How to mark your home address in google maps


The mạng internet allows customers to find your business & shows them how lớn get khổng lồ you. Lớn ensure you don"t miss out on any of these prospects, you should register your business on Google Maps and địa chỉ your information so that customers will be able to find your location in their search. Registering with Google is easy và secure. Not just anyone can register your business, as there is a confirmation process to confirm that you (the business owner) are the person adding the information.

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Visit Google Maps online. Click the links to the left that says "Put your Business on Google Maps."


Log in lớn Google, if you already have an account. If you do not, choose "Create an tài khoản now" and go through the tài khoản creation process. Once you are completed signing up for an account, log in.


Click the liên kết that says "List your business."


Select your country & type your business telephone number in the space provided. If Google has any information related khổng lồ your telephone, it will display it for you lớn edit. If not, you will be allowed lớn create your business listing.

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Add your business listing by clicking the liên kết "Add a new listing."


Enter your business information, such as the company name, address, phone and website. Click "Next."


Enter more information about your business such as the hours you are open, any photos or videos related to lớn promoting your business, và your industry.


Submit your business information once you have reviewed it khổng lồ make sure it is correct. Once you finish your listing you will be able khổng lồ view it live.



If you are editing your business information, Google will verify that you are the business owner by mailing a postcard or by phone verification. You will receive a confirmation code to enter online và then be able khổng lồ complete the edits of your listing.

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