How to use your existing phone overseas


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If both you and your loved ones are within the EU, staying in cảm biến isn"t so expensive thanks to lớn the EU removing roaming costs back in 2017. But what if you"re not in the EU?

This post tells you how lớn make international calls for không lấy phí or for cheap so that you don"t need lớn choose between feeling connected & maintaining your budget.

There are a bunch of apps that allow you to lớn text over WiFi for miễn phí and did you know that some of them even allow you khổng lồ make online calls for free?

Below, I"ve listed a bunch of services & apps that allow you lớn make free or cheap international calls from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Some only allow you lớn make không lấy phí international calls using WiFi while others also have the option to lớn buy some sort of credit to điện thoại tư vấn landlines và mobile phones internationally at low rates. Lastly, I know that using WiFi abroad isn"t always possible and so I"ve also listed a few apps that function without WiFi.


A. Không tính phí VoIP Calling AppsC. Using a thiết bị di động WiFi device

How lớn make international calls for free or cheap from your phone or laptop


A. Không tính tiền VoIP Calling Apps

One great way to keep in touch with others while abroad is through a miễn phí VoIP caller app. VoIP stands for “Voice over mạng internet Protocol” và simply refers khổng lồ the gọi happening over the internet instead of via a traditional phone plan provider.

There are several apps that allow you lớn make không lấy phí internet calls for mobile devices, tablets, & computers. Many of these apps for calling abroad will work without WiFi as well. In those cases, the gọi won"t actually be for không tính tiền as the app will use your data allowance over 3G và 4G connections, so make sure to kiểm tra your plan lớn know how much that"ll cost you before you make the call!

1. FaceTime

Apple"s audio and đoạn phim calling service, FaceTime, is built into every iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, và Mac and is a không tính phí international calling app. With Facetime, you can hotline any other Mac or ios user & talk for free using WiFi. & if you don"t have WiFi, you can talk with them using your data allowance (which does cost money), making it easy khổng lồ speak and đoạn phim chat with the people you love.

Wondering how to lớn FaceTime internationally? Exactly the same way you bởi vì at home! If you"re on WiFi, the phầm mềm treats your gọi in exactly the same way no matter where you are.

So is FaceTime không tính phí internationally? It is but… FaceTime is only available for use on most generations of iPhone, iPad, và iPod Touch. Unfortunately, it is not available khổng lồ anyone using an game android device or PC. And while you can use FaceTime abroad to keep in cảm ứng from just about anywhere you can find a WiFi connection, it"s not available in the United Arab Emirates or Pakistan. & in Saudi Arabia, it is only available with ios 11.3 or later.

The FaceTime ứng dụng is built-in to apple devices & you can also download it from the Mac app Store for free.

2. WhatsApp

Although most people know WhatsApp as a không lấy phí online texting app, it is also one of the best không lấy phí online calling apps. Available for Android, iPhone, và Windows Phone, WhatsApp allows you to lớn stay in touch with your loved ones (or colleagues) while they or you are abroad.

Wondering how to lớn make international calls for không tính tiền with WhatsApp? All you need is a WiFi connection to make không tính phí phone calls, and if that is not available, WhatsApp can use your data allowance instead.

Again: if you điện thoại tư vấn using your data, it will be included in your data plan when you"re calling from your home country (or the EU, if you"re from the EU) but otherwise, it"ll cost you extra. That makes calling over data an okay solution if you"re calling someone who is traveling but not that much when you"re the one traveling.

At one time, WhatsApp was không lấy phí for the first year and ninety-nine cents ($.99) a year after that. However, Facebook purchased WhatsApp in February 2014 and there is no longer any charge khổng lồ use it. As long as you are connected through a không tính phí WiFi connection, WhatsApp is free. Otherwise, you may be charged for data used during your call.


The tiện ích ios version of the WhatsApp online không tính phí calling ứng dụng is only available through the ứng dụng Store for iOS. You can find more information about it here.

To download WhatsApp for app android OS 2.3.3 or above, Click here.

WhatsApp for Windows phones can be found here.

To download WhatsApp for your Mac or Windows PC, click here.

3. Viber

With Viber, you can make calls online, message, and make clip calls with other Viber users, using any available WiFi connection around. When WiFi isn"t available, Viber uses your 3G or 4G data connection, so data charges may apply.

