【2022】how to register/open a binance account with 20

Photo by Kanchanara on UnsplashIn the past few years, Binance has grown into the world’s đứng đầu 1 cryptocurrency trading platforms, most popular in Europe, the United States, & Asia.

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This article will mainly describe how to lớn register and xuất hiện an account on Binance, & details of how khổng lồ set up the Binance two-factor authentication (2FA) so you can obtain account security after registration.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency investment, you can register while reading this article và enjoy the Binance cryptocurrency trading platform with high security. After registering, you can also refer to the follow-up articles about deposit and withdrawal.

For a detailed introduction khổng lồ Binance, you can refer to the following article: ‘Life At Binance: Real Stories From Behind The Scenes.’

PrefaceBinance was established in 2017 by a Chinese-Canadian engineer Zhao Changpeng, focusing on the exchange of various cryptocurrency commodities.

In just three years, Binance has grown into the world’s vị trí cao nhất 3 cryptocurrency trading platforms, most popular in Europe, the United States, và Asia.

In addition, Binance is also actively developing many products, such as contract trading, leveraged trading, Binance Bao… etc.

Binance is currently one of the few exchanges in Asia that has the most currencies, & that also supports Traditional Chinese.

Binance has issued its own platform currency through blockchain technology, Binance Coin (BNB), as one way for users khổng lồ reduce or be exempt of handling fees during transactions.

From an investment perspective, Binance Coin (BNB) is currently one of the few platform currencies in the world with super high investment value. The reason for this is because of the rapid growth and expansion of Binance Enterprise. Now Binance can even tư vấn fiat currency recharges, fiat currency transactions… and other services.

How to register/open an tài khoản on Binance?

Signing up for a không tính phí Binance tài khoản is very simple. It only takes a minute và you only need khổng lồ provide your e-mail account.

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Create a không tính phí account | Binance

Register an account with Binance today


On the upper right corner, 16 languages và 48 exchange rates can be chosen from.

The details for the registration are as follow:

Fill in an thư điện tử account that you frequently use.The password must be at least eight digits, và must include a capital letter.Please tick the “I am over 18 years old & agree lớn the Binance Terms of Service” box.Click khổng lồ register.

After registration, Binance will send a 6-digit verification code to your e-mail. After you fill in the verification code, your registration is complete. It took less than a minute!

https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=WM2N19UVHow to set up two-factor authentication (2FA)?The two-factor authentication (2FA) is a tool khổng lồ protect your account. It requires the user lớn provide another verification method lớn log in.

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On Binance, there are two types of verification methods that you can choose from:

Google verificationPhone verification

Taking tài khoản security as a consideration, users are recommended khổng lồ set up the two-factor authentication (2FA).

This way, even if your trương mục password is leaked in the future, the other buổi tiệc ngọt will not be able khổng lồ log in lớn your Binance tài khoản because they won’t have your phone number or Google account.

Google verification

The secondary verification is mainly through a Google Authenticator, which can be downloaded from your phone’s ứng dụng Store:

App Store linkGoogle Play link

After the download is complete, a QR code/key will be displayed on the Binance website. Xuất hiện Google Authenticator khổng lồ scan/verify.

Next, a 16-digit pass code will be displayed on the website page. Please make sure to safely back those up! If your phone gets lost/broken in the future, the pass code can help you reset the Google verification!

The last step is to lớn enter the password & the Google verification dynamic password to successfully enable the secondary verification!

Phone verification

If you choose điện thoại phone verification, it is relatively simple. Just enter your mobile phone number lớn get the SMS verification code.

After setting is complete, every time you log in in the future, you will have to go through Google verification/phone verification, which greatly improves the security of your account.

If you phối up both Google and phone verification at the same time, you can choose one of the two when you log in, so it is highly recommended to lớn set up both of them.

How lớn complete Identity Verification?

After you register, you can first browse Binance’s main page to lớn see what functions & transaction services are available.

Binance has recently launched various promotions. There are tons of opportunities lớn get gifts. Those who are interested are welcome lớn participate.

You can finish the identify verification on the profile page, following the instruction khổng lồ complete the procedures step by step.

ConclusionFor investors, cryptocurrency is different from traditional finance (stocks, foreign exchange, gold). It is a new type of investment asset, so the threshold is relatively high.

The Binance platform is the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world now, and the most recommended one for those who want to open their first trading in cryptocurrency market.

If you haven’t registered in binance yet, you could use my referral code WM2N19UV for getting 20% off discount on spot trading fees.

Disclaimer: This article is of teaching content only, without any investment advice. All transactions involve risks. Cryptocurrencies và related contract commodities are highly volatile. Please invest carefully. This article does not constitute any trương mục opening advice, please carefully choose a cryptocurrency exchange with security supervision protection.