How to verify wechat on a new phone without using the qr code


Wondering why your QR Code isn’t working? Explore this troubleshooting guide that’ll walk you through all the possible reasons & how to lớn fix them.


QR Code never went away as its usage is now on the rise more than ever. With the increase in the implementation of contactless solutions for most business operations, QR Codes are proving to lớn be very helpful.

These codes are mostly used for contactless payment, delivery, & even contactless retail, and can also be extended to lớn solve complex business problems.

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Businesses use these codes for their simplicity và easy scannability using most điện thoại thông minh cameras.

Buick, Goldman Sachs, & Investec ngân hàng have all had their fair nội dung of QR Code failures. So if your QR Code is not working, just know you’re not alone.

There are mainly 6 reasons why a QR Code does not work:

Bad qualityInverted colorsSmall sizePoor contrast ratioWrong PlacementOvercrowded QR Code

You can, of course, avoid these issues by following the best QR Code generator guide.

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With the latest game ios update, iPhones can, lớn some extent, scan bad quality QR Codes. Similarly, smartphones running on game android 9 và above, such as px and Samsung S10+, can also scan bad unique QR Codes.

But what if your target audience uses old smartphones? With old phones, scanning low-quality QR Codes can not be always possible. Therefore, it is recommended khổng lồ fix poor chất lượng QR Codes for better scannability & usage.

6 reasons why your QR Code is not working + Troubleshooting tips

1. Quality of the QR Code


As a perceiver, you might not appreciate looking at a hazy or distorted image for your brain khổng lồ interpret the images correctly. That implies that the unique of images is paramount for your sensory organs.

Similarly, a poor chất lượng QR Code image might not be correctly interpreted by a scanner.

While a pixelated or blurry QR Code might still scan on some devices, it is recommended to lớn keep the unique of QR Codes optimized. Therefore, always thử nghiệm out the printed QR Code & replace it with a higher unique QR Code.

Pro Tip: download your QR Code in a high resolution, preferably in SVG or PNG format. 

2. Inverting colors is a strict no-no


This is one of the most popular mistakes people make whilst creating a QR Code.

Don’t choose style & design over efficiency and productivity of the QR Codes because even though the code might look good, it might not work.

A classic QR Code has a trắng background and a black foreground. Inverting colors would mean the other way round. Will that help with scanning? No, a dark background might be unsuitable while scanning a QR Code.

William Taylor, a Career Development Manager at VelvetJobs says, “I’ve seen people creating QR Codes with a đen or dark background and a white or lighter foreground. It may look great in some design scenarios, but they can’t be scanned with all QR Code scanner apps.

A lot of apps for scanning your QR Code expect the code to have a darker contrast khổng lồ the background, so if you scan a codes with a white foreground it will not work for everyone.”

Pro Tip: Always use a light màu sắc background and a dark màu sắc foreground.

3. Kích cỡ of the QR Code


QR Code form size matters a lot for its readability & functionality.

The minimum form size of a QR Code should be,

Size of the QR Code = Distance/10 or, 2 x 2 inches

Please read the QR Code printing guidelines for effective usage.

Apart from the QR Code’s scannability, the code’s kích thước also matters, especially to locate it on marketing collaterals. Most users won’t notice if the QR Code is tiny & placed in a corner.

Here is a real-life example of an unnoticeable QR Code– Real Juice has tiny QR Codes on food packaging that often go unnoticed.


Lastly, think about the mode of print advertisement. The size needs to lớn be directly proportional lớn it.

Pro Tip: Gauge the QR Code’s location and then decide its size. For instance, if you are placing a QR Code on a business card, its size cannot be less than 2 x 2 inches, else the QR Code won’t scan.

If placing on a bigger surface, modify the kích cỡ according lớn the formula above.

4. Be mindful of the contrast of the QR Code


To match a specific style’s theme và color, you might have an urge lớn change the màu sắc of QR Codes. But please refrain from doing so!

You can play around with the colors, provided you are doing it right. Go for bold colors – sometimes they might not match the theme but they will stand out. If your colors match the contrast, it can get challenging for QR Code readers khổng lồ scan the QR Code.

Tim Uittenbroek, the founder of says that he has witnessed a wounded QR Code not working well. Many QR Code scanners cannot scan QR Codes with a lot of màu sắc schemes. The QR Code must look sharp on different screens and in print format.

A good rule of thumb is to lớn keep the foreground 40% darker than the background while creating a QR Code.

Apart from this, dull colors with no contrast on a billboard or a window might go unnoticed. This negates the purpose of using a QR Code.

Pro Tip: Keep the foreground 40% darker than the background even while using contrasting colors.

Create custom QR Codes – How to lớn create + 9 kiến thiết tips and examples

5. Placement of the QR Code


The placement of a QR Code is often overlooked.

Placing a QR Code in the correct location will have more impact on users.