Viber is available lớn use with your Android, iPhone, Tablet, Mac, or Windows PC and as long as you"re on WiFi, it"s miễn phí to make a call online lớn any other Viber user.

However, if Viber is not available to lớn someone you know, you can use Viber Out to call their landline or điện thoại phone even if they don"t have Viber. In that case, you vày need khổng lồ buy credit or sign up for a calling plan which allows you to save quite a bit of money over traditional phone rates.


Viber for iPhone is only available at the tiện ích Store for quả táo devices. For more information, click here.

Download Viber for your apk device at the Google Play store here.

You can tải về Viber for Windows or Mac here. You will need to lớn start your Viber trương mục through your thiết bị di động device first, và then you can sync your computer lớn your điện thoại account.

4. Skype

With Skype, you can make không tính tiền international phone calls online khổng lồ other Skype users around the world by using WiFi. Không tính phí to download, the Skype software works through your smartphone device, tablet, or computer. It"s not only a không tính tiền voice call app either.

Aside from making Skype khổng lồ make international calls for free, you can also use it to tóm tắt files, join multiple users in voice chats và conferences, and as a không tính phí texting app, as well. There are several ways you can use the service for making international calls on Skype, even if the other person doesn’t have the ứng dụng or can’t access their account.

It"s miễn phí to make a Skype voice hotline as long as you"re calling another Skype user and you"re doing it over WiFi. If you don"t have WiFi & the other person does have Skype, you can use your data và in that case, data charges may apply.

If you vị have WiFi but the other person doesn"t have Skype or can"t access their account right now, Skype also offers a way to lớn make cheap overseas calls to lớn landlines và mobile phones all around the world by adding credit to lớn your Skype trương mục or signing up for a subscription. It"s an easy way lớn save money on phone rates when you are calling home from abroad and even lớn make national calls.


You can find the Skype international hotline rates here.To showroom Skype Credit, click here.

Another option is khổng lồ have the other person use Skype for Web. All they need to bởi to use Skype website is to go lớn the Skype site and click “meet now”. They can then enter their name & click “start a conversation” to start the Skype call. If they have a Skype login but are on someone else"s computer, for example, they can temporarily log in lớn the web application for the call.

Skype is available for computers, điện thoại phones, tablets, and Xbox. To download Skype for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, go lớn the Skype tải về page. You can also tải về the Skype ứng dụng there or find it in the Google Play Store and on iTunes by searching for “Skype”.

5. Google Hangouts và Google Voice


The Google Hangouts voice calling tiện ích is a communications platform for voice and video chat, using your Google account. With Google Hangouts, you can easily video chat, individually or in groups, with any other Google users through your WiFi connection. This means you can make miễn phí international calls online khổng lồ anyone with a Google account, as long as you have WiFi.

If you don"t have WiFi, you can still chat through 3G or 4G networks, although data charges may in that case apply & almost certainly will when you"re abroad.

Google Hangouts syncs up with any device you have it loaded on. So, even if you start your Hangout voice chat on your computer, you can switch to lớn your tablet or smartphone phone and continue your chat there.


Google Voice is another không tính phí calling ứng dụng that is integrated khổng lồ work along with Google Hangouts. Unfortunately, it"s only available in the US. So how does it work?

You can use Google Voice to obtain a phone number in the area code of your choice within the United States and Canada and then use that phone number to hotline any phone number (landline or mobile) in the United States for free. It basically allows you khổng lồ make a phone, tablet, or pc to phone điện thoại tư vấn for không tính tiền – given that you"re in the US.

What are the Google Hangouts gọi rates for international phone calls?Unfortunately, Hangouts/Meet and Voice aren’t free, but the rates to điện thoại tư vấn internationally using these apps are very low.

Keep in mind that as of May, 2022, Google has begun to lớn phase out Hangouts & replaced it with two separate apps – Google Chat & Meet. & depending on your location, you may not be able khổng lồ access Hangouts anymore. But Meet has most of the functionalities of Hangouts, allowing you lớn make không tính tiền or cheap calls.

Google Meet for app android can be found here.

To download Google Voice for Android, head to the Google Play Store here.

