PACKAGE NAME (space) 359216888 to 9123

– Click “Register via SMS” on the package table or compose a message according lớn the syntax above

– For example: ST120K (space) 359216888 to 9123

Hopefully, the above instructions will help you successfully register for a high-speed 3G/4G Viette l data package for your sản phẩm điện thoại phone.

IV Conditions for registering Viettel’s 4G packages

Conditions for registering Viettel’s 4G packages are very simple, almost all mobile subscribers can be registered, basically you just need lớn meet some of the following conditions:

As a Viettel di động subscriberWorking 2-way, no blocking incoming or outgoing callsHave a balance in your trương mục greater than or equal to lớn the package you are about to register

With only such simple conditions, you will easily own yourself the best 4G Viettel subscription package according to your usage needs, khổng lồ work, study online or entertain. Not only Viettel but all other điện thoại carriers lượt thích Mobifone, Vinaphone also have similar or slightly different conditions.

A / Is Viettel 4G network fast?

3G 4G Viettel is one of the mobile operators with many years of experience in the field of telecommunications, with wide coverage infrastructure, most advanced & modern technology, so Viettel’s 4G network speed is very fast. Fast and stable, you can rest assured & register for 4G Viettel network to use. Moreover, now in addition lớn taking care of customers with experienced và dedicated staff, Viettel also applies AI, Big Data & Robotics technologies, automation lớn bring you even better servicesRead More Moreover you will always have the opportunity khổng lồ use the latest technologies, without missing out on useful services.

B / Can Viettel 4G packages play games?

The speed and stability of the 4G mạng internet network greatly determines the experience when playing games, 4G 5G Viettel understands that và will not disappoint you, with Viettel’s 4G package, it can completely meet the needs of the customers. Terrible graphics trò chơi thanks to lớn high bandwidth và speed with high domestic and international bandwidth, strong signal, moreover, Viettel has deployed many packages for gaming with great incentives such as online games. Military thiết bị di động … và many other games, but for long-term entertainment, you need to choose Viettel 4G packages with a long usage time of 1 month or more to lớn have more data incentives và many days of usage. More useful, should not choose packages with too low data, which will limit the data.Choosing a Viettel 4G network package to lớn play games will definitely be the best option for you, when you just need to lớn register and use it right away without many procedures and papers such as installing a fiber optic wifi network. Suitable for all users.

C / Notes in registering 3G, 4G Viettel networks

As you can see on this article, there are many attractive 3G/4G Viettel packages, including daily 4G Viettel packages or monthly 4G Viettel packages , so you need lớn consider. According to your usage needs và choose the most suitable package, usually, the longer the 4G Viettel monthly package has a longer usage time, the more preferential data it will receive và the cheaper it will be. If you often have to call or text SMS, you should also consider choosing lớn register for 4G Viettel networkcombo includes 4G + In-network / out-of-network minutes, with these packages, you will receive a huge discount, comfortable lớn use without worrying about spending a lot of money, these packages will have many size of registration by week, by month, by year, depending on the economic conditions you choose.

V / The syntax needs to lớn be saved after registering for 3G, 4G Viettel packages

In addition lớn the initial syntax khổng lồ register for the 4G Viettel sim package , there are a number of other extremely important syntaxes to tư vấn you during the use of the service, so you need to save it to use any When you need it, that’s like what 4G 5G Viettel shared, it will help you manage your package better, save more costs, & not be afraid of incurring any unwanted costs.

A/ Syntax to lớn register for 3G/4G Viettel

How lớn register 3G/4G for Viettel sim? It’s actually extremely simple to lớn register for 3G/4G Viettel , you just need khổng lồ choose the package that suits your usage needs by day, month, or year, then compose a message with the following syntax:

PACKAGE NAME (space) 359216888 to 9123

For example: If you want to lớn register for a super speed 3G và 4G package Viettel Mimax70, proceed lớn compose a direct message with the following syntax:

mimax70 (space) 359216888 to 9123

The syntax details are as follows:

Mimax70: is the name of the package you want to subscribe to359216888 : is the activation code for the promotion of the 4G package you have registered9123: is the switchboard lớn receive 4G Viettel registrationsB/ check the remaining data traffic of 4G Viettel subscription package