According lớn several QR Code experts và marketers, a QR Code’s success is all its scanning speed and placement. Overall, it shouldn’t take less than a couple of seconds lớn scan a QR Code successfully. Now, let’s look into the QR Code placement part.

Make sure the QR Code is at the eye-level of the users. If the QR Code is too low or within 20 inches from the ground, no one will notice it. Even if they do, no one is going to scan it.Always make sure that the QR Code is large enough lớn not just be noticeable, but also be able lớn scan without any errors.

Pro Tip: If you use QR Codes on smaller areas such as business cards, brochures, or flyers, place the code in the front and center of the surface. When placing QR Codes on more extensive displays lượt thích billboards, ensure they are at eye level so that users can scan them easily.

Read how lớn use QR Codes for print truyền thông media to leverage it for better user journeys

6. Overcrowding the QR Code


Overcrowding the QR Code with too much content ruins its entire purpose. 

Look at the QR Codes above. The one on the left is neat và crisp, which means it will scan faster. The one on the right appears busy và crowded. This simply means that the one with more pixels carries more nội dung and takes longer lớn scan.

Too much nội dung can cause multiple problems with QR Codes in various circumstances. For instance, adding a lot of nội dung can reduce the kích cỡ of the quiet space and the corners. A lot of scanners are dependent on those corners, và thus they may not be able to function correctly. 

3 other QR Code scanning problems + Tips khổng lồ fix them

What if most of your customers still use the latest điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh and the above-discussed QR Code scanning issues persist? và you are wondering, “Why is my QR Code not working?”. Then, it’s time khổng lồ troubleshoot the codes.

Here are 3 possible reasons why & how you can troubleshoot poor quality QR Codes:

1. Expired QR Code

Taking help from a poor-quality không tính tiền QR Code generator khổng lồ create a QR Code can lead to lớn expired codes. The worst part is that you might stay unaware of the code’s expiration and that users are still scanning & connected to lớn the wrong information. Some generators also have a cap on the number of scans that can render your QR Code unscannable after it hits the limit.

Pro Tip: Always chạy thử your QR Code periodically to lớn ensure it is working. Use a high-quality không tính tiền QR Code generator like

2. Broken link

A broken link usually implies that a URL links to a trang web that no longer exists or that there is a mistake while typing the trang web link.

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A broken liên kết is not just a technical problem but also leaves a bitter experience for over users.

You may have encountered several automated messages in case of a broken link – 404 not found, 500 internal hệ thống errors, và 503 services unavailable. These codes might have destroyed your flow while going through the concerned website. Hence, it is always recommended to kiểm tra QR Codes to see if they are directed lớn a functional & accurate website.

Pro Tip: Always keep an eye out for the working functionality of the webpage và update it regularly using a dynamic QR Code.

3. Over customization of the QR Code

Customization is required to make your brand stand out, serve the campaign’s purpose, & increase the ROI. However, over-customizing a QR Code is never recommended.

Simple customization includes adding a logo, changing the colors of the QR Code, và adding a background image.

Over customization implies that the QR Code is customized beyond unrecognizable, perhaps due to lớn adding an over-the-top background image, changing the data pattern extensively, using colors of the same spectrum, or even adding a long and unreadable URL.

Pro Tip: Do not địa chỉ cửa hàng elements khổng lồ the QR Code which you may deem as unnecessary.

Test the QR Code


Before printing the QR Code on the final outlet, always test it.

QR Code testing is vital.

Test the QR Code on other operating devices, mở cửa the URL, & other nội dung linked to it.

Read about a QR Code scannability score for more clarity.

What if still, QR Code is not scanning?

QR Code correction levels play an essential role in scanning. If the code has a low error correction cấp độ due lớn external damage, it won’t scan. Also, QR Code scanning can take longer if the QR Code error correction cấp độ is high due khổng lồ the code’s complexity.

To know more about QR Code error correction, read: Guide khổng lồ QR Codes.

Some tips:

Use a chất lượng QR Code generator lượt thích to create the QR CodeTest the QR Code with multiple scannersDeploy link shorteners khổng lồ develop clean codes or use dynamic QR CodesExamine the QR Code for any broken links or redirect error

Easy step-wise guide to scan QR Codes on iPhones, iPad, apk phones, & desktop

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my QR Code not working?

Test the QR Code by performing a basic sanity kiểm tra of the working functionality of the QR Code.

Check if the code is over customization and directs lớn a broken link. Or some issue with its contrast, expiry, & placement.

If the QR Code is still not working, try scanning it via an external QR Code scanner or update your operating system khổng lồ the latest version.

2. Why is my QR Code not displaying?

Check the format of the downloaded QR Code & see if there are any errors while downloading it. Thử nghiệm the QR Code by scanning it with a compatible điện thoại QR Code reader/app. If the QR Code is still not detected, try refreshing the screen.

If none of these work, then download the QR Code again in any of these formats – JPG, PNG, SVG, or EPS & try again.

