Ielts test registration procedure

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How bởi vì you register for the IELTS test? Your Dream School explains khổng lồ you step-by-step how lớn register for the IELTS.

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Your Dream School explains khổng lồ you step-by-step how to lớn register for the IELTS.


To register for the l’IELTS you must go tothe British Council websiteand follow the various steps indicated :

Read the information directed towardcandidates

The British Council makes available to lớn candidates the information about the format of the test, the types of questions & the chạy thử results that you can tải về and read directly on their site Information for candidates (PDF, 933 Kb)andNotice lớn candidates (PDF, 71 Kb).

Indicate the version of the chạy thử that you would like to take

The IELTS thử nghiệm exists in two different versions : an ‘Academic IELTS’ và the ‘IELTS general training’.

The ‘academic’ IELTS concerns people who wish to lớn :

rejoin a professional organisation in an English-speaking country.

The ‘general training’ IELTS est is for thosewho wish to :

take a course below Bachelor’s levelWork or take a professional course in an English-speaking countryEmigrate lớn an English-speaking country

If you wish lớn study in a foreign country, it is the ‘academic’ IELTS you then need to lớn take.

The British Council specifies that the l’IELTS is not recommended lớn candidates below 16 years of age.

Verify the dates of your sessions

It is recommended by the British Council that your register at least two months before the date at which you wish to lớn take the demo to be sure to get a place on the date you would like. The number of places in each session is limited.

The Listening, Reading và Writing tests will all take place on the same day but it is possible for the Speaking kiểm tra to be offered1 week before or after the date asked for.

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Prepare the documents khổng lồ download

To allow you khổng lồ register for the IELTS, you must download the following documents :

A photocopy of a document proving your identity (passport or both sides of your European identity card )If you are not a citizen of the European Union, you must provide a copy of your visa.Select your date và examination centre

From theOnline Registration Systemof the British Council, you must then select the country and the city, the examination center and the date on which you would like to take the IELTS. You will also be asked to fill in certain sections with your personal information.

Choose your method of payment

The cost of the IELTS registration is 232 euros.

You can pay for the demo in several ways :

By a kiểm tra addressed khổng lồ the ‘British Council’ including a copy of the Application Summaryand sending your check to the following address :British Council IELTS 9 rue de Constantine 75007 Paris FranceIn person at the British Council reception Council in Paris by kiểm tra or card.The opening hours are Monday to lớn Friday from 9.30pm to lớn 1.oopm and from 2.00pm lớn 5.30pmBy bank transferIn the REFERENCE section include : ‘IELTS / family name / đô thị / date of test’ eg. ‘IELTS / Dupont / Lyon / 09Jan2014’.Finalise your registration

Le British Council must receive all the documents no later than 5 days after your registration online or your registration will be automatically cancelled.

One your registration is finalised

Once your registration is finalized, you will receive:

Two weeks before the expected date of your IELTS, you will receive asecond email specifying the starting time of the chạy thử an the address.

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