Online and mobile banking tips for beginners


Start banking online using Axis Bank. Axis bank provides easy steps to lớn start online banking. Assistance is available 24/7 for customers. Avail a variety of benefits and services by Axis through the online banking service. Hassle-free mạng internet banking options makes banking with Axis ngân hàng the best.

Internet Banking Registration

Axis ngân hàng ensures hassle không tính tiền internet banking registrations in just a few easy steps. Online banking is secure with the added two-step authentication system of Netsecure. Follow the below steps for mạng internet banking registration & start banking online.

Quick, easy steps khổng lồ login & start banking online with ease

Enter either your customer ID or registered điện thoại number. The customer ID is mentioned in the welcome letter và also printed on your cheque book. You can also obtain your Customer ID by sending an SMS CUSTID to lớn 56161600If you have a savings or current tài khoản with Axis Bank, you will next be displayed one or more out of the following options: Debit Card, OTP, Email links and KYCChoose one of the options và fill up the details to lớn set your password and to complete your registrationYou can now login using one of the following options: Customer ID/login ID & PasswordDebit thẻ number, ATM PIN, OTPCustomer ID & mPINRegistered mobile number, mPIN & OTPFor the first option in above step, you can login using an alphanumeric Login ID instead of the customer ID. You can create this Login ID only once by logging in to internet Banking, going to lớn My Profile ,and clicking on “Personalise your Login ID”When you login to internet Banking for the first time after registration, you will have to lớn set three security questions và their answers.If you have forgotten your password và want lớn reset it, you can click on “Reset Here” links in the login page lớn commenceIf you login incorrectly multiple times, your internet banking access gets locked. To lớn enable it, click on the “Enable Login ID” link in the login page to commence
To register for NETSECURE with SMS, you must first ensure that your sản phẩm điện thoại number is registered with the BankIf you currently receive SMS Alerts from us on your mobile, it means that your điện thoại number is registered with the Bank. If not, please visit your nearest Axis bank ATM or Branch to register your di động number Once you have ensured that your smartphone number is registered with us, log in to lớn Axis bank Internet Banking và choose "NETSECURE with SMS" option on the registration page. Your NETSECURE registration is now complete
You can generate Netsecure code using the 1-Touch deviceNETSECURE 1-Touch is a small device that generates a quality NETSECURE Code (a single usage password) every time a button on it is pressed và heldThis NETSECURE Code will have to be entered in addition to lớn your login ID and password lớn login khổng lồ Axis bank Internet BankingPlease lưu ý that you will be charged a one-time fee of Rs 1000 for the device, which is non-refundable

View kiểm tra on Netsecure with 1-Touch. Click here For Netsecure with 1-Touch for a demo

You can generate Netsecure code using điện thoại Netsecure App

How lớn Register

You need lớn have thiết bị di động phone with android or IOSResident customers must ensure that their smartphone no. Is registered with Axis BankNRI customers must ensure that their e-mail id is registered with Axis BankWhile login to internet Banking you would get the option to lớn choose Netsecure with SMS or Netsecure with Mobitoken, select “Netsecure with điện thoại App” option on the registration pageExisting NetSecure Users can switch to “NetSecure with thiết bị di động App” using the switch Netsecure option by logging into mạng internet Banking ->Services->Other ServicesInstall the “Axis Netsecure” ứng dụng from the tiện ích store on your deviceFollow the steps on mạng internet Banking to complete the registration process

Use the right devices

You need to lớn have mobile phone with android version 4.3 and above or Iphone with tiện ích ios Version 6 & above to lớn use Netsecure with di động App.

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Carry out transactions carefully

Five consecutive unsuccessful attempts khổng lồ enter Netsecure code will disable your Netsecure code for the day.You will be able to lớn access your account but will not be able to bởi any transaction which requires you khổng lồ enter Netsecure code for validation.Netsecure will be enabled automatically after 24 hours.

