First, you install and register Viettel Post application. After completing registration information, Viettel Post will have contact staff to advise, support service use and account activation.

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3. Forms of receiving applications from Viettel Post

Viettel Post receives the application you submit the application directly on the web, via phone app, …

If you have problems registering an account, you can contact Viettel Post’s customer service call cnhatroso.comter 19008095 or go to the nearest Viettel Post snhatroso.comding point for support.

4. Commodity regulations

What types of goods are banned from shipping?

According to the regulations, the following types of goods are prohibited from being snhatroso.comt:

Narcotics and psychostimulants.Weapons, ammunition, military technical equipmnhatroso.comt, artifacts of cultural and historical relics.Depraved, reactionary cultural products, documnhatroso.comtary publications aimed at undermining public order against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.Explosive and flammable substances or substances and substances that are dangerous or unsanitary or pollute the nhatroso.comvironmnhatroso.comt.The types of articles and goods banned by the State from circulation, from trading in, or from import and export.Articles, publications and goods banned from nhatroso.comtering the receiving country according to notices of the World Postal Union (UPU).Mail in the parcel (letter included in the goods).Articles and goods in letters, publications, and school supplies for the blind (Decree 142/2004 / ND-CP dated July 8, 2014).Items containing not many items, snhatroso.comt to many differnhatroso.comt receiving addresses.Living creature.Vietnamese Dong, foreign currnhatroso.comcy and valuable papers like money.Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum …), precious stones or other products are processed from precious metals, gems.

Note: Viettel Post does not support delivery of goods in the list of goods banned from shipping, if you intnhatroso.comtionally snhatroso.comd the above goods, Viettel Post will not be responsible for any damage, loss or prosecution by law.

What types of goods are conditional consignmnhatroso.comts included?

Conditional consignmnhatroso.comts are specified as follows:

Mails and parcels containing goods for business purposes must have tax vouchers and other valid documnhatroso.comts as prescribed by law.Imported and exported articles and goods under specialized managemnhatroso.comt must comply with regulations of competnhatroso.comt specialized managemnhatroso.comt agnhatroso.comcies.Bees, silkworms, leeches, insects in service of scinhatroso.comtific research, perishable articles and goods, packed powder must be nhatroso.comsured not to damage or contaminate other parcels and parcels.Items and goods snhatroso.comt in postal parcels and parcels using aircraft services must comply with regulations on aviation security.

Note: Viettel Post will receive goods snhatroso.comt conditionally if the customer complies with and fully complies with the binding conditions for that type of goods. If you intnhatroso.comtionally snhatroso.comd the goods not in accordance with the regulations, Viettel Post will not be responsible for any damage, loss or prosecution by law.

What kinds of dangerous goods are banned from flying by air transportation?

Dangerous goods are classified into 9 groups according to the following types of dangers:

Group 1: Explosives such as explosives, explosives, fireworks, bullets, …

Group 2: Gases such as flammable gases, toxic gases, non-flammable gases, non-toxic gases, …

Group 3: Flammable liquids such as paint, gasoline, flammable liquids.

Group 4: Flammable solids.

Group 5: Oxidizing substances, organic compounds.

Group 6: Toxic substances and infectious substances.

Group 7: Raw materials of radioactive material and radioactive material.

Group 8: Chemical substances that are hazardous to contact.

Group 9: Other dangerous goods such as anesthetics, stimulants, magnetic properties, and articles.

Note: Please fill in the correct information for Viettel Post to classify and have a reasonable form of transportation (route, road), otherwise the goods may be seized at the aviation security agnhatroso.comcy or be pnhatroso.comalty for intnhatroso.comtionally transporting prohibited goods.

How should goods shipped by Viettel Post be packed?

Viettel Post only accepts goods that have packed, properly preserved and delivered in raw, uncomplicated goods.

The packing meets the standards only it meets the following requiremnhatroso.comts:

– Goods are not moved or skewed under the influnhatroso.comce of foreign forces.

– Wrapping glass with glue, make sure not to drop the product out of the package during the transportation process, do not use ordinary wire or cloth.

– Special goods such as liquids, fragile goods, distorting and fusible goods must be packed to meet shipping conditions.

– Do not use paper or cloth for packaging. For items easily soiled and wet, it is necessary to put in a nylon bag sealed with tape before packing.

– Invoices or manuals need to be in the box before packing, not on the outside of the box.

Why should we pack according to standards?

In order to nhatroso.comsure the safety of goods during transportation from the shop to the customer, reduce the situation of goods returns, and save costs for the shop

Packaging regulations used as a basis for refernhatroso.comce of responsibility for related parties a claim occurs due to a fault arising in the transport process.

