Georgia electronic insurance compliance system

Insurance cards are no longer acceptable proof of Georgia liability insurance coverage when you are questioned by law enforcement, when you are registering your vehicle, or when you are renewing, replacing or transferring your existing Georgia license plates (tags).

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Instead a state maintained database would be used to verify insurance coverage. For exceptions và more regarding the vehicle owner"s responsibilities, click here. The purpose of the recent changes khổng lồ the insurance laws in this state is lớn encourage vehicle owners to obtain & keep liability insurance coverage on their vehicle(s), lớn reduce the number of uninsured vehicles operating in this state, & to provide an online tool for law enforcement & County Tag office personnel to use in verifying the insurance status of any vehicle registered in the State of Georgia.

GEICS Insurance Database

Insurers issuing or renewing any motor vehicle liability insurance policy are required to electronically transmit the vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and the policy’s effective date khổng lồ this Department’s ( insurance database (GEICS – Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System) within thirty-days 30 of the date the insurance coverage is khổng lồ begin. Insurers must also electronically report terminations and additions or deletions of vehicles from existing policies. The transmitted VIN is cross-referenced with the vehicle identification number(s) on this Department’s tag and title database (GRATIS – Georgia Registration và Title Information System), which also tracks vehicles by their VIN. If the transmitted VIN matches a VIN on the GRATIS tag và title database, a valid insurance coverage indicator is placed on the vehicle’s tag record. In the same way police officers can now pull up a vehicle’s registration to lớn see whether it"s stolen, they can immediately know whether the vehicle pulled over is insured. County Tag office personnel in this state can check the GRATIS database to verify insurance coverage when the vehicle owner goes lớn register their vehicle or to lớn renew, transfer, or replace their existing Georgia license plate (tag). For more information regarding the insurers responsibilities, click here.

Vehicle Owners Need to check Insurance Cards

khổng lồ ensure accuracy, all vehicle owners must compare the vehicle identification number (VIN) on their current insurance card with the vehicle identification number (VIN) on their current registration certificate (a/k/a tag receipt) issued by their County Tag’s office to lớn make sure they are identical. If the insurance card does not reflect their vehicle’s correct VIN, the vehicle owner should tương tác their insurer immediately since only their insurer can add, delete or edit information on the GEICS insurance database. If their registration certificate (a/k/a tag receipt) and/or title does not reflect their vehicle’s correct VIN, the vehicle owner should contact their County Tag’s office for assistance in obtaining a new tag receipt and/or title showing their vehicle’s correct VIN.

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If the number is even one digit off, the vehicle owner will be unable lớn register and obtain a license plate (tag) for their vehicle; unable khổng lồ renew, replace or transfer their existing Georgia license plate (tag); and will be subject khổng lồ fines for lack of insurance if stopped by law enforcement.


An insurer must register with this Department once for every NAIC number before using GEICS insurance database. For more information regarding the insurer’s responsibilities, click here.

Training Guide Containing New Insurance Procedures

The GEICS Reporting Insurance Guide for Insurance Companies that was prepared by this Department’s Education and Organizational Development Unit. This guide was developed for use in training both in-house and County Tag office personnel in preparation for the implementation of the new Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS) that became effective February 1, 2003. This guide has been designed in an easy-to-read format that will allow for the processing of taxpayer documents, while providing an understanding of the new insurance procedures. Other interested parties may use this guide as a quick-reference tool concerning this state’s new insurance laws. This is a Department of Revenue system & is intended for official use only. Unauthorized access is prohibited. All user activities are subject khổng lồ monitoring in accordance with the Department of Revenue’s policies lớn ensure compliance with Tax Information Security Guidelines for Federal, State, and Local Agencies, IRS Publication 1075, dated June 2002, and State laws. You agree to keep your password confidential, lớn prevent unauthorized access lớn your account, và to prevent unauthorized use of the service. You agree not to share your password or make it available khổng lồ any person or entity who is not authorized to lớn use the service account for the purpose of performing transactions contemplated by this service. You should change your password frequently. You should avoid using eaisily guessable passwords (such as: birthdates, street addresses, spouse"s name, children"s names, etc.) SFTP Connectivity GEICS Implementation Guide Version 3.4