How to pay netflix using mobile money on airtel & mtn


Netflix is a renowned streaming service with great collection of movies, TV shows and documentaries. During this Covid19 Lockdown, most of the world is shut. You should (and must) stay at home inorder khổng lồ contain the virus.

But staying at trang chủ without some serious entertainment is boring. It’s hard. There are several options; radio and TV are không tính phí if you have an FM radio or Free-to-Air decoder. But they are limited in content options. Netflix is an American video streaming service that supports vast number of countries including Uganda.

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Netflix packages start from US$7.99 or about Ugx 32,000 a month. No extra costs or contracts. Moreover you can watch Netflix from your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or streaming device. On thiết bị di động devices such as smartphone or tablet, you can download nội dung offline so you can watch it where you don’t have mạng internet connectivity.

To subscribe to lớn Netflix, you need a Credit card or Visa-enabled Debit card with some money on it.

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This is true even for one-month không tính phí trials because Netflix will ask you to lớn fill in your thẻ details before proceeding. Most Banks in Uganda now tư vấn online transactions, you simply have to ask your bank to activate your ATM card for online payments. But if you don’t want to use your ngân hàng card or don’t have one, then you can use MTN smartphone money to subscribe to Netflix.

All you need is some money in your mobile Money account, at least Ugx 40,000. Two years ago, MTN launched the MoMocard which is a virtual Master card created through mobile money.

To create a Virtual Card, Simply dial *165*70# and select option 1 (Create MTN MoMocard). Afterward, you will be prompted to lớn enter your MTN MoMo PIN.

The MTN MoMocard details are sent lớn the customer via SMS message. They include 16-digit thẻ number, Expiry Date and Security code which are standard details websites ask when checking out online. It costs UGX 1,000 to lớn create the MTN MoMocard.


The MoMo Virtual Mastercard expires in 30 days from day of creation — the same period of your Netflix subscription — although you can cancel it anytime. This is perfect if you don’t hope khổng lồ subscribe for a long time. You can use it to lớn subscribe to several other online streaming services as long as you have money on your smartphone Account.

And there’s everything you need khổng lồ know about paying your monthly Netflix subscription fee using MTN sản phẩm điện thoại Money (MoMo). How vì you pay for your Netflix subscription? Ever used MTN’s MoMo virtual MasterCard? Tell us about your experience in the comments.