For Apple, Google Meet is available through the iOS phầm mềm Store here.

Google Voice for ios is also available through the iOS ứng dụng Store, here.

Google Voice for the website can be found here .

6. Whereby

Although primarily intended for team collaboration in business, Whereby (previously called is a tool that allows you to lớn have video clip conversations with others from all around the globe. Chat with up to four people at a time for free. (Or upgrade to lớn the PRO version và talk to lớn up lớn 12 people at once).

Whereby works through your Mac or PC computer, ios or app android mobile phones, và iOS or android tablets. It works differently from the apps discussed so far in that this miễn phí calling phầm mềm won"t help you gọi someone on their landline or through their mobile phone number & you vì chưng have to be connected to the internet to use it, so it’s not an phầm mềm to make không lấy phí international calls without internet. But if the people you wish to contact have access lớn the web, Whereby is an easy way to lớn see & talk to them in real-time.

Create a special permanent room in the system & share the URL with the people you love. Then all you have to bởi vì is decide when to lớn meet up for a chat, click the URL, and chat!

No tải về is required for app android or PC users. If you wish khổng lồ use Whereby for your iOS, it is available through the tiện ích Store here.

7. Slack

Slack is an online platform primarily meant for business. The interface, accessible from your computer, iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, allows you to lớn set up a “workspace” links to nội dung with others. Anyone with mạng internet access can use the link to meet up with you for a one-on-one voice or video call for free. Slack cannot be used to điện thoại tư vấn landlines or smartphone phones directly, but it is a great way to lớn connect with people through WiFi from just about anywhere in the world.

The basic plan is miễn phí and allows you one-on-one voice and video chat. If you would lượt thích to be able lớn talk with several people at once, there are two different paid plans to lớn choose from, each allowing you to lớn converse with up to lớn 15 people at a time in a large group chat.

To download Slack lớn your Windows computer, click here.

Slack is available for iPhone from the tiện ích Store, which you can access here.

For Android, you can tải về Slack at the Google Play store. Find it here.

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To download Slack for windows phone, click here.


Another tiện ích you can use to lớn make phone calls online is Line. Line is a freeware VOIP Client for Android, iOS and Mac & PC computers. It is a không tính phí texting phầm mềm that also offers a way for you lớn make miễn phí online phone calls, too, in exchange for watching an ad.

Phone calls are limited to lớn three to lớn five minutes, depending on where you are calling from – perfect for quickly letting someone know you arrived safely or when you"ll be available for a longer conversation. & if you want lớn talk longer, Line offers low-priced và competitive rates và a handy way to lớn buy credit for the time you need.

To download the Line tiện ích for Android, go to lớn the Google Play Store here.

For Apple, Line is available for download from the ứng dụng Store here.

For Mac OS or Windows, you can download Line here.

9. VoIPStunt and VoIPBuster

VoIPStunt is a program for your iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC computer, which allows you khổng lồ make international không lấy phí phone calls – or điện thoại tư vấn at low rates. Calls khổng lồ landlines & mobile phones are không tính phí in many areas – for a limited time – & once you run out of không tính phí calls over WiFi, you can buy credits for more calls at a good price.

Calls to other VoIPStunt users are always and unlimitedly free.

VoIPBuster is a very similar program khổng lồ VoipStunt. But VoIPBuster allows you lớn make calls directly from your web browser, so you can connect with others PC-to-PC. Calls are không lấy phí in certain areas of the world for a limited time – & credits are available at low prices for calls beyond that.

To download VoIPStunt for Windows or Mac, click here. To lớn simply create an account, go here.

To download VoIPStunt to lớn your mobile Phone or Tablet, kiểm tra this page.

VoIPBuster for Windows or Mac can be downloaded here.

For your thiết bị di động phone or Tablet, download VoIPBuster here.

10. Rebtel

With the Rebtel Calling app, you can make unlimited cheap international phone calls khổng lồ landlines in 56 different countries. Và if you are calling another Rebtel customer, you can make không lấy phí phone calls without WiFi when you call app-to-app.

Rather than relying on WiFi, Rebtel uses local phone lines khổng lồ make your calls, as well as 3G và 4G data connections, making it a free calling app without internet necessity.

What’s the Rebtel call rate?

