The unofficial guide to vinaphone, mobile carrier in vietnam


All carriers now offer 4G subscription packages within 1 day, và expire within 24 hours of registration.

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Currently 4G network has almost covered the areas across the country. Users just need to change to 4G sim và then register for 4G packages with many different incentives. & to cater to lớn the needs of users, carriers now also offer 4G packages for 1 day. These 4G 1-day packages offer maximum cost savings, & expire within 24 hours of compiling the registration message.

In the following article, we will consolidate the 1-day 4G packages of 3 networks Viettel, Mobifone & Vinaphone.

1. Viettel"s 4G one-day package:

The 1-day 4G packages of Viettel have preferential prices and various rates for users khổng lồ choose. Each price will meet different target groups, depending on demand.

How khổng lồ change SIM 4G Viettel at home, only 30 seconds, free, can exchange


1. 1-day 4G Viettel packages for all subscribers:

Viettel"s 4G one-day package applies to lớn all subscribers. However, there will be miễn phí packages of arising charges, there are packages lớn disconnect access or charge.

Package name of 4G Subscription fee How to lớn register for Incentive fee MI5N 5,000 VND MI5N send 191 100MB Stop connection MIMAX5N 5,000 VND MIMAX send 191 60MB free MID1 8,000 VND MID1 send 191 150MB 25d / 50KB MI10N 10,000 VND MI10N send 191 300MB Stop connection

2. 4G Viettel packages 1 day for subscribers on the list:

This is a 1-day package applied to customers according to the các mục of special incentives. The system will automatically apply to lớn appropriate customers. Read the following information in the table below.

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Package name Registration fee How to lớn register for MI3 Arrangement Fee 3,000VND MI3 send 191 1GB 75VND / 50KB MT5S 5,000VND MT5S send 191 1GB MT5 5,500 VND MT5 send 191 1.3GB MT7 VND7,000 VND77 send 191 1.2GB MT10 VND11,000 MT10 send 191 650MB

3. Register a 4G Viettel package for 1 day for Dcom subscribers:

Dcom subscribers are also provided with 4G Viettel package for 1 day. Currently, Dcom subscribers have 2 daily packages which are DC5 and D10 packages.

Name of 4G package Registration fee How to register Privilege Fee incurred DC5 5,000 VND DC5 send 191 1GB 9.76 VND / 50KB D10 10,000 VND DC5 send 191 2.5GB

To look up capacity using text messaging KTTK send 191 . Cancel 4G Viettel package with message HUY code package khổng lồ send 191, then compose the message Y send 191 to confirm.

2. Register for 4G Mobifone package using 1 day:

4G Mobifone package for 1 day use with prepaid or postpaid customers using 4G Mobifone sim. At the time of registration, the trương mục balance of the subscriber must meet the fee và will be charged khổng lồ the main account.

4G package name Registration fee How khổng lồ register Free capacity Cycle fee D1 D1 send 999 8,000 VND 150MB không lấy phí 24 hours D3 D3 send 999,000 VND 700MB 40d / 1 MB D5 D5 send 999,000 VND 1GB 75d / 50Kb D7 D7 send 999 7,000 VND 1.2GB không tính phí D10 D10 send 999 VND 10,000 1.5GB 75 VND / 50KB Thach sinh TS send 999,000 VND 100MB 150 VND / 10KB F5 (For 3G sim) F5 send 999,000 VND 1GB 9.77 / 50KB

Some packages used for 1 day will be free of charge, but some packages will not. So users need to regularly check the capacity using KT DATA message khổng lồ 999 . If you vì chưng not need to use, you can cancel the package with a message HUY Name of 999 package .

3. Register for 4G Vinaphone plan in 1 day:

The general syntax for registering a 1-day 4G package of Vinaphone will be DK Name of 4G package sent khổng lồ 888. There are currently 2 packages for 1-day users of Vinaphone including D2 & D7, applicable to lớn all tenants. How are you using 4G SIM card of Vinaphone

Package name of 4G Subscription message Registration fee Access capacity Expense fee using D2 DK D2 to 888 VND 10,000 2GB miễn phí 24 hours D7 DK D7 send VND 888 7,000 VND 1.2GB

To check the capacity of the package you are using, write DATA message to 888 . The unsubscribe syntax is HUY Package name sent to lớn 888 .

So you have detailed information for each 4G package used 1 day by 3 operators Viettel, Mobifone và Vinaphone. For those who do not need to lớn use much, only need to lớn use transient generation, they can use 4G packages this day. Just save money and surf the web comfortably, serving the needs of learning and entertainment.