Get your activation code

Please chú ý that the activation code is sent on the thư điện tử id and mobile number registered with the BankIn case you have not received the activation code email, please kiểm tra your e-mail SPAM folder

Troubleshoot activation issues

If you have a problem during activation, it could be because of any of the following reasons

Your data connectivity is switched off. Please kiểm tra the data connectivity of your device and retryYou are entering wrong activation code or your activation code has expired. In case the activation code has expired, you can retry ứng dụng registration with a new serial no. In the app. The activation code will be valid for 15 minutes Your Verification SMS was not successfully sent. Please check your SIM card validity and ensure that the verification sms is sent successfully before proceeding khổng lồ the next step in the tiện ích registrationIn case of Token Verification failure for reasons other than above, please retry to register with a new serial no. On the phầm mềm after some time. You can click on the top right menu button of the app & click “Get New S/N” for the new serial no.

Axis ngân hàng has introduced an enhanced security feature for all customers registered for NETSECURE (2 Factor Authentication) with SMS.

You can phối answers to any 3 questions of your choice as a one-time exercise.These answers will be known only to lớn you & will be used for verification from time to lớn time.This simple step for verification with these questions will secure your online account from fraudsters even if they gain access to your login credentials through other means lượt thích phishing etc.

In case you forget answers mix earlier, you may reset using

Usual Device : The device that is already used to lớn set or verify questions

What vày you mean by usual device?

Usual device is the device through which you have logged in to mạng internet Banking khổng lồ set or verify your questions and answers.Example: You logged in from your trang chủ PC, mix answers to lớn 3 questions and confirmed it with OTP(one time password), then this becomes your usual device for mạng internet Banking. If you also login to mạng internet Banking through your office PC later, you will be prompted to lớn answer a question. Once you answer correctly, this device also becomes your usual device for internet Banking. As you ngân hàng online with your most used devices, these become your usual devices & thus questions are not prompted for verification when you login using any of these devices.

Reset questions through usual device

You can reset your questions through usual device in 3 simple stepsStep 1: Login to mạng internet Banking & go khổng lồ My Profile section where your login ID is shown.Step 2: Click on "Reset Security Questions" Step 3: Confirm the reset questions with an SMS OTP sent to your registered mobilePlease Note: You will get a success message that your questions và answers have been reset on the mạng internet Banking screen. An alert for the successful reset of questions will be sent to your registered di động number. Now you can mix new questions on your next login to mạng internet Banking.

How can I reset questions & answers through the ATM?

You can reset your questions through ATM in 5 simple steps

Step 1: Visit an ATM and insert your debit cardStep 2: Select "Registration" menu on the right side of the ATM screenStep 3: Select "Reset Questions"Step 4: Enter the mobile number for verification/ Re-enter the di động numberStep 5: Select "Confirm & Proceed"

Please Note: You will get a success message on the ATM screen that your questions and answers have been reset. An alert for the successful reset of questions will be sent lớn your registered thiết bị di động number. Now you can phối new questions on your next login to internet Banking.

How can I reset questions và answers through the branch?

You can reset your questions through Branches in 3 simple steps

Step 2: Branch will raise an SR for this requestStep 3: The questions will be reset in a TAT of 1 day
If you enter incorrect answer, then your internet Banking access will be locked after 4 incorrect attempts.This access will be automatically unlocked or enabled by 24:00 hours IST (midnight).It may also be the case, that you do not have access to lớn an Axis ngân hàng ATM or your usual device.In such a situation, you may visit the branch to lớn reset your answers.The TAT for reset of answers through the branch is 1 day.

Get your Customer ID

Your Customer ID is mentioned on the welcome letter & cheque book that is mailed khổng lồ you post your tài khoản opening.

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You can also SMS CUSTID khổng lồ 56161600 from your registered điện thoại number to get your Customer ID*.


* SMS charges as specified by your operator will apply for the SMS requests sent by you.

