Vehicles With Qr Codes In The Automobile Industry: Unique Use


Although QR Codes were designed to track automotive manufacturing parts, popular car manufacturers such as Cadillac, GM Motors, and Mercedes have adopted QR Codes for more than just tracking. Read this post lớn know other chất lượng use-cases of QR Codes in the automobile industry.

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Although QR Codes were designed to lớn track automotive manufacturing parts, QR Codes have bloomed as a tool for more than just tracking in the present day.

Smartphones have popularized the usage of QR Codes for nearly most use-cases: advertising, banners, và even social media.

“To adopt the change, companies in the tự động and electronic industries had khổng lồ manage a large variety of parts and were required to lớn store more information on one sản phẩm in their system. That caused a decline in the efficiency at factories, as workers had to lớn scan barcodes more frequently, which was difficult and fatiguing,” says Masahiro Hara, co-creator of the QR Code.

Popular car manufacturers such as Cadillac, GM Motors, và Mercedes have adopted QR Codes for more than just tracking. What are the other use-cases of QR Codes in the automobile industry?

7 use-cases of QR Codes in the automobile industry

#1 Vehicle identification and registration


According to Hedges và Company, there are about 283.3 million registered vehicles in the US alone. Also, cops pull over about đôi mươi million drivers across the country each year, according to lớn researchers.

Stopping vehicle drivers to kiểm tra their registration is not only tedious but also leads khổng lồ massive human errors.

The Union Government has adopted QR Codes for vehicle registration in India – smart thẻ with QR Codes và NFC for driving licenses & vehicle registration certificates (RCs) across all states và union territories.

According khổng lồ government officials, the move was khổng lồ help digitize the process to combat forgery and duplication of documents.

A driver has to just download their respective QR Code in their smartphones containing their registration repository & pull it up to lớn show the police khổng lồ confirm their identity & vehicle registration.

QR Codes for vehicle registration not only helps police officers và the drivers save time, but the automation can also help the officials combat automotive crimes.

#2 Identification of oto components


In an automobile manufacturing company, the identification of car components accurately is paramount.

Each part of the vehicle has specific dimensions, working functionality, và fitting. When done manually, there can be high chances of errors, thus accounting for hefty damages.

To avoid such errors, QR Codes can be used khổng lồ track and identify oto components in the automotive industry accurately. QR Codes can be embedded in the authorized user’s vehicle components with its respective data during the manufacturing process.

During the assembly process, employees can simply scan the QR Code, pull up its information, và assemble them in their respective destinations without any error.

Besides, according khổng lồ the FBI, 721,885 vehicles were stolen in 2019, accounting for almost $6.4 billion in losses lớn motor vehicle theft. Integrating QR Codes on automobiles và its parts can also help authorities trace the vehicle by analyzing its engine & chassis number lớn track the theft.

#3 Unlock rental vehicles with a single scan



The traditional method of preparing arental agreement, requires physical documentation, and, overall, is tedious. QR Codes for rental vehicles have solved this problem.

Several companies such as Uber’s Lime & JUMP, ZoomCar’s PEDL, and Hellobike’s Ofo và Mobike have implemented QR Codes on their bikes to unlock, ride, và park it safely at their respective dockless stations – all with a simple scan.

To unlock a bike, merely scan the QR Code on the bike, pay on the app, và enjoy the ride.

Embedding QR Codes on bikes also eliminates the need lớn carry keys khổng lồ start the vehicle. Anyone with the bike phầm mềm can scan the QR Code, unlock the bike, & use it without worrying about physical keys.

#4 Ensure passenger safety



Passenger safety is of the utmost importance lớn any automobile manufacturer. Ensuring passenger safety during a crash is the primary concern of any rescuer team.

In 2019, Toyota announced a recall in collaboration with the Carma Project concerning their Takata airbag defect. Lớn remedy this problem, Toyota announced that up khổng lồ 70 million vehicles were recalled for defective Takata airbags.

For vehicle owners lớn learn about this information, all they had to bởi vì was scan a QR Code in their vehicle, và they would be notified if they have been affected by the recall or not.

