The Best Vietnam Sim Card For Tourists: Viettel Sim Card Help

How to điện thoại tư vấn in Vietnam, internet in Vietnam, useful tips for calling in Vietnam.

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1. Calling in Vietnam2. Mobile operators3. Viettle SIM cards4. Buy SIM thẻ in Vietnam5. Way2go tourist SIM card6. Registration of SIM card7. Internet in Vietnam6. FAQ + Tips for calling

You can call and use the internet in Vietnam just as well as at home.

Vietnam as a rapidly developing và modernizing country and offers a wide network of mobile hotline coverage. You can call practically anywhere and anytime. The only exceptions are very remote places (e.g. In the north), for example in the mountain areas, where you may have a problem with the signal và mobile internet. Vietnam also offers several proven & large thiết bị di động operators with a wide range of services. The biggest mobile operator in Vietnam is Viettel.

It is the same with internet connection, practically any hotel or guesthouse or restaurant offers Wifi internet connection. Of course, thiết bị di động operators also offer decent 3G or 4G điện thoại internet, which you can use very well when traveling (Google maps, e-mail, surfing). The most interesting for tourists will be a prepaid tourist sim card for calling & with smartphone data for different times in different packages. Here is also my selection of the best suitable mobile travel apps that may come in handy on your phone. Read carefully this article about how to hotline in Vietnam.

How vị I make calls whilst in Vietnam?

The best option for tourists and travellers is to buy a Vietnamese prepaid tourist sim card. Buy a sim card, registrate & you can call & you can use sản phẩm điện thoại internet. Thiết bị di động operators offer a variety of tourist packages in different price categories. These prepaid sim cards make calling in Vietnam very cheap. Tourist Prepaid SIM cards contain data for smartphone internet (1GB – trăng tròn GB, valid for 5 days & up to 1 month). Of course you can also use the internet và call with Skype or Viber.

Mobile numbers in Vietnam have the following codes: 09y xxx-xxxx, 01yy xxx-xxxx(09y và 01yy – are telephone prefix of Vietnamese operators).

What is Vietnam country code?

The Vietnam country code is 84. This code will allow you to call Vietnam from another country. Vietnam telephone code 84 is dialed after the IDD. Vietnam international dialing 84 is followed by an area code.

What are the most widely mobile operators in Vietnam?

Mobile operators in Vietnam – Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone, Vietnamobile. The biggest operator in Vietnam is Viettle & has various interesting offers. Viettle has also a wide coverage in Vietnam. You can buy prepaid sim cards almost anywhere where you see these logos:

Mobile operators in Vietnam. Viettel is the biggest and popular option for tourists và travelers.

Viettel prepaid tourist SIM card:

The Viettel SIM thẻ should be your first choice if you are goingto remote areas in northern Vietnam.Prices for call and mobile data access are roughly the same as the others.

• price is about 50,000 – 500,000 VND, depending on how big a data package you choose (from 1 GB – 10 GB)• cheapest option, & it has a wide range of coverage in Vietnam• price of a 1 minute local gọi is from 1, 000 dong, SMS for 250 dong• price of a 1 minute for hotline to a foreign country is about 3, 000 dong, SMS for 2, 500 dong• bundle is charged with 30, 000 dong và is valid for one month• to check your điện thoại tư vấn balance type *101#• mặc định PIN code is 1111• Viettel sends a lot of advertising SMS messages• (prices và information may change over time, there are also various special offers)

Tourist prepaid sim thẻ in Vietnam – Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone. The visual may sometimes differ slightly.

Where khổng lồ buy SIM card in Vietnam + Registration?

You can buy SIM cards almost everywhere – at the airports, in the official stores, in the big cities, in the small towns, in Hanoi almost everywhere… lớn buy a prepaid SIM card, you have lớn officially show your ID or passport and need to be registered first, before the SIM thẻ can be activated. But in practice, this was not really much enforced before November 2016. Then the government shut down 12 million falsely registered SIM cards (more information). The rules are now more strictly enforced, that you bring your passport & register khổng lồ activate your SIM thẻ in an operator’s store.

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Viettel oficial store in Hanoi – Map

Viettel official store in Saigon – Map

Official registration can be done in the major stores of the operators.

