The unofficial guide to vinaphone, mobile carrier in vietnam


Cheap Sim Line mobile is popularly used by many Vietnamese in japan because of the stability of SIM speed & there are packages of cheap sim cards with unlimited high-speed capacity when using SNS. Therefore, cheap SIM Line di động is suitable for those who use Line, Faceboook, Instagram, Twitter, ... Moreover, using cheap sim thẻ of Line, your monthly fee is only about 1,690 円 - 2,220 円 , will save you a lot of monthly phone bills. In this article will guide you through the steps of registering sim Line smartphone without a credit card in the simplest way.

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Monthly fee of cheap Line điện thoại sim

Currently the Line thiết bị di động monthly package is extremely attractive. Depending on the amount you register to use monthly and can be used freely Line, Faceboook, Instagram, Twitter without being deducted, the current rate of Line mobile is calculated as follows.


Some things need khổng lồ be prepared to register for sim Line Mobile


❖ Credit thẻ or Line Pay card

If you bởi not have a credit card, you can apply for a Line Pay card as instructed in the article below.

Tham Khảo :Hướng dẫn đăng ký thẻ Line Pay Nhật Bản

Note: After receiving the Line Pay Card, it must be activated via the LINE application lớn be able lớn register.

Email email Account (Used lớn confirm at registration)

❖ A clear photo of some of the following personal papers:

+ Photos of the front & back of the alien card.

+ Photo of the front of My Number card.

+ Photo of the driver"s license in japan (If any)

❖ If you want khổng lồ change the integer network from SoftBank networks, Au or Docomo, ... You need lớn have the MNP code ready.

Tham Khảo :Mã MNP là gì ? cách lấy mã số MNP để chuyển mạng không thay đổi số điện thoại ở Nhật Bản

Proceed to the steps of registering a cheap mobile Line sim

Step 1: khổng lồ register a cheap sim Line Mobile, click on the button below.

Register cheap mobile Line SIM

in here

Step 2: Click on 申 し 込 む lớn register.


Step 3 : Scroll down to the bottom of the page & then click on 上 記 事項 に 同意 の 上 、 申 し 込 む lớn continue.


Step 4: Select the sim Line thiết bị di động subscription method.

❖ 通常 申 し 込 み: Register normally.

Entry エ ン ト リ ー パ ッ ケ ー ジ を 使用 し て 申 し 込 込 み: Register with the Entry Code of Line.

Entry Code code has Amazon for 450 Yen here

Click 次 へ 進 む to lớn continue


Step 5: Select the network of your compatible carrier

❖ If your phone is Docomo"s unlocked version, select ド コ モ 回 線

❖ If your phone is an unlocked version of Softbank, please select ソ フ ト バ ン ク 回 線

❖ If your phone is an international or unlocked version, please select any connection.

Select service package:

❖ LINE フ リ ー: This service pack uses Line without monthly capacity calculation.

Này コ ミ ュ ニ ケ ー シ ョ ン フ リ ー: This service package uses SNS (Line, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) without being charged monthly. (Recomend using)

❖ MUSIC +: This service package uses SNS (Line, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and listening to lớn music is not counted monthly.


Step 6: Select the monthly plan package you want to lớn use (Line smartphone for cumulative GB if the previous month"s balance is available)

Select SIM type:

タ デ ー タ SIM (SMS 付 き): SIM data + Send và receive messages (SMS)

❖ 音 声 通話 SIM: SIM data + Send and receive messages (SMS) + Listen khổng lồ calls


Step 7: Select the type of registration contract.

❖ 新 規 番号 で の 申 し 込 み : Register a new sim card number (do not choose a number)

P 他 社 か ら 乗 り 換 え (MNP 転 入) : Transfer from another operator và keep the same number.


❖ SIM カ ー ド の み: Only registered for each SIM.

❖ 端末 + SIM カ ー ド: Register lớn buy + SIM card

Step 8: Select the type of device you are using to lớn buy the corresponding SIM sim.


Step 9: Select services when using SIM Line mobile if required. After selecting, press 次 へ 進 む to lớn continue.

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Bước 10 : Nhấn lựa chọn 申し込まない đẻ bỏqua gọi ý dịch vụ Option nếu như khách hàng không yêu cầu dùng.


Step 11: Provide personal information khổng lồ register SIM LINE MOBILE



Select 利用 者 と 契約 者 が 同 じ で す。

Choose 電子 交付 (ウ ェ ブ 表示) if you want to lớn receive an electronic tệp tin contract via email.

Choose 書面 交付 (郵 送) if you want khổng lồ receive a paper contract will be sent to lớn the trang chủ according lớn the address you registered above.

Check agree lớn the terms of using the mobile Line cheap sim

Then click on 次 へ 進 む (メ ー ル 送信) khổng lồ continue.



Step 12: Check your email to confirm your SIM Line registration via email is sent khổng lồ you.


Step 13: After clicking on the confirmation links in the email, the screen to upload the photo of the master confirmation photo will be opened. Now select the type of personal document you want khổng lồ upload. For foreigners, usually upload some of the following documents.

❖ 運 転 免 許 証: Picture of a driver"s license in Japan.

Number マ イ ナ ン バ ー カ ー ド: My Number Card.

❖ 健康 保 険 証: Health insurance thẻ in Japan.

❖ 在 留 カ ー ド: Alien card.

If you use a health insurance card or alien card, you need to have one of the following two additional documents at thắng lợi 8:

Your electricity / water / gas bill with your name (公共 料 金領 収 書).Citizenship (住民 票)




Step 14: Choose how lớn pay monthly fee.

If you have a credit card, click on ク レ ジ ッ ト カ ー ド.

Here I would like to guide you to choose the size of payment with LINE Pay card.

You click on 次 へ 進 む to lớn continue.


Step 15: Enter the card information then click on 次 へ 進 む.


Step 16: Enter trương mục information of SIM Line login card. After completing the registration, click on 登録 し て 最終 確認 へ 進 む.


Confirm the information once registered. If there is nothing wrong, then click on 申 し 込 む to lớn complete the registration of cheap SIM LINE MOBILE


Now that you have completed the registration of the cheap điện thoại Line sim. After about 2 to 3 days, the SIM will be sent to lớn you.


After receiving SIM LINE MOBILE, you can install SIM card và then change APN address to lớn activate SIM.

THAM KHẢO : APN là gì ? phía dẫn setup APN mang đến sim giá tốt tại Nhật Bản

I wish you all good luck và soon successfully register cheap mobile Line sim in Japan!

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