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Not just that, Mercedes added QR Codes khổng lồ their cars that were designed lớn help firefighters & paramedics khổng lồ get critical information needed to lớn save oto victims. The QR Code directed the user to a web page displaying how khổng lồ cut each vehicle’s type to free its passengers.

A QR Code embedded on a vehicle can help users retrieve information such as country of origin, safety measures, troubleshooting, & even oto parts to lớn stay abreast of sản phẩm updates and mã sản phẩm recalls.

#5 Activate vehicle insurance policy



All vehicles come with insurance policies. These insurance policies typically contain a file of papers that can be difficult khổng lồ store, maintain, and renew.

Several government agencies like India, Jamaica, và the US have announced digitizing physical insurance policies by embedding QR Codes.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) stated that “All motor policies issued on or after 1st of December, 2015 shall essentially contain a Quick Response Code. This QR Code would be used khổng lồ verify the authenticity of the electronic policy.”

QR Codes on insurance policies can help officials, including traffic police, verify the policy’s authenticity by confirming it with their database.

In addition, they can also redirect the QR Code to their renewal website for easy renewal without going through agents. The same website can also provide them with all the information one needs about vehicle insurance policies to fasten the process.

Create bulk QR Codes for your insurance agency lớn save time and maximize efficiency khổng lồ renew, update, or check users’ policies within no time.

You can also use a PDF QR Code generator for paperless and contactless insurance.

#6 Voice assistants for cars


The evolution of smart voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, và Google Assistant has been enormous. According khổng lồ statistics. 72% of US consumers are engaging with voice tìm kiếm through digital assistants. 

Tech-savvy vehicle owners prefer voice-activation software khổng lồ control a multitude of features even in cars for safe, mobile-free access to lớn voice assistants.

Cadillac has welcomed the idea of integrating Amazon Alexa that can benefit the vehicle owner with several benefits – to lớn make phone calls, change the music, get directions lớn a place, or even mở cửa the garage door, all via simple voice commands.

To activate Alexa, the user has to simply links their Cadillac Connected Service plan with their Amazon account và scan the QR Code displayed on their Cadillac infotainment system to lớn start the voice assistant.

#7 Track inventory



QR Codes were practically invented for Toyota lớn keep track of automotive parts’ inventory back in 1994 by Denso Wave Corporation. QR Codes were developed to lớn overcome the limitations of 2d barcodes since it can store more information, be scanned, và sustain up lớn 30% damage resistance.

With the aid of QR Codes for inventory systems, automobile manufacturers can monitor their inventory levels, track manufacturing processes, build assemblies according lớn materials, & even collect real-time data all with one scan.

Automobile warehouse employees can simply use their smartphones or tablets to lớn scan QR Codes, track the manufacturing processes, và even fill forms through various stages to lớn maximize efficiency.

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How to create QR Codes for your automobile manufacturing company?

To create a QR Code for your automobile manufacturing company, go to lớn the QR Code API generator page –

Sign up for the miễn phí API trial on nhatroso.comGet the developer token (API key)Enter the particulars và create the QR Code to be in line with the brandTest and tải về the QR Code

QR Codes in the automobile industry: Say yes lớn automated processes!

With major players such as Mercedes, Cadillac, and GM Motors, including QR Codes for use-cases more than just tracking tự động hóa parts, it is safe khổng lồ say that QR Codes have far more benefits than plain barcodes in the automotive industry.

An augmented reality start-up called XtendR, which intends khổng lồ reimagine customer experience by merging QR Codes with augmented reality has come up with a custom-designed customer experience exclusively for cars in conjunction with AI.

Using this technology, any automobile company can deploy lifelike models of cars to its customers virtually anywhere with QR Codes.

“To get a real model, you know, you’re creating a oto that is being launched, you’re creating a 3d of that, which would kind of drive into your living area, you can look around it. So, the chances of going wrong are very little on that. & that is something which is considered by many people,” Anurag Sachdeva, co-founder of XtendR explained.

Thereby, QR Codes have come a long way from tracking automobile parts to supplying augmented reality to lớn users khổng lồ offer a better user experience.