Small independent street shops can’t activate them for you và they still sell a SIM on somebody else’s identity lớn you. With these vendors make sure that they activate it for you or show where & how to vị it. Official registration can done in the major stores of the operators or the seller will direct you to lớn a registration point, where you’ll need to lớn show your passport. Don’t leave the store without instructions, how lớn activate or with a SIM which is already activated. You can kiểm tra whether your SIM has been registered by texting ‚TTTB‘ lớn 1414 on all major operators. If registered, the response will include the name, birthdate, và ID number (Vietnam ID or foreign passport) of the registered individual.

icon-angle-double-right RECOMMENDED from 2017 – buy and register your Sim card at the major store of smartphone operator.

A traveller visiting the country for only a few days may bởi vì fine without registration. You only risk that your SIM will be shut off anytime without prior warning. This has been reported after 4 days already. To avoid losing your credit và allowances in this case, you’ll need khổng lồ go to lớn a registration point in an official store và re-register your SIM on your name by showing your passport as required by law. If you want to hotline in Vietnam withou any problems – go the official store.

Viettel official store in Vietnam. (photo:

For more information about the Vietnam di động operators and SIM cards, visit this link:icon-angle-double-right Mobile operators in Vietnam và data packages

I had a Viettel SIM thẻ with 3GB data package for 3G internet for 1 month & I paid 250,000 dong. It was enough for a whole month. I made some local calls, and almost every day I used Google Maps, and e-mail and occasional surfing the internet. In some remote mountainous areas there may not be a signal, but I only had a problem once on the route between Lai Chau and Son La city. In some areas you may have a problem with roaming. For more information, you need to liên hệ your di động operator.

Way2go – tourist prepaid SIM card by Mobiphone:

A relatively newer offer is also a tourist prepaid SIM thẻ Way2go from Consortio – a subsidiary of Mobiphone. This thẻ is intended mainly for tourists, for a stay of up to 30 days và also offers English support, international calls of 30 minutes included in the package price (but only khổng lồ selected countries), 6 GB package on the internet in the base (with other packages), tourist hotline, various travel tips and advice, 60 minutes to call in Vietnam & 100 SMS in Vietnam.

The SIM card is available for sale at the airports in Hanoi, Nha Trang & Ho đưa ra Minh city in Mobiphone stores và at selected hotels in Vietnam, & the basic variant costs 250,000 VND (may change over time). More information about the thẻ offer here at Personally, I have no experience with the card & I bởi vì not know its coverage & functionality (I would be a little afraid of Mobiphonr, but maybe unnecessarily, but I would rather choose a thẻ from Viettel).

Way2go – Tourist prepaid SIM card for 30 days by Mobiphone.

How vị I call from Vietnam khổng lồ foreign countries?

One option is lớn use a Vietnam prepaid sim card, it’s cheap, about 10 US cents per minute (it can change). The second and better option is to lớn use mạng internet access in a khách sạn or restaurant & use Skype or Viber for smartphones. These mobile apps and software work fine in Vietnam.


Internet in Vietnam:

getting và using the mạng internet in Vietnam will not give you any big problemsalmost all guesthouses (Nha Nghi), better restaurants và hotels have Wifiif you can, avoid a payment transactions in wifi coffees (keyloggers should be installed)speed is not high sometimes, but it is enough for everyday using of internetthe fastest Wifi network I registred in northern Vietnam was around 4MB/download (approx 3Mb)it is sufficient for calling with Skype or Viberin remote areas, villages in restaurants or bistros there often is no mạng internet connection

Facebook và Twitter in Vietnam:

Facebook in Vietnam is currently a very popular social network. It can be said that the Vietnamese love Facebook. There are about 70 millions active users of Facebook in 2019. The Vietnamese government is trying to block Facebook, & you may have a problem with Twitter. However, it‘s a bit of a clumsy effort and pointless exercise for the government as there is a really simple way khổng lồ unblock Facebook.

How to lớn acces blocked Facebook in Vietnam?

As mentioned Its a bit of a joke, but its just changing the DNS hệ thống address. DNS server IP address will change lớn and and restarts the internet. That’s all. But probably you should not have any problem with Facebook.

More detailed procedure for those who bởi not know where to bởi this is here:icon-angle-double-right How to acces blocked Facebook in Vietnam?