There are several options available based on your needs. You can pay for unlimited calls to lớn a specific country for a month, or choose an international plan if you are going to lớn be traveling to several places. If you want to know more, just head to their official site to check out the rates. You also get a first three-minute không tính tiền call without internet necessity too.

To download Rebtel for iOs, head to the phầm mềm Store here.

Rebtel for app android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here.

B. Using local sim cards

Using your smartphone while traveling can get expensive. Even if you buy an international package from your carrier, you may find that you are spending far too much money and while there are ways to gọi loved ones for free using WiFi, it isn"t always an available option.

One clever way to save money when traveling is by buying a local or international SIM card for your phone. In many places, particularly in European countries, you can even find handy kiosks at the airport, allowing you to quickly & easily buy a local SIM card upon arrival. Simply purchase a SIM thẻ local lớn the country you are spending time with, and use it to lớn replace your personal SIM card.

Purchasing a local SIM card is not a perfect solution, but there are a lot of advantages khổng lồ doing so:

You"ll be able to call friends & businesses in the area at local rates, rather than paying roaming charges.Your place of lodging will have a local number to reach you on in case of emergency.

You could save as much as 80% over the roaming charges và data usage you could be paying for otherwise

There could also be disadvantages, depending on your travel plans. If you are visiting several countries outside of the EU, you may want khổng lồ opt for an International SIM thẻ instead, so you don"t kết thúc up with a pile of SIM cards in your pocket. Và you will need to tương tác your loved ones lớn give them your new phone number(s) since they won"t be able khổng lồ reach you on your normal one.

But if you will be traveling a lot in places where WiFi isn"t a given and want lớn use your phone without spending all of your money on phone bills, a local SIM thẻ is worth considering.

C. Using a thiết bị di động WiFi device


For the above solutions khổng lồ be free, most of them require you lớn have access to WiFi. Lớn make sure you have WiFi whenever there"s a connection available “in the sky”, you can bring a di động wifi device on your trip.

A mobile or portable WiFi device can be described as a portable WiFi router in that as long as it"s on and you"re close enough lớn it, you"ll have WiFi. However, for it lớn be able khổng lồ give you WiFi, it needs lớn be somewhere there"s a data connection available.

For example, we took a Skyroam smartphone WiFi router with us lớn South Africa & while it worked fine in bigger places like Cape Town, where we would also have been able to use our phone"s data roaming, it struggled or didn"t work at all in the more remote places we visited on our trip.


So while a pocket WiFi router is a good solution if you don"t want to use data roaming for calling (from) abroad, it doesn"t guarantee you"ll have a WiFi connection literally everywhere.

If you want to take a sản phẩm điện thoại WiFi modem with you on your next trip, you have several options:

buy your own portable modem with a separate mạng internet planbuy a pocket WiFi modem from a specialized Mi-Fi company and pay for the WiFi as you gorent a pocket hotspot with the WiFi included in the price for the duration of your trip

Nowadays, you can find a good range of Mi-Fi devices at reasonable prices. Watch out when you"re comparing, though, as some may be sold by an mạng internet provider & require you to lớn get a data plan with that provider. If their international data plan is interesting, that"s something to consider, but ideally if you want lớn buy a device, you"ll first compare both device prices and international data plan prices before making your choice.

There are also companies, lượt thích the aforementioned Skyroam Solis, that specialize in providing WiFi on-the-go. TravelWifi is another big name, but I"ve only tried Skyroam so far.

1. Skyroam Solis

1.1. Pricing

Solis has a couple of unlimited di động hotspot plans or options:

You buy the device (€134.95 – their conversion rate, not mine) và then get a monthly subscription, which varies depending on where you travel. For instance, a 1-month unlimited data subscription in Europe costs €47.95 or €95.95 for unlimited global WiFi.You buy the device (€134.95) but only pay for WiFi when you"re traveling/you need it. In that case, unlimited WiFi costs $9 or €8 per day.

With all of the above options, you can connect up to lớn five devices at a time.

1.2. Coverage

Skyroam Solis offers coverage in over 120 countries. You can find the menu on their website. They also clearly indicate that you won"t have coverage far out on sea (like on cruise ships), on flights, in the middle of nowhere & in space (I guess they want to lớn be thorough in their description).


