What does "not registered to network" mean?


If you’ve ever encountered the “Not Registered on Network” error on your app android phone, chances are something is wrong with your carrier settings. It’s also possible that there’s an issue with your phone.

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When the “Phone Not Registered on Network” error appears, your game android phone can’t establish a connection to your carrier. This disables the call, text, & internet features.

Luckily, there are a few solutions khổng lồ this problem that you can apply & potentially fix the issue.

Toggle On & Off the Airplane Mode

If you ever experience network-related issues on your phone, the first thing to do is enable airplane mode & then disable it. This disconnects you from all your networks and then establishes a new connection.

That is helpful when you’re experiencing issues lượt thích “Not Registered on Network”.

To connect/disconnect from airplane mode, follow these steps.

Pull down from the đứng đầu of your apk phone’s screen. This opens the notifications menu.Tap the Airplane mode option at the vị trí cao nhất of your screen lớn enable the mode.


Your phone should now connect khổng lồ your network.

Restart Your android Phone

If enabling and disabling airplane mode didn’t fix the issue, reboot your phone & see if that helps you make a connection with your carrier. Restarting your phone restarts all of the services on the phone, including all network-related services.

Press & hold down the Power button on your phone.Select Restart from the nguồn menu.

When your phone boots back up, it’ll automatically connect to your carrier.

Take the SIM card Out and Put It Back In

One reason your phone displays the “Not Registered on Network” error is that your phone can’t read your SIM card. Your SIM thẻ might not be properly inserted into your phone, & this can cause various network issues.

To fix this, pull the SIM thẻ tray out of your phone. Take the SIM card out of the tray, put the SIM thẻ back onto the tray properly, & slide the tray back into your phone.


Wait for a few seconds, và your phone should connect to lớn your carrier.

Update Your game android Phone’s Software

If you’re using an old version of the android operating system on your phone, that may be the reason you have a network issue on your phone. Old software versions often have bugs that are patched in newer versions.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to update your phone’s software to the latest version and see if that helps you get rid of the network problem. You can update your phone lớn the latest game android OS version for free. All you need is an active internet connection, & you’re good lớn go.

Launch the Settings app on your phone.Scroll down the Settings menu and tap System.
If an update is available, install the update on your phone.

Manually Select Your Carrier

By default, your android phone automatically finds và connects khổng lồ the correct carrier. However, when you experience network issues, it’s worth changing this automatic mode khổng lồ manual mode.

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That way, you can manually find the carriers available in your area & choose the correct one.

Open the Settings app on your phone.Select Wi-Fi và Network in Settings.
Select the SIM thẻ you have issues with. If you have a multiple-SIM phone, all your SIM cards are listed here.
Disable the Choose automatically option so your phone doesn’t automatically find và select a carrier.
Allow your phone to lớn find a danh mục of carriers.Tap your carrier in the list, and your phone will connect to that carrier.

Change the Preferred Network Type

Not all regions have all network types available. If you have set 4G or 5G as the default network mode on your phone, you might want lớn change that to 3G or 2G khổng lồ connect lớn your carrier in your current area.

Your apk phone offers the option to lớn manually select the preferred network type.

Access the Settings app on your phone.Tap Wi-Fi và Network & then select SIM & Network.
Tap the Preferred network type option & select an appropriate option. We suggest you choose 3G and see if that works. If it doesn’t, then use the 2G mode.

Reset the Network Settings

Your network settings help your phone connect khổng lồ various networks. If there’s an issue with these settings, or a settings option is corrupt, resetting these settings can fix your problem.

Once you’ve reset your network settings, you’ll have to lớn reconfigure them khổng lồ connect to lớn your networks, such as your Wi-Fi connection.

Launch the Settings app on your phone.Tap System and select Reset options on the following screen.

Use a Different SIM Card

If you still see the “Phone Not Registered on Network” error on your game android phone, it’s possible your SIM card is physically damaged. To lớn verify this, try using a different SIM thẻ with your phone.

To vì so, first, remove the current SIM card from your phone. Put the new SIM card into your phone và see if your phone connects to lớn a network. If it does, there’s an issue with your first SIM card. Visit your carrier’s retail shop, & they should be able to replace your faulty SIM thẻ with a new one.

If your phone doesn’t connect to a network even after inserting a new SIM card, chances are your phone’s SIM card slot is broken. In this case, it’s advised you bring your phone lớn a phone repair siêu thị and let them check the slot. The repair shop should be able to fix the slot if it’s repairable.

Resolve Network Issues on Your android Phone

Unless your phone’s SIM card slot is broken, you should be able lớn fix your network issue using one of the methods outlined above. Let us know if this guide helps restore the network connection on your phone.

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