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Our new communication tools provide a simple và convenient way to get the most current information related to your electric service.

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Learn how to:

Receive Alert Notifications Via email or Text Message

The alert service allows customers to lớn sign up for automated e-mail or text messages on topics including:

Restoration updates when you have reported an outageNotifications of scheduled nguồn outagesSevere weather alerts in advance of stormsBilling reminders, including alerts when a new bill is available, a payment is due, a payment has been posted, or no payment has been receivedReminders to lớn submit a meter reading

You will need to lớn sign in to your online account, or mix up an online account if you don"t already have one.Message and data rates may apply.

Click Here khổng lồ get Started

Alert preferences can be updated at any time.For more information, please view our frequently asked questions. Click here forterms & conditions.

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UseText Messaging to liên hệ Us

Interactive text messaging makes it easy lớn report a power nguồn outage, request a status update on a reported outage, or make billing inquiries from a mobile phone.

You will need your tài khoản number khổng lồ register by text message, or youcan register your mobilephone by logging in khổng lồ your tài khoản andupdating the text và email alerts page. Message và data rates may apply.

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Get started with this serviceby texting REG khổng lồ 544487 (LIGHTS)

Once you are registered, you can send the following commands lớn 544487 (LIGHTS):

REG - register for text messagesBAL - obtain your trương mục balanceOUT - report a nguồn outageSTAT - obtain status on a reported outageHELP - get a danh sách of từ khóa and link to FAQsPAUSE - temporarily stop receiving alertsRESUME - reactivate alertSTOP - stop current alert you receivedSTOP ALL - stop all alertsNICK - create a nickname for your account. This may behelpful if you need lớn retrieve information for multiple accounts (max 12 characters, no spaces or special characters)

For more information, please view our frequently asked questions. Click here forterms and conditions.

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Visit Us Online When You"re On the Go with Our Responsive Website

Our responsive website provides on-the-go accessto the important information & services related lớn your electric account.

The site includes:

A simple nguồn outage reporting process và easy access lớn our mobile-optimized 24/7 power Center outage mapsA click-to-call feature khổng lồ reach our liên hệ centers

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Personal Outage Information

Youcan receive a status update on a reported outage by simply logging into your account on the full or di động website.You can also learn about other outage activity in your area. Log in to your account here.

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Outage Maps

Our 24/7 power Center outage mapsshow individual outage locations, as well as best available estimated restoration time, and outage cause as available.

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