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Need a way khổng lồ bolster your sign-up numbers? Get registration QR Codes to help you out. In this article, we’ll dive deep into how QR Codes can help your online forms capture more leads, customers, và guests.



Capturing registration entries from leads, clients, or event attendees can sometimes be daunting. That is, if you’re using traditional methods of getting sign-ups. If you want to make registration seamless and convenient for your audience, get them to use QR Codes for registration.

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QR Codes don’t require physical contact, unlike the conventional way you get people khổng lồ register using pen & paper.

Now, you can always take your forms online và let people sign-up on a webpage. But that doesn’t really make it any convenient either. Why? Because your audience has to manually type the URL destination just to lớn get khổng lồ your online form.

So instead of a 3-second QR Code scan, your prospect must type something like “ on their browser.

If that’s how you’re going to vì chưng it, there’s a good chance you may not hit your ideal campaign targets. The good news is that you can always take advantage of a contactless and secure QR Code online registration.

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The benefits of utilizing a QR Code for registration

#1 A QR Code for registration is a faster way lớn get an audience to lớn sign-up.

Your audience only has to take out their phone & perform a quick scan. Upon scanning, they’re immediately taken to lớn your registration forms.

No need khổng lồ type long URLs. No more searching for your forms on Google. And absolutely no pen and paper involved.

#2 Capture more leads, clients, and sự kiện attendance

Using a QR Code for registration can be your ticket khổng lồ getting more sign-ups on a lead capture form, event registration page, or an online appointment scheduler. And that’s all because of how easy it is to do.

#3 Provide a contactless experience

A 100% contactless experience – that’s where QR Codes thrive. So when you need to lớn minimize physical tương tác to ensure safety, you can always shift to a QR Code for registrations.

#4 Save money on printing costs

QR Codes can also be a less costly alternative to face-to-face registrations since you won’t have to lớn print batches upon batches of forms.

#5 Prompt secure online sign-ups

Like most digital engagement mediums, QR Codes are no stranger khổng lồ security threats. But when you’re working with a QR Code solution that provides the right security features, such as tailored domains and authorized platform user access, anyone’s malicious intent won’t be too much of a concern.

Applications that are perfect for a registration QR Code


Online registration forms allow you khổng lồ gather sign-ups while collecting vital information about your audience. You could be trying khổng lồ capture leads for an thư điện tử list. Or you could be gathering attendees for a conference or seminar.

Regardless of your end goal, incorporating a QR Code registration system makes it easy for your audience to lớn sign up for your offers or invites. Here are the 3 main applications where a registration QR Code can make a lot of difference.

#1 sự kiện sign-ups

Whether it’s a large business conference, a sporting event, or an informal sự kiện like a concert, attendance registration is the first point of contact between you & your attendees.

Event registration also lets you track and confirm visitor footfall. So it’s one of those things you’d want to ensure you vì right the first time.

For these applications, you can use an event QR Code that liên kết to a sign-up form. Now, all it takes for you khổng lồ secure sự kiện attendance is a quick QR Code scan. As an sự kiện manager, it’s always a good idea khổng lồ consider QR Code kinh doanh if you’re looking to lớn get the best outcome.

#2 Appointment scheduling

If you’re a practicing professional or an establishment that accepts client bookings, you can also take advantage of registration QR Codes. We all know there are a lot of ways to lớn get clients to book an appointment.

Clients can make appointments via phone call, email, or scheduling app. But by introducing QR Codes into the mix, you’re helping streamline the booking process. One scan is all it takes for clients khổng lồ schedule a chunk of your time.

Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, real estate agent, or salon proprietor, QR Codes are tools that can help you get a steady stream of clients.

#3 Lead capture

Generating leads is one of the most crucial aspects of sales & marketing. You definitely want to keep tabs on anyone interested in your business, products, and services.

Now, you’re probably already using a tactic involving lead capture forms on your landing pages. But did you know that QR Codes can help further boost your sign-up numbers?

You can create unique, targeted forms you can liên kết to your QR Codes. & if you really want to lớn entice prospects to scan, you only need lớn make sure there’s something in it for them. Include vouchers or discount deals to attract more scans and capture more leads.

