How to sign up for an online class

Ready to lớn register? If this is your first time registering for classes, congratulations! You’re on your way lớn a life-changing accomplishment. Click on the numbers below to lớn go lớn each step in the registration process. If you want khổng lồ ensure you have all the necessary information, read through steps 1-3 carefully. Just ready lớn register? Skip to step 4 và get it done.Have questions? Give us a điện thoại tư vấn at (800) 424-9595 or chat with us live – we’re always happy lớn help!

 Step 1 — Choose your classes

You’ve already decided on the degree you want lớn earn — now plan your course roadmap lớn get there. How?

Note the Course Sequence Guide on the second page. This is the order in which faculty recommend you take your classes.Ask yourself how many credit hours you want to take each term (most classes, not all, are 3 credit hours each). Studying full-time could lower the cost of each course, depending on your program. Below are the credits needed per semester at each degree màn chơi to qualify as a full-time student (taking anything less will qualify you as a part-time student):Undergraduate: 12 or more credit hours per semesterGraduate: 9 or more credit hours per semesterPostgraduate/Doctoral: 6 or more credit hours per semesterDecide how many general education và degree-specific courses you want lớn take each term.

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Have questions about which classes fit you best or how your status as a full-time or part-time student affects your tuition costs? hotline us at (800) 424-9595 or chat with us live.

Ready to lớn register? Skip lớn step 4.

Step 2 – Create your schedule

One great advantage khổng lồ studying online is the freedom khổng lồ study wherever life takes you. Most of our courses have no mix login times, so you can schedule your coursework around important commitments & events, making the most of your time.

Our 8-week course structure allows you lớn fit twice as many courses into a semester if you want to — simply choose the plan that works best for you:

A-Term classes run August to lớn December; January to May; & May to lớn August B-Term classes pair easily with D-term classes, & run August to lớn October; January to lớn March; và May to lớn JulyC-Term classes run September to lớn November and February to AprilD-Term classes pair easily with B-term classes, & run October to December; March khổng lồ May; & July lớn August 


When you choose your classes at registration, note when they are offered — some are not available every sub-term and you may need to plan ahead. Have questions about sub-terms or the best way lớn schedule your courses? điện thoại tư vấn us at (800) 424-9595 or chat with us live.

You can also reviews our Academic Calendar khổng lồ keep track of all important dates and deadlines associated with your courses throughout the year.

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Ready to register? Skip to step 4.

Step 3 — kiểm tra off important tasks that phối you up for success

Don’t lose valuable time or create future obstacles by missing something important. When you take care of these tasks today, you’ll be glad you did! Take a few moments & ask yourself:

Am I fully accepted into my program? Are there any other forms you need to send in for admission?Have I claimed my account? Your account opens the door to lớn your ID, username, and password creation. This allows you khổng lồ register online for courses và access all of our online course guides, your courses in Canvas, & many other helpful tools!Am I checking my thư điện tử regularly to lớn make sure I don’t miss important announcements? Email is the main way will communicate with you, so make sure you’re checking it often.Have I completed my FAFSA & gotten the financial aid process moving (if planning khổng lồ use financial aid)? While you can register for classes without a FAFSA on file, completing it early can prevent delays further down the enrollment process.

Have questions about the miễn phí Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? Learn what’s fact và what’s fiction about this important form in the short video below.



This helpful tutorial clip will walk you through the registration process. Take a few minutes to watch it, then follow the simple steps below. (Please choose the appropriate semester each time you register.)

Select “Register for (Semester) Courses”Enter the program code & number for each course you want (Example Subject: Code = UNIV; Course Number =104)Select “Search”Select the course that’s available during the dates you want (listed under “Time”)Select “Register for this course”Repeat for all other coursesCelebrate — you’re on your way lớn earning your degree!

Want a hand? Our team is always happy to lớn walk through registration with you — whether it’s your first time or your last time. Just give us a gọi at (800) 424-9595 or chat with us live.

Step 5 — Repeat this process every semester & stay on track!

Registering for classes doesn’t need to feel daunting — by putting a little time into planning your semester ahead of registration, you can create a schedule that will help you get the most out of your courses & feel prepared!