Restrict or unrestrict someone on messenger


Facebook offers several privacy-focused features to lớn counter growing spam on its platform. You can unfriend annoying contacts, restrict them from your profile, and even block contacts from reaching you via Messenger. Among all privacy features, the ability khổng lồ restrict someone is a neat add-on khổng lồ protect your profile from spam messages and calls. But have you wondered what happens when you restrict someone on Facebook Messenger?


Step 6: Confirm the same from the following menu.

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Repeat the same for all contacts khổng lồ unrestrict them on Facebook.

What’s the Difference Between Block & Restrict on Messenger

Blocking someone makes you invisible to the person on Facebook. They can’t see your profile, send messages, start voice/video calls, check online status, and remain unfriended with you on the platform. Even after restricting someone, Facebook doesn’t resolve the spam problem, you can take the extreme step & block the recipient.

Like Facebook restrict, the platform doesn’t notify the person when you block them. Lớn learn more, check our dedicated guide on Messenger restrict vs. Block.

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Mute vs. Restrict on Messenger

Muting someone silences all upcoming messages và calls from that person on Messenger. You can still see the latest incoming messages in the main chats tab. At the same time, restricting someone hides the conversation completely.

Unlike restricted accounts, muted ones can see your active status & all future posts on Facebook and even địa chỉ cửa hàng you khổng lồ a group chat.

Restrict is a Nice Balance Between Mute & Block

The restrict function on Messenger gets the best of Mute & Block add-ons & delivers an excellent solution lớn keep your Facebook account spam free. If you have any other questions regarding restricting someone on Facebook, vày let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 October, 2022

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