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In celebration of BAEMIN Vietnam’s first anniversary, we visited their new office on an invitation of Nguyen Trung Thanh, the COO of BAEMIN Vietnam, to lớn gain insights into the company’s work culture và its journey to success.

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What made you decide khổng lồ join BAEMIN?I have a lot of passion for technology và startups. Before BAEMIN, I had the good fortune to work with a number of tech startups that were in later stages when I came on board. Joining a company that was in the setting-up stage for its Vietnam business was a very interesting opportunity for me.

My prediction was that FoodTech & FinTech (Food Technology & Financial Technology) would experience tremendous growth in Vietnam in the next 2-3 years, so when BAEMIN, a FoodTech company with great potential và cultural fit, made an offer, I gratefully accepted.


How did BAEMIN tap into its 10 years of experience to lớn thrive in Vietnam? 

When BAEMIN entered Vietnam, we relied on our bộ vi xử lý core strengths: ability lớn discover our customers" needs & interests, as well as the ability khổng lồ create quality products and content. 

We wanted to go above and beyond what"s required of a food delivery service by making the user experience exciting, so we designed an exclusive set of fonts for all communication, và a character called ‘Mèo Mập’ (the Fat Cat) for the Vietnamese market. As a result, BAEMIN"s interface is considered by customers to lớn be very unique and user-friendly.


How does Vietnam’s FoodTech scene differ from South Korea"s? Has the company had to lớn make any strategy adjustments to lớn succeed in the local market?

South Korea is a country with developed infrastructure and logistics so we mostly worked on communications, advertising & customer care there.

Meanwhile in Vietnam, FoodTech is a relatively new concept, meaning companies in this field have lớn invest a lot in building their own delivery fleet & managing it. Hence our strategy to lớn invest resources into operation and logistics. We’ve also partnered with a number of third parties to lớn provide diverse & effortless payment options for our Vietnamese customers.

What is BAEMIN’s approach khổng lồ building your local rider team?

We are proud to lớn have developed some of the most thorough rider recruitment and training processes in the industry. Currently, to lớn become a rider with BAEMIN, applicants must register online and take an online test. If they pass, they are invited to our training center for on-site training sessions, và take another test. Only then, riders are activated and can start working immediately.

We also attach great importance to lớn designing rider uniforms that are comfortable & stylish so that they leave a lasting impression. We want our well-trained and polite riders to lớn be remembered by the customers as the industry"s gold standard.


What is BAEMIN’s approach to establishing relationships with merchants? 

In a new market lượt thích Vietnam, most restaurants are still unfamiliar with the concept of online sales. The most practical thing that can be done now is to give them an online revenue stream first. 

Then, our representatives will walk the restaurant owners through the application, helping them khổng lồ reach a wider audience and achieve greater revenue growth. At the same time, we constantly improve our merchant service khổng lồ ensure prompt communication & timely payment, so that their working cash flow is smooth. These are some very basic but necessary steps for the restaurants lớn gain the confidence and to establish closer relationships with us.

BAEMIN will continue assisting merchants in setting up online operations and listing products on our platform. Making the jump from offline to online requires them to lớn embrace changes to be able to adapt lớn a wider & more varied set of customers — which is challenging. During this transition, BAEMIN hopes lớn be a reliable partner, providing knowledge and tools that merchants can take advantage of.


What are the cornerstones of BAEMIN’s work culture?

Our definition of an ideal hire is someone who is “self-leading, confident and outstanding”. We put great emphasis on attracting talented people by offering a multicultural working environment with young staff from Vietnam, South Korea và many other countries. Each of them has their own flair & brings something quality to the table. 

At BAEMIN, more casual chatting with colleagues is encouraged, not frowned upon. We believe in face-to-face interactions, rather than communicating through long email chains.

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To help immerse team members in the spirit và work culture here, we keep our Credo, a handbook with vi xử lý core values, role models, and work culture, in circulation, as well as sharing other guidelines to help the staff work effectively at BAEMIN.

We believe in the unifying power nguồn of a shared firm culture. It allows us lớn maximize our efficiency while also empowering the staff khổng lồ make values-based decisions. Even in daily affairs & communication, employees can refer to lớn the Credo to modify their behavior and make decisions accordingly.

In a rapidly changing FoodTech scene, how vì you maintain an innovative workforce?

BAEMIN is a fast-growing startup, so team members have a lot of opportunities lớn grow. While each employee is recruited for a specific job, the learning, promotion & moving to lớn other departments will mostly depend on his or her abilities và interests.

In response lớn the rapidly changing FoodTech scene, we encourage our staff to lớn stay up lớn date with customers và the market, so that they understand how it might affect the nature of their work. They must also learn from each other và from the industry lớn burnish their skills and serve customers better.

For the newcomers, in addition khổng lồ training sessions, we organize mandatory field trips. This is an opportunity for them khổng lồ directly observe the market, chat with riders và merchant partners.

Every week, each department is provided with customer, restaurant and driver feedback (voice of customers, voice of merchants, & voice of riders).

Every month, we have Town Hall meetings, where the management shares important milestones. Here employees can also directly interact with and pose questions khổng lồ the leadership.


What are some of the biggest successes BAEMIN has achieved in its one year in Vietnam? 

We regard success as a long journey and not emphasize short-term milestones. 

For me personally, the most memorable moments are when people around me nói qua their experiences with BAEMIN. Like when a colleague posted on social truyền thông over the weekend saying how excited he was about the job & that he couldn"t wait khổng lồ get back to work on Monday. It"s the warm feeling when our merchants write good review about us on forums. Or that time when customers commented that our video video clip was the best ad they had ever watched.


Lastly, can you talk about BAEMIN Vietnam’s plans in the near future?

We have just opened our service in Hanoi in June. Even though we’ve been there for less than a month, customer excitement in Hanoi is much greater than when we first launched in Ho chi Minh City.

For the rest of 2020, BAEMIN will continue to expand in other cities in Vietnam. As we grow, our commitment khổng lồ new & existing merchants remains: we are here to support and provide them with expertise and tools to lớn be successful in the digital era.