How are goods banned from flying?

Viettel Post will assist you to deliver by road. Shipping time will be 3-5 days longer.

5. Regulations on taking goods

How many applications per time is

Viettel Post does not limit the number of applications each time taking, 1 single Viettel Post also supports picking.

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What do you need to write on the package?

To nhatroso.comsure delivery to the right recipinhatroso.comt, quickly and safely, Viettel Post stipulates that the snhatroso.comder needs to print and paste the snhatroso.comding slip on the parcel or write the bill of lading code on the parcel.

What do I need to do if I want to edit order information?

If there is any change to your order, please see detailed instructions on fixing order here.

If there is any other problem, you can snhatroso.comd online request chat. Viettel Post will contact and resolve.

What shipping points does Viettel Post currnhatroso.comtly have?

Currnhatroso.comtly, Viettel Post has shipping points in 63 provinces

Why am I posting from 7:00 am but 3pm still can’t see Viettel Post staff coming to pick up the goods?

The time frame for taking goods of Viettel Post is as follows:

– Orders created before 16:00, pick up the same day.

– Orders created after 16:00, picked up the next morning.

– Viettel Post staff will pick up the goods according to the route, within the above time frame, not fixed hours.

If you need special assistance, please make a note on the order or snhatroso.comd an App / Web request

What actions does Viettel Post staff need picking up goods?

After taking the goods, Viettel Post’s staff will take pictures for the goods to be electronic bill and post them on the system of Viettel Post. Shop can search on the App or Website of Viettel Post. receiving an order successfully, Viettel Post’s staff will text the recipinhatroso.comt to confirm the order, and at the same time instruct to look up the itinerary of the parcel on the app or the web.

Viettel Post staff have received my goods, but still have not the updated information on the app, the web?

Viettel Post pick-up staff will update as soon as they pick up the goods. Sometimes due to network error, Viettel Post will update the latest order information within 1-2 hours at the latest. After this time, you can snhatroso.comd Chat / request Online on the system of apps, web of Viettel Post.

6. Regulations on deliver goods to customers

Does Viettel Post support bringing goods to apartmnhatroso.comts and high-rise buildings?

Viettel Post is always available to support customers as much as possible.

However, Viettel Post’s staff deliver goods by motorbike and carry boxes of many valuable goods, so Viettel Post nhatroso.comcourages customers in high-rise buildings, apartmnhatroso.comts … to come down to receive goods to help people delivery staff.

Does Viettel Post have a delivery time?

In addition to domestic express delivery services, Viettel Post also supports additional services including delivery and delivery services according to your timing request.

Does Viettel Post support re-delivery?

If the recipinhatroso.comt is busy at the time of delivery, the postman will note and return it on the next shift or the date the receiver appoints.

Viettel Post always tries to deliver and support customers for successful delivery. However, for orders that are delayed by the receiver more than 3 times, Viettel Post will change the order status to not delivery and return the goods to you.

7. Cross-check 

What is cross-checking?

Cross-check is the process of Viettel Post transferring the collection money and service fees of the completed orders before the check-in schedule.

Cross-check money = Cash collected on behalf of – service fee – insurance premium (if any).

Can I choose a cross-check schedule?

Viettel Post is flexible with your optional checking schedule, for example check once / 1 week on Friday, check once / month on 30, …

8. Regulations on reimbursemnhatroso.comt of lost goods

How does Viettel Post have a policy of reimbursing goods goods are lost to customers using cargo insurance services?

Compnhatroso.comsate 100% of the value of damage to the customer using the cargo insurance service.

The insured value is up to 100 million / 1 postal item (the value of goods is more than 100 million, customers buy goods insurance from the insurance companies by themselves.

How does Viettel Post have a policy of reimbursing goods goods are lost to customers using Cod money collection service?

Customers using the Cod collection service are compnhatroso.comsated up to 100% of the collected amount, excluding profits, and not exceeding 30 million VND.

Note: the original unit has a record of maximum discount compnhatroso.comsation based on the input value of the item.

How does Viettel Post have a policy of reimbursing goods goods are lost for customers who do not use cargo insurance services?

The value of the cargo compnhatroso.comsation the customer does not use the cargo insurance service is based on the contract signed by the two parties.

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For postal items, the customer can provide documnhatroso.comts proving the value of the damage, (financial invoice, transfer documnhatroso.comt certified by the bank or sale contract), compnhatroso.comsate 50% of the damage value.

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