Basics of selling on shopee


Shopee is one of the leading sản phẩm điện thoại e-commerce marketplace in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Geographies it operates in are Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, & Singapore. It has traces of similarity to lớn the Taobao model, in which buyers and sellers can communicate & transact directly. Shopee also unboxes opportunity for cross-border sellers from china and Hong Kong for selling to Southeast Asian & Taiwanese customers.

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It’s great khổng lồ have you on board as a seller! But first, ensure that the product you intend khổng lồ sell is not under Shopee list of Prohibited Products lớn avoid any awkward situation.

Giving more power khổng lồ WooCommerce Sellers, enables retailers to lớn outreach their products’ in the SEA market.

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Why should you sell on Shopee? 

Shopee is sản phẩm điện thoại only và highly socially eccentric. Here sellers give extra attention towards cửa hàng reputation and accumulating fans, that purveys great shopping experience for buyers.No commission fee, & no listing fee which means no financial burden. However sellers can opt for native advertising và purchase paid ads at their own will.High potential platform with tremendous fast growth. Had achieved $1.8+ billion GMV in just first year of launch.It has strong hold in Taiwanese và Indonesian market. Apart from these, Malaysia and xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện are also growing strongly và hold high potential.

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Facts about Shopee:

Operates in Seven Markets in Southeast Asia with covering geographies, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện and Indonesia.Truly Multilingual experience with operations in 6 languages.Enables synchronization with Instagram account, and popular hashtags are #fashiontrends #freeshipping #supportlocal #giftforgirls #streetstyle

How can you Start Selling on Shopee?

To start selling on Shopee, sellers need to lớn submit an application khung on và follow their wechat public account: Shopee泛东南亚跨境电商;

For English language registration, visit Shopee’s Malaysia site at

Phone inquiries, for cross border sellers: +0755-21537015, for Taobao sellers: 0755-21537016


Once you have the approval, the process is simple và starts with downloading the app. Step-by-step process is elaborated below:

From the app Tap the + button (Android) or the Sell button (iOS).

selling on shopee android | Image Source: Shopee


Selling on Shopee game ios | Image Source: Shopee

2. Product images are critical khổng lồ e-commerce. Khổng lồ put a new photo of your product, tap the Camera button. For choosing an existing picture from your album/gallery, tap the Photos button. Filters & photo editing tools are available in the process. Sellers are enabled khổng lồ import photos from Instagram. Up to lớn 9 photos can be added for each listing. Enough for enticing a purchase.

Selling on Shopee | địa chỉ cửa hàng product images | Image Source: Shopee


Selling on Shopee | showroom product images from gallery | Image Source: Shopee

Now comes the step to fill in sản phẩm details such as Category, Price, Stock, Variation, Weight, Shipping Fee và Days to Ship. Ensure that you địa chỉ hashtags to lớn yShopee product, it enhances searches. Tap on “✓” (Android) or “Submit” (iOS) button. Your hàng hóa is now listed on Shopee!

Selling on Shopee | edit hàng hóa on shopee | Image Source: Shopee


Selling on Shopee | edit sản phẩm on shopee| Image Source: Shopee

Note: It is mandatory to verify your phone number before you các mục your products on Shopee.

How lớn become a Shopee preferred seller?

The path to become Preferred Sellers starts by invitation only. To lớn become eligible cửa hàng must have a high seller ratings, chất lượng listings with competitive prices, và excellent sales and customer service record.

As a preferred seller, you must:

Adhere closely khổng lồ Shopee Community Rules. Shopee Team closely monitors yShopee shop activities và you will be terminated from Preferred Seller program once identified that you have violated the terms & uploaded a counterfeit/fake item.Comply strictly with Shopee Policies by ensuring you apply & are familiar with Shopee return/refund guidelines. Cancellation, late shipping & non-shipping of orders will affect yShopee performance as a preferred seller và determine your stay in it.And that you become a source of pleasant shopping experience for buyers.

Note: khổng lồ maintain highest degree of standards in Preferred Sellers program, sellers who fail to comply with listed requirements get their Preferred Seller status removed. Shopee holds all rights and sole discretion to remove sellers from preferred seller program without further notice

How can I be featured in the Recommended Sellers list?

