How to create chinese tiktok / douyin app account


We all love short videos, as in tik tok. The creators of the much-loved site are Chinese developers. They have created an innovative video clip hosting service that is enjoyed by everyone from the young to lớn the old. But the Chinese have created a similar offering for their country, only adapted for the Chinese audience. So in this article I’ll tell you how to create a Douyin account.

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douyin trương mục without phone number

When we create an trương mục at any of the services we want, we need to liên kết a number or an e-mail to get a code and pass the verification. In most cases you will be asked to link your phone number khổng lồ receive an SMS. But perhaps you have already linked your number to another account & can’t do it again, or simply want to lớn remain anonymous, so you don’t link the number. Here is where users ask: Is it possible to register a douyin tài khoản without a phone number? I will tell you that it is possible. But only if you buy a virtual phone number from The best virtual number service will be the best solution for your issue, because we can buy a number of any country in the world. We feature over 100 country numbers, a huge number of services và multiple number purchase options such as one time numbers, number rental and even bulk purchases via API. Our support is available 24/7 & we are here to lớn help you. Our experts work hard khổng lồ continually improve the unique of our service.

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Và if you don’t know how to register an account or buy a number on this or that service then we have our own blog và even youtube channel! Just in our blog you now read the article.

Registration account

To create a douyin trương mục as I have already said will need a virtual number. Khổng lồ buy it on our website will need lớn create an account. Follow the steps in this simple algorithm:

Go to lớn the site. You are on the main page of our service, but you need lớn click on the button above lớn start the registration.Now enter the required data. When registration is complete, go to lớn the tab with payment.Here you can đứng đầu up your account. Specify the recharge amount, currency and of course select the method. Then you need to go khổng lồ the main page of the site.On the main page you need to lớn select the country. If it is not displayed at the top, then expand the list & find the desired country in the search.Repeat the same procedure as with the country in the list of services.

Douyin account sign up

If you are familiar with the usual tik tok, it’s the same here. Download the douyin app and it will tell you intuitively what to lớn do. Everything is the same as in a normal tik tok. But lớn get a code you will need VPN. You need lớn enable VPN on that country which you bought in Get the code and enjoy the videos!