Register 4g viettel of viettel telecommunications corporation viet

The cheapest prepaid 4G sim card : 37,000VND ~ 1.6 USDTop up sim card : 100,000 vnd ~ 4.31 USDTotal a prepaid 4G sim thẻ  : ~6 USDFrom a credit of 100,000 vnd in your sim card, you can register a data package of at least 3GB which costs 70,000 VND depending on which data package you choose, then there are still 30,000 VND = 1.3 USD to make calls in Vietnam.

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Do you want to buy a prepaid 4G sim card in Vietnam with a reasonable price và high data coverage adapting your demand of surfing internet và your limited vacation time in Vietnam?

Dont you know where to lớn buy a sim card with the cheapest price? The answer is here.

Below is a list of different 3G/4G data packages that three major internet smartphone providers in Vietnam provide now. Lets choose one which suits your data plan.


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Mobile network operators Data packages per daily/weekly/monthly

Mobile network operators 

In Vietnam, there are currently 6 smartphone network operators including: Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Vietnamobile, G-Tel & iTelecome (just launch in April 2019). Among them, accounting for nearly 95% of market segment is Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone, 3 big service providers in Viet nam with good services. 4G/LTE coverage is available throughout the country.


Where khổng lồ buy a sim thẻ in Vietnam?

There are many choices for you lớn buy a 4G sim card easily in Vietnam. The sim cards are sold

mostly everywhere in the big cities but different prices.

At the airport from the time you enter VietnamAt the kiosk with 3G/4G signboardAt the điện thoại shops as The Gioi Di Dong storeAt the tourist agency with 3G/4G sim card signboardBuying online through online e-commerce websites such as,,..At the mạng internet service provider s stores such as Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Viettel official stores

As a Vietnamese local, I often choose to lớn buy one sim card at one of Vinaphone official stores because of a fixed price, surely cheaper than any store. However, there is a small requirement before purchase. A copy of passport is required for foreigners while an ID thẻ for Vietnamese people. If you dont have its copy, dont worry, they will scan your passport or ID card. Currently I am using Vinaphone 4G sim thẻ for making call, send messages, surfing the mạng internet and đoạn clip call. I choose 4G data package per month BIG70 and VINAXTRA data sim card which allows very long 2-months usable period. It costs 70,000 VND = 3 USD và the unique of video clip call is perfect as I often make đoạn clip calls by Viber/ Skype to lớn my family and friends.

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Here is the address of Vinaphone store where I often go lớn to buy a 4G sim thẻ in Ho bỏ ra Minh city.

Mobiphone store is located at the same address of this Vinaphone store. Its office is next to lớn Vinaphone office.

Its opening - closing time: 7:30 -21:00 (on Saturday, Sunday: 7:30-19:00)

You can easily find these stores when you visit Post Office of Ho chi Minh city. Its just located closely on the right side of Post Office in distrist 1 if you stand in front of Post Office. Please lưu ý that on the left side of Post Office is Han Thuyen bookstores.


How much for a prepaid sim card?

A sim thẻ costs average 50,000 VND (thats less than 3 USD, no credit in the sim card), lớn which you can showroom one of a variety of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly data plans.

My statistics below based on information posted on official websites of Vinaphone, Mobiphone and Viettel will facilitate you choose which mobile provider you want lớn register. From these statistics, Vinaphone provides much more choice for you. Not only the cheapest 4G sim thẻ (no credit) compared lớn the others, but also its quality and a variety of 4G data coverage packages per hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly lớn adapt your demand and save your money.


Note: Added data package can be automatically renewed. So, lets cancel this added package before the usable expiry time if we dont want khổng lồ continue this service by:

HUY Name of added data pack you want to lớn cancel => sent 888

Ex: HUY D5 => sent 888


Guides related lớn Vinaphone data package registration by SMS



MONTHLY basic 4G Mobiphone data packages


MONTHLY 4G Mobiphone data packages + call (DATA PLUS)



MONTHLY 4G Mobiphone data package for watching movies



Buying added data coverage for BIG monthly pack

There are 4 ways to register more data coverage for data package when primary mạng internet data coverage runs out before usable expiry date



Guides for registering 3G/4G Mobiphone data package


NOTE: 4G data package will be automatically renewed. So you should cancel this function if there is no demand for next period.


MONTHLY basic 3G Mobiphone data packages



MONTHLY 3G FAST CONNECT Mobiphone data packages

(For sim 3G used on the laptop, Ipad)




Monthly 4G Viettel data packages


Daily data packages


Guides related to lớn data package registration by SMS


In summary, I hope this article is helpful for you to choose the suitable data plan during your vacation in Vietnam.