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You bởi vì NOT need khổng lồ have an ATM thẻ to sign up for Online Banking. Learn how to sign up for online banking by watching our registration video.

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Enrolling in Online Banking is easy and will take less than ten minutes. In 5 simple steps you can establish your login credentials & begin banking from the comfort of your home.

Step 1. From the Sign-up for Online Access screen select “Debit/ ATM PIN” or “Telephone Banking PIN”. If you don’t have either an ATM pin sạc or a Telephone Banking PIN, don’t worry. Just click the “I don’t have a PIN” button và follow the prompts.


Step 2. For the next screen, you will need the last 8 digits of your debit/ ATM card number, your PIN & your Statement Zip or Postal code. For those who are registering with a telephone banking PIN, you will also be asked khổng lồ verify your social security number.


If you are enrolling without a PIN, you’ll need your full account or loan number. You will also see an extra verification step for your safety and security.

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For additional security, you may be asked lớn answer one of your account security questions.

Step 3. You will be asked to agree with the E-sign và Online Banking Agreements. Please read the agreements and, if you agree, click the “I Agree” button khổng lồ confirm. These agreements are always available for you in Online Banking, should you ever want khổng lồ refer back to them.


Step 4. For security purposes, you will need lớn select & answer three security questions for future use. You will select your three from a các mục of questions which will appear on the screen. Select ones with answers that are quality to you, & that you will easily be able to lớn answer in future.


Step 5. Create your User ID & password. The minimum requirements for characters, letters & numbers will be displayed for you on the screen. For security purposes, please choose a password that is unique & secure. 

You’re all set! Once you’ve completed step 5, you’ll be able to lớn sign on with your new credentials, and start banking both on your computer and on your sản phẩm điện thoại phone with the Union ngân hàng Mobile Banking app. 

And that"s how easy it is to sign up for Online Banking.

For a danh mục of features for each platform, please read our article on Online vs. Traditional Banking.

Please note: trương mục information such as transactions and account balances may take one business day upon enrollment lớn be accessible online.