Instruction on logging in and out of vnedu school management system


VnEdu is the school system management software, which is also a bridge between the school and parents khổng lồ monitor the learning situation of their children. To use this system, teachers need an account, then log in to use it.

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If you already have an account, but teachers vì not know how lớn log in and log out of VnEdu school management system , you can refer to the following article:

Login VnEdu

Step 1: Access VnEdu with Coc Coc, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Then click Sign in in the đứng top right corner of the browser.


Step 2: Next, click on Teacher login.


Step 3: Enter the username và password that the school sent khổng lồ teachers, then click Log in.

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Step 4: Successful login will access the trang web of VnEdu system.


Step 5: Point the mouse to the arrow next khổng lồ the right corner of the account name, select School Information Management.


Step 6: After selecting the above command, the school management system will appear. The login process has been successful, teachers can experience all the features that this software has to lớn offer.


Log out VnEdu

And after using it, if you want to log out of VnEdu, teachers click on the Start command in the bottom left corner of the screen, select LogOut, Log out to exit VnEdu safely.


So the teacher has to lớn know how to log in, as well as log out of VnEdu school information management software. Pretty simple, right?

Wishing teachers success!

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