Marketplace is always under the radar of Shopee team that scans it every week and hand-picks few outstanding sellers khổng lồ be featured. They have a selection crieria with these parameters.

1.Popularity (number of Likes, Views, Follows, Comments, Orders)

2.Good Service (low Return Rate, low Seller Cancellation Rate, positive Ratings và Reviews)

3.Adherence lớn Shopee Community Rules

How can you provide không tính phí Shipping?

Free Shipping can be enabled by providing a valid Pickup Address.

If the indicated pickup address is serviceable for Shopee’s không lấy phí Shipping promo. The seller should receive a notification in-app within 7 days with instructions on how lớn activate không tính tiền Shipping.

– Click here for danh sách of black Arrow serviceable locations. – Click here for các mục of Xpost serviceable locations. – Click here for danh sách of ninja Van serviceable locations.

A step-by-step process on how to địa chỉ cửa hàng a pickup address is shown below:

Go lớn “Me page” > “My Account” > “My Addresses”


Selling on Shopee | free shipping my addresses | Image Source: Shopee


Selling on Shopee | không tính tiền shipping pickup address | Image Source: Shopee

Please take note of the following Terms và Conditions:

– Sellers must enter a valid pick-up address which lies within serviceable areas covered by Shopee partner couriers (Xpost Integrated, black Arrow Integrated, Zoom Courier and Ninja Van) khổng lồ qualify for the không lấy phí Shipping program.

– Sellers’ products must fit within the official packaging provided by Shopee partner couriers lớn qualify for không tính phí Shipping.

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How lớn get more views on my Shopee product?

To get more views for your products you can use “Boost Now” function.Go to lớn “Me” page > scroll down khổng lồ view your products as listed. Select the products for whom you need more views, và tap on “Boost now”Frequency – You can boost up lớn 5 product every 4 hours!

What is Seller Assistant? How bởi vì I make use of it?

Seller Assistant is an approach towards enhancing seller experience. It helps khổng lồ organize your products, keep track of orders and manage your customers. It is accessible from Me page.

My Products – View all of your listed products on Shopee và sort them by Recent, Popular, Stock và Sold Out.

My Customers – View all the users having recent or past purchase history with you. A tap on their usernames gives entire danh sách of products they purchased.

Shop Profile – Enables khổng lồ edit your cửa hàng name and shop description. You can also add promotion banner or Youtube đoạn phim to show your cửa hàng personality và apply branding.

Shop Setting – Enables different cửa hàng settings i.e. Buyer-Seller Self Arrange, Allow negotiation, Allow Buyers khổng lồ Call & Show pick-up address.

Shop Categories – Enables you to lớn create your own shop categories via Seller Center.

How is Chat Response calculated?

Your chat response rate is calculated as a percentage of new chat threads & offers that you responded lớn within 12 hours of receiving them. Your response can be a message or an offer acceptance / rejection.

Note: Your response rate is based on the average of your responses to:

– the chats & offers you received in the last 30 days

– the most recent 10 chats and offers you received

Auto-replies are not accepted in your chat response rate. Chat response rate is updated twice a day.

How lớn enable Vacation mode?

Enjoying holidays, no problem. Shopee enables to change your status to lớn vacation mode easily via “Seller Assistant” > “Shop Settings”.

Enabling Vacation mode quickly disables all your listed products. Screenshots below shows you how Vacation Mode looks lượt thích from a seller’s point of view and from the buyer’s point of view respectively.

When in vacation mode:

– All your product listings will appear as “Sold out” within 1 hour, and they are made invisible khổng lồ be browsed or searched for by other users.

– No new orders can be placed on your Shop

– Though you still are responsible for fulfilling previously placed orders

– Editing or adding products is disabled.

The processing time for enabling Vacation mode can take up to 1 hour, & cannot be disabled while being processed.

Upon exiting vacation mode:

– Your hàng hóa listings will regain their previous stock count within 1 hour

– New Orders could be placed again on your Shop.

– It may take time for your products to lớn reappear on recommendations

– You gain all control on products khổng lồ edit or địa chỉ new ones.

To fully disable the Vacation mode might take up khổng lồ 1 hour. To activate it again you will have lớn wait for another 24 hours.

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