Add Convenience lớn Online Sign-Ups

Generate registration QR Codes lớn capture more sign-ups. Get results when you make it seamless & easy.


How vị you create a registration QR Code?

Now that you know how & where a QR Code for registrations can make your life easier, it’s time to learn how to lớn create one. There are 2 main ways you can incorporate a QR Code registration system. We’ll go through each one using’s custom QR Code generator.

#1 Using a trang web QR Code

If you’re using a dedicated trang đích cần seo for capturing sign-ups, you can simply link that page khổng lồ a trang web QR Code.

You may also use third-party capture forms lượt thích HubSpot, Paperform, or at the very least, Google Forms. These valuable lead generation tools provide registration form liên kết that you can connect lớn a website QR Code.

Step 1: Choose “Website” as your chiến dịch type

Go khổng lồ’s dashboard & click “+ Create QR Code.” Choose “Website” as your QR Code campaign type.


Step 2: Copy and paste the registration khung URL on the box provided

If you’re using a dedicated landing page, copy và paste that page’s URL in the box provided. If you’re using a third-party khung builder, you’ll need to lớn generate a form links and paste it into the same URL box shown below.


Click Next.

Step 3: Customize & generate your QR Code offers a full range of customization options for your QR Codes. You can tweak your QR Code design based on your branding or in any way you see fit.


Once you’re happy with your design, it’s time to lớn generate your QR Codes. Give it a name for easy identification and download it in either of these five formats: PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, & EPS.


#2 Using’s “Form” QR Code campaign

This method uses’s Form QR Code chiến dịch feature. Essentially, this chiến dịch option allows you khổng lồ create a custom Typeform, much lượt thích you would with a third-party size builder lượt thích Google Forms.

Step 1: Choose “Form” as your chiến dịch type

This time, instead of “Website,” you’ll need lớn choose “Form” as your QR Code campaign type. Click on “CREATE NEW FORM” khổng lồ begin.


Step 2: Build your size using a template or from scratch

For this example, let’s start by clicking on “Create new.


You’ll want lớn enter a descriptive name for your form so you won’t have trouble finding it later.You’ll have the option to choose the nature of your form. Let’s go with “Questions” for this scenario.For each question in your form; you’ll have the option to choose the question Type. Choose between short text, multiple-choice, rating, email, or any đầu vào field type you need.Next, enter the size question itself. If applicable, you can also địa chỉ a suitable description. You’ll also have an option to add an image for each question entry.Once you’re done keying in the question & its appropriate description, click the “ADD” button. Now you can vị the same for each of your form’s input đầu vào fields.


Step 3: Select a form design

After filling in all the necessary size questions, go to lớn the Design section to lớn select a khung design.

You can choose between dozens of different templates. & you can always preview how everything looks on the right portion of your screen.

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Step 4: mix up e-mail notifications

Want to lớn get notified when someone completes a form? You can set up a pre-made message the system will deliver khổng lồ your email address.

You can also use this feature khổng lồ create an email template that gets sent automatically lớn your khung respondents.


Step 5: Save your form and create your QR Code

Want your khung to speak in a language other than English? Just change the language setting in the “Settings” section. You can choose between 27 of the most spoken languages in the world.

After choosing the suitable language, click the “SAVE” button.


Once you save your custom form, you can now select it on the QR Code setup page.


Select the form you’ve just created from the dropdown menu, then hit “Next.” Now you’re left with customizing your QR Code and generating it on the platform.

Remember that you can always go back và edit the forms you’ve made. Simply click on the “Forms” section on the dashboard’s left panel to lớn see your size list và click on the size name you’d like to edit.

Real-life QR Code registration use cases

Real estate bookings


Let potential clients make easy appointments via registration QR Codes, which you can show on your property display signs, your firm’s website, or any OOH print ad you’re running. Any scanning prospect can either book an appointment with an agent-in-charge or request a tour of a property.

QR Codes can also be an effective lead generation tool. Just liên kết the QR Code to an online form and place it on any print media.

If you’re running an mở cửa house event, that may also be a great time lớn display your registration QR Codes khổng lồ capture leads & get clients lớn sign up for one-on-one appointments.