Financial transactions using internet Banking

From savings to lớn investment và from fund transfers to bill payment you can vị all this và more using internet Banking via your Axis bank account. If you have not done it so far, here is a step-by-step process of some commonly used transactions to help you get started. Complete your banking transactions anytime, anywhere!

FD Opening process


Log in using your Customer ID or Debit thẻ number. Go to Accounts->Deposits OR Click on Apply Now & go khổng lồ FD/RDClick on “Open Now” for deposits.Click on “Open Now” for Fixed DepositsKey in the details such as time, tenure etc. Under “Fixed Deposits Details”Enter the Nominee DetailsAgree khổng lồ the Terms and Conditions & click on Confirm and it’s done!

Bill Payments - mạng internet Banking

Login using your Customer ID or Debit thẻ Payments > Pay Bills Select a biller from the các mục Key in and confirm the biller details and amount. Authenticate via your Netsucre code.Once added, biller details will reflect in the “Pay Bills” section.To see your payment history click ‘Payments’. Select Biller and Date range to lớn get payment historyYou can also manage SMS and thư điện tử alerts for your

Make payments towards utilities, Insurance premium, Mutual Funds, Subscription, Donations, Credit thẻ or Rental Payments instantly!



Login using your User ID or Debit card number.Go khổng lồ Payments and click Recharges.Select from the three options:MobileDTHDatacard Choose from the menu of registered billers. Choose from the options:Recharge HistoryRechargeDe-register

Start a SIP

Login using your User ID or Debit thẻ numberSelect Investments > Mutual FundsOn the page for Mutual Funds. Click on Invest Now khổng lồ proceedBrowse from the đứng đầu SIP and Funds Page.The bank will confirm your MF KYC status which is a pre-requisite to invest in Mutual Funds.Complete the FATCA declaration and key in other details.Set up your risk profile (this can be changed every 24 hours)Link your bank accounts for investment & proceedKey in the tenure, date, nominee details & amount lớn complete your transaction!

Convert credit thẻ spends into EMI

Login using your Customer id or Debit card number.Browse through you Credit card details for minimum amount due, due date & total amount due. Select your Credit CardSelect Convert khổng lồ EMI from the enlisted optionsSelect the statement type – Current or UnbilledSelect among the eligible transactions và click on ‘Convert to lớn EMI".Choose the tenure lớn spread your EMI over (6 khổng lồ 24 months) khổng lồ know your exact EMI amount và processing fee. Agree to the terms & conditions và confirm.Confirm the transaction via OTP sent to your registered mobile no.

Transfer funds instantly

Login using your Customer ID or Debit thẻ number.Select Payments > Transfer FundsSelect địa chỉ New Payee for first-time transactions Enter details & confirm Payee details such as Name, A/c No. IFSC code etc.Split 1 For Axis bank Accounts select Payment Type as ‘One Time’ or ‘Repetitive’Key in details for repetitive transactions (w.r.t. The frequency, amount & installments)And confirm the transaction via OTP. & it’s done! An E-receipt with the Reference ID is generated immediately, which can be downloaded or printed. Split 2 For Other Bank’s Accounts, choose among payment via IMPS, NEFT or RTGS. In this case too, you can do a One Time Payment or phối Repetitive Payment.If you use the Instant Money Transfer option, after selecting payee, enter the Amount and Create a PIN to confirm the payment. The payee will use the same PIN khổng lồ withdraw cash within a given period of time.

Apply for an Instant Loan against your Credit Card

Login using your Customer ID or Debit thẻ number. Browse through the list of all your credit cards with details such as minimum due, due date and total due. Select a card & from the options below choose Instant Loan. You will see the maximum loan amount you are eligible for, with the option khổng lồ enter the required Loan Amount. Enter the Loan Amount and select the Tenure of your choice. After you select tenure you can see details of the loan such as amount, tenure, interest rate, EMI, processing fee. Accept the Terms và Conditions.You will receive an OTP. Verify the OTP and Confirm. You will get a message that the Loan Application has been submitted and will be processed in two working days.