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On the first day after social distancing was loosened, many people in District 7 in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị had to lớn return when they went to lớn the market because they forgot to lớn bring their smartphones lớn scan the QR code. Some eateries have reopened. However, because travel remains difficult, they cannot buy enough ingredients, so they only sell food in the morning.

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A representative of the People"s Committee of District 7 checks and guides business establishments on the first day after social distancing was loosened. (Photo: SGGP)

The district selected more than 150 eligible facilities khổng lồ pilot the resumption of operations from September 16 to lớn 30. In Cu Chi và Can Gio districts, although the pandemic has been controlled, business establishments have not yet opened. The main roads are still less traveled. Identifying by "green signboard" On the morning of September 16, businesses và business households that have been licensed to lớn pilot the resumption of operations in District 7 have all been put up signboards that read "Green Enterprises" and "Green Business Households". The district also applies information công nghệ for management through the issuance of QR codes for electronic medical declarations & guidance on requirements khổng lồ comply with when operating. However, many establishments, shippers, và people use the tp hcm Health phầm mềm for the first time, so they are still confused between the old and new apps. Some people were allowed lớn go to the market, but they had khổng lồ return because they forgot lớn bring their smartphones lớn scan the QR code. There were also cases where the QR code was scanned but not recognized by the app. Le Van Hai, the owner of Hien Lanh Eatery in tung Phong Ward, said that it is relatively easy khổng lồ register for resuming operations. Currently, travel remains difficult, and he cannot buy enough ingredients, so his eatery only serves four dishes for takeaways via the ứng dụng in the morning. If sales go well, he will open all day.

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At tung My bread shop in tung Phu Ward, Luong Thanh Huy said that it had been a long time since his establishment was as busy as it was that day. He is very happy to lớn be back in business and complies strictly with the requirements on pandemic prevention. Despite having not yet been licensed khổng lồ operate, the next-door Yen Gao store opened its doors early for some staff members who are staying there to lớn clean & rearrange items. The store owner has registered for piloting resumption of operations, so all preparations must be ready so that when being granted a "Green business" signboard & a QR code, the store will operate immediately. Helping people to organize business activities quickly From early morning, Nguyen Thi Thanh Trang, the owner of an electrical appliance store in Huynh tung Phat Street in tan Thuan Dong Ward, reopened her store after three months of inactivity. On the first day, the best-selling items of her store were faucets and propellers. “All my family members have already had two injections of the Covid-19 vaccine. Therefore, the store was approved to open again by the district," said Trang. According to Standing Deputy Secretary of the District buổi tiệc nhỏ Committee of District 7 Tran đưa ra Dung, the district is receiving online applications of production và business establishments registering to resume operation through the district"s official information pages. Besides coordinating with the Department of Information & Communications of Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố to develop an application for business registration to serve people & businesses, District 7 has granted pilot licenses to 151 production and business establishments, with priority given to lớn the following sectors: catering service for takeaways, supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstore, construct, and notarization service. From the pilot results, the district will evaluate to remove difficulties and learn from experience lớn organize better to lớn help people start business activities in the new normal soon. District 7 is also assessing the safety conditions of the parks before reopening them. If eligible, at first, the district will resume operations of about 30 percent of parks. The condition for people to lớn enter parks is khổng lồ have at least one vaccine injection 14 days ago. At the same time, they must register with the management board of the apartments and comply with the distance regulations & the 5K principle.

Cu Chi và Can Gio districts are waiting On September 16, many traditional markets, stores, & business establishments in Can Gio và Cu bỏ ra districts still have not reopened yet. According to lớn Secretary of the Can Gio District các buổi tiệc nhỏ Committee Le Minh Dung, the district is rushing khổng lồ complete the draft economic recovery plan after September 15 và is developing sets of evaluation criteria for enterprises, traditional markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, accommodation services. In Cu chi District, the reopening of activities remains modest. There are still few people on the main roads. People passing through the checkpoints must have a travel permit or an invitation for vaccinations, và vehicles carrying goods must have a green-channel QR code to travel. According to lớn the Secretary of the District buổi tiệc ngọt Committee of Cu đưa ra District Nguyen Quyet Thang, the district also plans khổng lồ allow markets, supermarkets, and business establishments khổng lồ reopen. It is expected that there will be four traditional & field markets to mở cửa on September 17. However, the district has not deployed yet because it is waiting for instructions from the city.
District 5 proposes to mở cửa a di động market in green zones On September 16, Mr. Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue, member of Standing Committee, Head of Propaganda Department of HCMC buổi tiệc ngọt Committee, attended và delivered a speech to direct the conference to lớn implement Covid-19 prevention & control in District 5 after September 15. He acknowledged the efforts to lớn gradually transform and control the pandemic of District 5 và asked the district to step up propaganda so that the people would agree và continue to lớn comply with regulations on social distancing well & deploy the third welfare package timely, publically, & transparently. On this occasion, District 5 praised and encouraged the units that did well in the Covid-19 prevention và taking care of the life of citizens. The district also asked the đô thị to allow the opening of a di động market in the green zones, which is expected in wards 3, 4, & 10.