3. Why is my QR Code scanner not working?

Sometimes the QR Code scanner may not work if the camera is tilted khổng lồ a certain angle, exposed to lớn poor lighting conditions or if the thiết bị di động operating system is old.

Your phone’s distance from the QR Code also matters. Holding the sản phẩm điện thoại device too close or far from the QR Code won’t scan, as different phone models have non-identical focus parameters.

If your thiết bị di động device (Android or iPhone) still cannot scan the QR Code, try downloading a third-party QR Code scanning app.

4. Why is my camera not scanning QR Codes?

If your camera won’t scan the QR Code, it’s probably tilted at a certain angle while scanning. Lớn fix this, ensure that your camera is level with the surface on which the QR Code is printed.

5. Will my QR Code stop working?

No. QR Codes bởi not have a lifespan. A QR Code can be scanned any number of times và they bởi vì not expire. Having said that, other QR Code generators offer unlimited use for only a limited number of days. But with’s không tính phí QR Codes, the static QR Codes are không tính phí with unlimited scans.

Use dynamic a.k.a. Editable QR Codes to update, analyze, and add data to the QR Code khổng lồ reflect the latest changes.’s dynamic QR Code pricing plans cost as low as $5/month.

6. Why is my QR Code not working when printed?

There might be a few reasons why your QR Code is not working when printed –

Check the kích cỡ of the printed QR Code. The minimum size of the QR Code should be 2 x 2 inches. This form size varies depending on the print material such as billboards, walls, brochures, or flyers or varies.Check the placement of the QR Code. If the QR Code is printed in between the folds of a card, brochure, or flyer, there is a high probability of it not scanning. If the QR Code is pointed away from the user’s reach, the QR Code reader won’t be able khổng lồ scan it.Scan the QR Code from a distance to kiểm tra its functionality.Check for broken liên kết and 404s, & fix it, if it is indeed, broken.

7. Why is my QR Code not showing up in Gmail?

If a QR Code is not showing in your email, then try clearing the cache. Another way of troubleshooting is by changing the option in the email Settings và opting for Display Images. Sometimes, this hidden feature may not allow emails lớn display QR Codes.

8. Why is my QR Code not working on the iPhone?

Your iPhone is capable of scanning all kinds of QR Codes.

If your iPhone is still unable lớn scan QR Codes, then try these steps –

Select Camera in your iPhone Settings.Enable Scan QR Codes.Launch your Camera & scan the QR Code.If your iPhone Camera still cannot scan the QR Code, you can opt for a QR Code reader app.

If nothing works out, kiểm tra out 7 secure and efficient QR Code scanner apps for iPhone users.

9. Why is my WhatsApp QR Code not showing on WhatsApp?

Here are some reasons why WhatsApp QR Code is not loading –

If you are using your smartphone’s hotspot and sharing it with your computerThe mạng internet connection is weakWhatsApp service may be downYour phone is not connected lớn the mạng internet or might be slow

If these are the problems, then consider switching the computer’s internet connection khổng lồ a separate one and kiểm tra the status of the WhatsApp service on Downdetector. Now, xuất hiện WhatsApp on your phone khổng lồ scan the WhatsApp QR Code.

10. What does “QR Code chiến dịch disabled” mean?

A QR Code chiến dịch might be disabled for a number of reasons like – failed conversion rates, a decrease in engagement, or even wrongful usage. In such cases, your phone won’t read the QR Code. A reliable QR Code generator, however, alerts the user of the message when the QR Code chiến dịch has been disabled.

11. How can I kiểm tra if a QR Code is valid?

Scan the QR Code by opening the smartphone’s camera and facing it. Once the camera aligns itself lớn the QR Code, the encoded address or kích hoạt intended is accessed immediately. If not, use a different QR Code scanner to kiểm tra its scannability. 

If the QR Code does not display the intended action, then it’s an invalid QR Code. Sometimes, scanning the QR Code can give you a warning message lượt thích “Please vị not scan this QR Code again.”, which means it’s broken.

12. Why is my Whatsapp QR Code not working?

If you’re unable lớn scan the Whatsapp QR Code, check if your điện thoại thông minh is connected lớn the internet. If it’s connected lớn the internet and still not scanning the QR, restart your device & try again.

13. Why is my QR Code not working on Android?

If the QR Code is not working on your apk phone, ensure that you’ve updated your phone’s system khổng lồ the latest app android OS version.

Launch the Camera app and point it steadily at the QR Code for nearly 3 seconds. If the QR Code still doesn’t scan, press và hold the QR Code icon next khổng lồ the shutter button on your camera.

If the problem persists:

Tap More after opening the Camera app.Go to Settings và activate Google Lens suggestions.

14. Why is my Discord QR Code not working?

If you have downloaded Discord’s sản phẩm điện thoại app, you can log in to lớn your tài khoản on the desktop by scanning the QR Code. These QR Codes only work for 2 minutes. So if your Discord QR Code is not working, refresh the login page or restart the desktop app and try again.