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It’s 2021, và we vì not believe in “off-years,” just odd ones. That’s why Alliance Network organizations have been hard at work getting young people #VoteReady this Civic Holiday season. If we want khổng lồ grow young people’s political power, we must engage young voters year-round, every year.

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Here is how our network is getting young people registered, educated, and ready khổng lồ vote this year:

Asian Community Development Council

The Asian Community Development Council hosted a “Be the Goat, Register lớn Vote” sự kiện where people could register to lớn vote and play with goats. ACDC also hosted virtual events on Animal Crossing and Pokemon Go lớn get folks educated about registering to lớn vote.





Forward Montana

It was impossible to miss Forward Montana on National Voter Registration Day as they registered over 200 young voters at taprooms, cafes, farmers markets, college campuses, and more in different cities across the state. They even hosted a trivia night for prizes.


Leaders Igniting Transformation

Leaders Igniting Transformation hosted four voter registration events on college campuses across Milwaukee & handed out voter swag.

Mississippi Votes

Mississippi Votes took over campuses for a week of voter registration celebrations including voter registration drives & a panel about voting rights.

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MOVE Texas

MOVE Texas hosted 50 voter registration events across the state, hosted a Live Stream sự kiện featuring local artists, và ended the night registering voters at a local dance club!

New Era Colorado

New Era Colorado hosted six voter registration drives on college campuses across the state & helped young people make plans lớn vote.

Our network continues to lớn be innovative on the streets & online getting young people registered and ready to lớn make their voices heard at the ballot box.

Now, it is your turn to lớn get vote ready.

Do you know what’s on your ballot? do you need lớn verify your voter registration? vì chưng you have a plan khổng lồ vote early? Whether you are voting by mail or voting in person, head lớn our #VoteReady hub to make your plan to vote early.