Learn more about QR Codes in real estate

Online clinic appointments


QR Codes can help a lot when sale a private practice. You can use QR Codes khổng lồ take people to a clinic’s website, nội dung educational videos, or prompt an online service review. Of course, QR Codes can also be used to ease up client bookings.

You can place these QR Codes on any print media, lượt thích flyers or brochures. Or you could include them in direct mail. Anyone interested can easily scan & book an appointment on your website.

While you can link a QR Code khổng lồ a điện thoại tư vấn prompt, you can save your clients’ time by having them fill out a quick appointment size instead. The last thing you want for a patient in need is to lớn wait in a long queue just to request an appointment.

Fitness training sign-ups


Exceptional customer service is part of building great relationships with gym members. Why not start off a great relationship with a quick và easy appointment setting? Have potential clients book appointments for personal coaching và other services via a QR Code for online registration.

Get these codes on any printed promotional materials lượt thích posters, brochures, và even gym merchandise like shirts and water bottles. This strategy can help you organize your fitness sessions since you can get clients to lớn book in advance instead of doing a walk-in.

Learn more: QR Codes for gyms

Seminar attendance registration


If you’re planning to host a seminar, you’re going to lớn want to hit your ideal attendance count. Whether a corporate seminar or a niche talk, you can get potential attendees to bởi a quick QR Code signup.

QR Codes eliminate the need to set up complex registration tables or booths just to lớn hit your ideal numbers. You can place these QR Codes anywhere potential visitors can see them, whether on print or online media.

QR Codes also enable you to lớn track attendance count, which only helps you better prepare for sự kiện day.

Email danh sách building


If you want lớn connect with leads in a more direct & personal way, you may want to lớn keep constant communication. Personalized thư điện tử newsletters can make your prospects feel appreciated. Và it can be all it takes to turn them into loyal customers.

To ensure you’re building a targeted email list, you can incorporate a registration QR Code into your campaign. QR Code scans are high intent actions, so leads that come from a QR Code signup are definitely worth tracking.

Travel health passes


Many countries have already implemented electronic travel health passes in response to the ongoing pandemic. All travelers to & from these countries must fill out a “health pass” online form, which captures personal information such as health status và travel history.

Upon completing the online form, travelers will receive a unique registration QR Code which they’ll need lớn present upon boarding và arrival. Airline personnel can scan these codes khổng lồ access the traveler’s information.

Capture seamless sign-ups with a dynamic registration QR Code

You can get better outcomes when capturing sign-ups to build a lead, guest, or client danh mục as soon as you make it easy for your target audience.

With QR Codes, all anyone has to do is put out their điện thoại and scan away. That’s leaps và bounds from the traditional way of doing things, which usually involve pens, papers, or long URLs.

If you want added flexibility, opt for dynamic QR Codes.

These QR Codes are editable, allowing you to make unlimited changes khổng lồ the nội dung they link to.

You can also get streamlined data tracking with dynamic QR Codes on-platform và via a google analytics integration. Tracking features let you monitor user behavior và see if a chiến dịch goes in the right direction.


Frequently asked questions

How vày I liên kết a QR Code lớn a form?

If you already have an online sign-up form set up, you can easily link that to a QR Code. If your khung is on a website page, just grab the page URL và paste it into your favorite QR Code generator.

Now, you may be using a khung builder lượt thích Paperform or Survey Monkey. These services allow you to lớn generate a liên kết for each size you create on their platform. You can also paste this liên kết into a custom QR Code generator.

If you still don’t have a sign-up form, lets you create one on the platform, much lượt thích you would when using a form builder service.

You can even customize your forms – showroom question entries, descriptions, & designs. The platform can also provide notifications as soon as a scanner makes a form completion.

How vì chưng I scan a registration QR Code?

You can scan a registration QR Code using any modern-day điện thoại device. The latest điện thoại OS from Android and Apple comes with a built-in QR Code scanner that you can access via the camera.

If your điện thoại has an older OS version, it may not come with this built-in scanner. Don’t worry; you can simply tải về one of the available scanner apps from your native tiện ích store. You’d also want lớn consider the Google Lens tiện ích for older điện thoại OS versions.