Basics of selling on shopee


Guide for all online sellers from start to lớn sell…

These days no one has yet to lớn know the hit trending online shopping application lượt thích Shopee. A popular online application platform that Filipinos used a lot. It has a feature designed for online shoppers và acts as an intermediary in buying & selling transactions. Shops will only receive money once buyers choose, click & accept their desired product. These chất lượng features help to reduce fraud in selling online & make buyers more certain in buying online.

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If you want to mở cửa a shop on Shopee, there are small instructions to follow. Post a product in a few steps & you can sell it right away.

However, to be able to lớn sell well there are some techniques to use. We have gathered pieces of information on how lớn sell well on Shopee.

How lớn apply selling on Shopee?


Many of us want khổng lồ sell on Shopee, but don’t know how? There are only a few steps on how khổng lồ apply selling on Shopee

Download the Shopee application on your mobile, which works for both iOS & Android.Click register, sellers can choose whether using mobile Number, Email, Line Account, or Facebook khổng lồ registerAfter you register, you can sell your products right away.

Open your own siêu thị on Shopee

Shopee allows you to xuất hiện your own cửa hàng for free. No shop set up fee but once we sold a product on the Shopee platform, it will deduct the sales fees. The deduction is every time our buyers transfer their payments, it will be transferred to lớn Shopee first. Shopee then will deduct the transaction fee before transferring the money lớn the sellers.

Therefore, before posting items or products to be sold on Shopee, we need khổng lồ prepare ourselves. What we need to lớn prepare are as follows:

– hàng hóa Image: Can upload up to lớn 9 images (plus a video video of your product). Make sure to take a clear, detailed, & beautiful image of each of your products

– sản phẩm Name: The best technique lớn name your products is to lớn use từ khoá that you think most buyers use to search our products.

– product Details: Telling your hàng hóa features, how lớn use your product, advantages of your product, & also don’t forget khổng lồ use a #hashtag khổng lồ make your sản phẩm find easier.

– hàng hóa Prices: The prices must be suitable và reasonable for what you are selling. Also don’t forget to địa chỉ Shopee’s fees otherwise you can’t earn anything even though you sold a lot.

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How to sell well on Shopee?

Selling on Shopee is very competitive. There are both Philippines shop and Chinese shop open selling, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a chance to sell. We just need a few tips lớn sell.

Your shop needs to be ACTIVE all the time

Even though we just open, we need lớn be ACTIVE in the Shopee app. It will show khổng lồ our buyers when was the last time our shop is ACTIVE. The more our cửa hàng ACTIVE is likely to exist & actually sell.

Fast Response, Fast Delivery

The current market is really competitive. Same products are selling in different shops. Our shops need to lớn respond lớn each inquiry & close the giảm giá as fast as we can. The faster the better.

Customers Reviews

Before our customers buy our product, they always go to lớn see each product đánh giá on how to use our hàng hóa from previous buyers. If our siêu thị received a lot of stars and positive reviews, more customers will easily decide khổng lồ purchase our product. Therefore, after closing the giảm giá don’t forget to lớn ask for a customer đánh giá of your product.

Give away coupons and Discount codes

Shops can create their own coupons & discount code khổng lồ give away. Shops also can bởi their own promotions lớn boost your shop sales. In this part, shops must be the determiner of the discounted prices.

Create a product chiến dịch with Shopee

Increase your store’s orders easily by participating in seasonal sales campaigns with Shopee. Shopee will help to lớn promote our products. But there might be a few conditions lớn join.

Learn how to lớn sell with Shopee Seller Center

Shopee Seller Centre within the Shopee tiện ích or Shopee Seller PH via YouTube & Facebook. Both are learning centers suitable for both new và old seller shopee have. Sellers must be persistent khổng lồ study new knowledge within the learning center which teaches from the very beginning. Starting from selling products, financial system, return and refunds procedure, và how to increase sales efficiency. They also have online courses teaching online via Live streaming where they teach selling techniques to sellers to learn all the time.

In addition, the other online selling channels (such as social truyền thông media networks: Facebook and IG) is also an important key khổng lồ increase sale. Selling on social truyền thông platform is not only địa chỉ cửa hàng more channels khổng lồ sell, but it also showroom more channels to liên hệ and create promotion to buyers. provides the order management system with integrating inbox messages from your social truyền thông platforms in one place. We provides many necessary tools for all online seller on our platform for free.