How does gojek work? everything you need to know


So, how does Gojek work, và how does Gojek make money? Gojek was founded by Nadiem Makarim in 2010. It created a fleet of xe đạp riders that provided rides to the passengers on demand. This startup at the time also provided courier services & food delivery services at a later date. But it is a fact that the startup did not receive a lot of traction in the initial years. However, things turned around since January 2015 for the startup. The Indonesian on-demand và ride-hailing startup launched an phầm mềm at the time. The company became a unicorn recently with Gojek funding of $550 million in a fundraiser. Gojek valuation is around USD 1.3 billion at the moment.

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Gojek business model

Fundamentally Gojek is a multiple service platform that caters to a few segments such as merchants, consumers, & drivers. If you can learn about the way this business mã sản phẩm works for various segments you will be able lớn comprehend the Gojek business mã sản phẩm and how the Gojek revenue is generated.

1. Gojek for consumers

This segment of Gojek comprises people that utilize the range of services offered by the Gojek super app. The company gives a straightforward và reliable experience khổng lồ its users. The consumer segment of Gojek contains people that are looking for fast access lớn certain solutions. It caters to people that want reliable services at reasonable pricing. They also provide service khổng lồ people looking for a range of choices và are wishing for fast & safe delivery. The company offers many value-added services. These include a single-stop service for several requirements, safe transactions, & a range of reliable service providers và retailers.

Here is how it works for consumers

Defining the requirement: The users initially have to identify the requirement and then lookout for a solution on the Gojek app. Gojek offers several vị trí cao nhất solutions such as GoRide, GoShop, GoSend, and GoFood. There are in the excess of twenty such services available with the platform. According khổng lồ their requirement at the stage, these users can commit khổng lồ the suitable service among those offered by Gojek.Booking the right alternative: After the user has decided about his or her requirement và the service they are going to lớn utilize, these users may go on khổng lồ book it for finalizing the decision. The users can choose the alternative and địa chỉ it lớn the cart. After the cart is ready with the required purchases, the users can move ahead to lớn the next step.Pay the bill: After the customer cart is ready, the users may move on to lớn the payment alternative to pay for the buy. The buyer can select from the alternatives of cash on delivery or payment online. The cash-on-delivery alternative may cost the buyer a bit more than the online payment. However, the organization has to do this for minimizing false orders. They have khổng lồ eliminate the risks as far as possible.Receive the ordered services: After you have completed the payment, whatever services the customers are using whether a grocery delivery service or a food delivery service, the package will reach their doorstep. Or the necessary job is done in stipulated time. The timing for this may change depending on the service selected by the customer.

2. Gojek for merchants

Several merchants board the Gojek train. Gojek is a new-age business và some old-school and traditional service providers & businesses are looking to lớn join the bandwagon khổng lồ take advantage of the popularity of Gojek. There are many reasons why merchants are interested in this platform. Gojek is one of the better online services out there. It allows a range of user base khổng lồ the merchants, adds value to lớn a business, và the collaboration is profitable. It is also one of the fastest-growing business models in the world. Merchants that are aware of the Gojek model and find it to lớn be profitable for their business, sign up for it.

How does Gojek work for merchants?

Receiving the request or order: After a customer has placed a request or ordered successfully, these merchants receive the same on their sản phẩm điện thoại apps. After they have received the order, they start the procedure of supplying the order to lớn the customer.Preparing for the delivery: Whatever the service your customer has ordered, the service provider or merchant can begin the procedure for preparing the order. They can decide if moving out for help is necessary for things such as packing, moving, or cleaning. This is a critical phase where all the tools come out.Delivery: For orders such as grocery và food, the drivers will receive notifications about the order and they can swing by for collecting the orders immediately after it is completed. They can collect the order and deliver it where needed. Merchants can also pay the drivers by using the app.

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3. Gojek for drivers

Gojek drivers are an essential component of Gojek operations và the interested people or groups may sign up with the organization for becoming the driving partners. The company has plenty to offer khổng lồ the keen drivers such as lack of a rigid work schedule, several opportunities to lớn select from, a simple signing-up process, & a lucrative monetary advantage.


How does Gojek work for drivers?

Download the app: A first step for the drivers that are signing up with the company is downloading the app. Drivers need khổng lồ verify whether the Gojek phầm mềm is working properly in the area where they are operating. This is because the availability of the network is directly related to lớn the amount of work they can take on.Signing up: After a driver has completed the downloading, he has to sign up for the Gojek platform with his details. There are many opportunities available for the drivers on the ứng dụng to sign up. For instance, they can sign up with a bike or a car. Or they can choose lớn sign up as delivery personnel with one of the services taking into trương mục their preferences. After initiating the sign up they will get an OTP that can be used for verifying their account.Define the profile: During the Gojek registration process, the prospective drivers have to lớn provide some important documents. These include vehicle registration proof and identity proof for completing the process successfully. The drivers are also needed to địa chỉ cửa hàng more info about themselves and maintain the profile updated. When they turn on the online button these drivers can start working with the Gojek app.

How does Gojek make money?

Gojek has displayed an impressive turnover every year & there are certain ways of achieving it. Let’s look into them one by one.

Obtaining commission from the businesses: There are many businesses out there opting for Gojek. They are looking to lớn enjoy its smooth operation khổng lồ increase their sales. While providing their services, Gojek charges a fee for every successful order that occurs via their app.Obtaining commission from the customers: Gojek happens to be a one-stop place for the users và it gives a convenient solution for a range of issues. It eliminates the need to visit a range of apps for various requirements. For their services, Gojek charges a small commission lớn the customers. It is found that most users are happy to lớn pay it to enjoy the reliable và convenient offerings from Gojek.Obtaining commission from drivers: Independent drivers or other delivery partners of Gojek are required to pay a small fee for using the platform for every order they are needed lớn deliver. Taking into tài khoản the perks offered by the platform khổng lồ the drivers this small fee is a great bargain lớn the drivers.


The success achieved by the Gojek business model has meant there are many aspirants out there looking to lớn develop such business models. They need to keep in mind that there are many struggles và challenges involved in the development. They are a part of the overall journey of the app. However, Gojek’s business model has survived through difficult times lớn create history. The Indonesian-based phầm mềm is a single-stop destination for shopping, hyper-local delivery, ordering food, getting a massage, commuting, and digital payments. The super app supports several services khổng lồ simplify the buying journey of a consumer. It has without a doubt established its existence in Southeast Asia and is getting ready to expand across the world. There is another great platform available for this purpose called Here you can develop a multi-vendor marketplace or your storefront without using coding.

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