1.3. How it worksBuy or rent your Skyroam Solis pocket WiFi device and get it sent to lớn you.Charge the device using the included USB cable.Turn on the charged device.Go to the Skyroam day pass page to activate your first day pass.Download the app và create an account to manage your plans và monitor your data usage.Choose your WiFi plan.Surf away!

1.4. Pros và cons

I"ve tried Skyroam a few times và what I liked about it was:

that the sản phẩm điện thoại WiFi hotspot device is super easy to use.that you get unlimited quickly the device was delivered.that it worked well in areas where we also had a good data roaming connection.

What I didn"t lượt thích so much:

that the Skyroam Solis device is also a nguồn bank. Some may find this handy but it makes the portable internet router bigger & heavier than devices by other brands và I don"t see why I would want khổng lồ use the device"s energy to lớn charge my phone when I need it khổng lồ provide me with WiFi for an entire day. I prefer having the option of bringing a separate power ngân hàng when I need one.that it would sometimes connect only to lose the connection again ten minutes later when we were in remote areas. This meant that we lost a full day of WiFi usage as once a day pass has been activated, you can"t pause it.

Want khổng lồ give Skyroam a try for making online calls? Get it here.

2. TravelWifi

2.1. Pricing

You can either rent one of TravelWifi’s portable wireless WiFi devices at $6.95 or €6.14 per day (their conversion, not mine) for short trips and occasional travel, or you can buy one for yourself. Prices start at $149 or €159 & then get a data plan starting at €32 or $36.

At these prices, you can connect up to five devices.

2.2. Coverage

TravelWifi provides coverage in more than 100 countries. Lượt thích Skyroam, they specify that you may not have coverage in remote areas và that you won"t have coverage out on sea.

On its coverage page, the website doesn"t say anything about not working on flights, but it does suggest you getting in touch if you have questions about coverage so they can verify it for you.


2.3. How it worksBuy or rent your TravelWifi device và get it sent to you.Choose your data plan.Charge it with the included USB cable.Turn it on & look for your TravelWifi network name in the WiFi connections các mục of the device you want to use it with.Enter the password.Surf away!

2.4. Pros & cons


It"s super easy to lớn use và requires no installation.You get unlimited WiFi.It works as well as any device on the available cellular networks.


TravelWifi covers less countries than Solis.You have khổng lồ know where you"ll go before renting your device as TravelWifi has devices that only work in certain regions of the world.

Want to give TravelWifi a try? Get it here.

So, what"s the cheapest way to lớn make international calls?

– 1 –
Given that so many of the apps discussed above allow you to điện thoại tư vấn someone for không tính tiền if they also have said app và if you have a WiFi connection, finding a place where there"s WiFi is still the way khổng lồ go for making international calls. That"s also the case if you want lớn use an ứng dụng that lets you buy credits to call landlines và mobile phones.

– 2 –When you"re traveling around the EU and you have a data plan from a European country, you can also use your data plan as roaming charges no longer apply within the EU.

– 3 –If you"re not from the EU or traveling outside of the EU, it"s worth considering renting a MiFi device as this will allow you lớn use unlimited WiFi at a fixed price per day. Alternatively, you might also want to check if there"s a national provider that has good international data roaming plans.

– 4 –If you"re traveling to lớn the middle of nowhere, you"ll have lớn suck it up until you get to that one tiny cafe that"s also a hotel, a farm, & the post office khổng lồ make a điện thoại tư vấn using their landline :-)

And that"s it! Now you know how to lớn make an international điện thoại tư vấn for không lấy phí or for cheap. If there is any other phầm mềm you think deserves lớn be on this danh mục – let me know! and please giới thiệu in the comments: what vì you think is the best international calling app?

Don"t forget travel insurance

Plan for the best, prepare for the worst. Travel insurance has you covered in case (part of) your trip gets canceled, you get sick or hurt abroad, và sometimes even when your electronics break or get stolen. I always make sure I"m covered every trip I go on.Don"t have travel insurance yet? check out SafetyWing. They offer super flexible plans that you can even sign up for while you"re already on your trip. On top of that, they were the first travel insurance lớn cover COVID, và when I got COVID, they reimbursed all of my expenses without making a fuss. Their customer support team is great & I can personally recommend them.