New student registration

The DEERS system is the centralized database for all military memebers & their families. You need to lớn be enrolled in the DEERS system in order lớn receive military benefits.

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The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Registration System (DEERS) is a centralized database of personal identification information for service members and their families.

DEERS verifies eligibility for benefits such as:

When to lớn Update DEERS

Service members are automatically enrolled into DEERS when they join the military. Each dependent, however, must be enrolled separately by the service member. The service member can add a new family thành viên into DEERS in person at any military ID card-issuing facility.

Service members are also expected lớn update DEERS with any change in the sponsor’s service status, change in liên hệ information, or change in family status (marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death). This means that every time you move you will need khổng lồ update your DEERS information.

You have a few options for updating your information with the exception of adding a new family thành viên or updating a Social Security number (which must be done in person):

It is essential khổng lồ keep your information up to lớn date in DEERS or you may risk losing military benefits or may even possibly be fined. This can sometimes be overlooked, especially when a child is born.

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Newborn children must be entered into DEERS immediately and as a result, are often entered before a Social Security number has been issued to them. Parents must return khổng lồ a military ID card-issuing facility with the child’s Social Security thẻ or they risk being fined.

What to lớn bring with you

To speed up the registration process, be sure lớn bring all the necessary documentation with you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the necessary documentation, điện thoại tư vấn ahead to your nearest military ID card-issuing facility.

For registering a new family member into DEERS, sponsors must bring a completed DD size 1172 as well as the following:

To add a spouse:

Marriage certificateSpouse birth certificateSpouse Social Security cardSpouse photo ID

To showroom a child:

Child’s birth certificateChild’s Social Security card

*For a stepchild, the marriage certificate is also required

To showroom a child over 21 with full-time student status:

Letter from the school’s registrar office verifying enrollment

*Benefits can be extended until the child reaches the age of 23 if they are a full-time student.

To địa chỉ a dependent parent:

DFAS letter of approvalService member birth certificateService thành viên valid photo IDParent photo IDParent Social Security card

To địa chỉ cửa hàng a dependent ward

DFAS letter of approvalCourt document placing the child in the sponsor’s trang chủ for at least one yearDependent birth certificateDependent Social Security card

*All documents must be translated in English and certified.

If you have additional questions regarding the DEERS enrollment process, check out the TRICARE’s website or call your nearest military ID card-issuing facility. TRICARE has also put together a helpful fact sheet about registering in DEERS.