Volvo v90 frequently asked questions


V90 Viettel package has just been officially launched, creating a hot fever for all subscribers who are using the service of the network because of too great incentives lớn have any promotion packages that match at the present time.

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Are you using Viettel smartphone network? Your work often needs to be communicated via the điện thoại network và you need khổng lồ use data to lớn serve music, watch movies, play games or surf Facebook . Daily. In response to the increasing demand of users, Viettel recently launched V90 package with numerous great incentives for users. If you are in need of using gọi charges and data packages, please refer lớn the article below to lớn register immediately.

Currently, many Viettel users are looking forward to registering V90 packages, however, this package will limit the users so you need to know the information about the object applying the package & actively participate in the promotion. Viettel"s forever if you are eligible.


V90 package not only has great incentives, but the benefits of this package are also extremely practical. With only one registration, Viettel"s customers can freely surf the mạng internet every day, make internal calls. Smoothing và out-of-network calls with more comfortable time và no cost pressure. Sign up for Viettel V90 package, you will immediately enjoy the following attractive incentives:

Free all in-network calls for less than 20 minutes.2GB data / day (60GB / month). Out of 2GB, stop access.50 minutes of net calls per month.

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The registration syntax is very simple:

Soan believes in the syntax: V90 send 191.Promotion test: KTTK sent 191.Cancel: HUY V90 send 191.


Cycle (month): 30 days from successful registration / renewal.Promotion period: 12 months from successful registration.Package fee: VND 90,000 / month.After successful activation & recharge, write SMS lớn register the package.From the 2nd to lớn 12th month, the main account has enough money, the system automatically renews. The main trương mục does not have enough money, cancel the package. After recharging, want khổng lồ re-use the package, write SMS V90 and send it khổng lồ 191 to lớn register again.The system automatically updates 2GB / day at 00:00 - 2:00 "every day.Out-of-package fee / over-charged package under Tomato package: Internal calls: VND 1,590 / minute, out-of-network call: VND 1,790 / minute; Internal SMS: VND 200 / SMS, off-net SMS: VND 250 / SMS.

Hope you are succesful.

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