How do i sign up for wechat?


If you have any chance lớn have khổng lồ talk with Chinese online, then WeChat is a must-have tool because most of them use it for online communication.

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It’s difficult to imagine how popular WeChat is in China. WeChat has the widest range of users in China, from young to old, from female khổng lồ male, và from children to lớn adults. WeChat is the only ứng dụng on Chinese devices that is used every day. Yes, EVERY DAY. Apart from its basic function to lớn talk & text online, WeChat integrates so many functions concerning nearly all aspects of people’s lives.

WeChatcan be also used as a social truyền thông media platform because of its Moments where people nội dung their daily life with their WeChat friends. WeChat also contains a WeChat wallet allowing users to lớn pay when shopping online or offline. Therefore, WeChat is also called the “do everything” app.

Does WeChat Registration gọi for a Phone Number?

WeChat registration calls for a valid phone number for online identity verification. Due khổng lồ its particularity & unique application purpose, it’s unnecessary khổng lồ use your real SIM-card phone number to lớn register an trương mục on WeChat, which is especially true because WeChat isn’t your daily tiện ích but a tool used khổng lồ talk with Chinese. Unfortunately, another SIM-card phone number costs a fortune, & worse still, it’s not so frequently used. Therefore, it’s of great necessity khổng lồ move towards a smart way to help you keep a balance between privacy, business, and budget.

Now let’s dive into this article and learn how to sign up for a WeChat account using a SIM-card-free number.


WeChat Suffering from a Ban Risk in the US?

Since the executive order was signed by President Trump at the beginning of August2020, the Chinese living in the US have become so nervous because the WeChat ban would definitely bring forward inconvenience lớn them if it was forced to lớn be used. Although the ban was released by President Biden a couple of days ago, it was still necessary khổng lồ prepare for the worst that would come.

However, the people who must communicate with the Chinese who play a role as either a supplier, potential customers, or manufacturers should still use WeChat for fast and smooth tương tác with the Chinese.

Many people are suffering from not being able khổng lồ register on WeChat because they don’t have a Chinese phone number, or WeChat is banned in their own country so they cannot register on WeChat with their real phone number. Fortunately, now there is a way for you lớn register on WeChat without your own phone number!

Register WeChat without Your Phone Number

How lớn Register WeChat

First, download the WeChat ứng dụng from Apple ứng dụng Store or Google Play Store.

If WeChat gets banned in September after 45 days of the executive order, WeChat will possibly get removed from the app Store. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to tải về and phối it up now. If you use an iPhone, you can download it from the phầm mềm Store. If you are using an android phone, you can download it from Google Play Store. Just tìm kiếm the word “WeChat” press the download button, and then wait for it to lớn download. It is quite easy.

Second, xuất hiện WeChat và tap the Sign Up button to complete registration.

To register a WeChat account, you’re required khổng lồ prepare the following information,

ImageFull NamePhone Number CountryPhone NumberPassword

With the above information provided & “I have read and accept the Terms of Service” crossed, tap the Next button và move lớn the verification code. As soon as the validity of your phone number is verified, your registration will make it.


By the way, WeChat offers you two ways to lớn register your account. Our suggestion is lớn choose the first way, sign up via your điện thoại phone instead of via your Facebook account. Why? Because signing up via Facebook can be very annoying, even if you want to lớn use your Facebook account as your WeChat account, you still need lớn provide your phone number in the end. So just choose lớn sign up via mobile phone number. Things will be much simpler.

Here you may ask what should I vị if I cannot register with my real phone number since WeChat is banned in some countries, or if you don’t have any friends in trung quốc to help you verify your account. Don’t worry! Now we will show you how to lớn sign up for a WeChat tài khoản without your real phone number.

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How to Register WeChat without Using My Real Phone Number?

The answer is khổng lồ get a second phone number on the app. Although WeChat has many restrictions for foreign users. Phone numbers in some countries may not be able lớn register WeChat Since WeChat is banned in the country, or you’ll need to have a Chinese friend to help you verify your account since you are not using a Chinese phone number. app will offer you a second phone number, with which you can sign up for a WeChat account from anywhere. The phone number you get from is equivalently functional just lượt thích your real phone number. It can vì everything you bởi vì with your SIM thẻ compatible phone number but more, & it is for free!

Register WeChat without Your Phone Number

How to lớn Get A Second Phone Number on

The following steps will direct you on how lớn set up a không tính tiền phone number on very easily.

Just follow these steps and you’ll know what khổng lồ do.

First, download the phầm mềm on your device, mobile, or tablet. Xuất hiện it after downloading and click “Connect” then go to “My Phone Numbers” và “Add a New Phone Number’’. The numbers on the danh sách are all the phone numbers you’re using on


Then, choose a country you like for your phone number. provides phone numbers from more than trăng tròn countries, including America and most European countries. After selecting a country, type an area code or city name & then select the phone number you want. Click the number you want and click “Continue” at the bottom to enter the payment page.


Finally, you can choose either to pay for the services or get them for free. If you choose the latter, you may need the following steps to lớn get không lấy phí credits.


How lớn Get free Credits? offers many ways lớn let users get credits for free. The most common way khổng lồ earn credits is khổng lồ watch videos or invite your friends to sign up for the app. For more ways to earn credits, you can refer to lớn this article.

Register WeChat without Your Phone Number

What Should I vì chưng After I Get A Second Phone Number on and More.

Open WeChat & use your phone number to register. After the steps we’ve mentioned earlier, provide the basic information about your WeChat account. You need lớn fill in all the blanks in order lớn go to lớn the next step of registering on WeChat. After you fill in all the necessary information, press the green button khổng lồ sign up. Then you need khổng lồ read and accept Privacy Policy. After you finish reading, click the box “I have read & accept the above terms” and agree.

Apart from WeChat registration,’s phone number can be also used to lớn sign up for other social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

Or, it can be used as your phone number especially for a job so that your life và work can be clearly separated.

These are all you need to vì to get a WeChat tài khoản without your own phone number. Now you can start using your WeChat account! Please make sure that you are following their rules, or your trương mục may be blocked or suspended.