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This year will be the third year for the Coalition Application offered through the Coalition for Affordability, Access, và Success. A name with a lot of connotations. But for parents and students who are trying to figure out the already complex admissions process, there’s a surprising lack of good, clear information about what it is, and what it means khổng lồ you.

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What You Need to Know About the Coalition Application

Using the Coalition Application involves first creating a không tính tiền account. Once you’ve done this, you can:Start using your locker. The Coalition’s locker is a place where you can upload digital “things” (pictures, video, documents) that you may need for your college application. The idea is to lớn get students started as early as the ninth grade on building their résumé for college.Collaborate with mentors using your locker. The things you post in your locker can be shared with coaches, counselors, and other mentors. These mentors can phản hồi on it (like on social media) và provide feedback.Fill out and submit your application. This is intended to lớn be the final step of the process. If you’ve created a locker and put items in it, you can use those items in your application. But you don’t necessarily have to lớn create a locker, or use it if you’ve created it.

Ever since its launch three years ago, the new application has sparked a lot of discussion & attention in the community of overworked, overburdened school counselors. Two major concerns have been that the new application could work counter lớn its own goal of improving diversity, as many of the schools attended by low-income students also suffer from the greatest shortage of counseling resources. Getting those kids khổng lồ use all the tools in the new application will be a huge challenge. Second has been the concern that it could have the perverse outcome of intensifying the arms race among parents và students who are trying lớn get every edge in the college admissions process.

Tips for Parents và Students

If you’re a junior or senior in high school, and not applying to Coalition-exclusive schools, don’t use the Coalition Application. Most Coalition universities also accept the Common Application, và you can save time by using one application. Universities that accept both applications have stated that they will not treat students who use the Coalition Application differently or better.If you’re a freshman or a sophomore, start using the tools on the Coalition Application. Whether or not you eventually apply lớn a Coalition school, you can benefit from having a place where you can upload your information & share it with mentors.

If you are applying to lớn one of the Coalition-exclusive schools or decide khổng lồ use the Coalition Application this year for other reasons, make sure you allow enough time. And if you can, get expert help. You will have more essays to write, and a good essay takes time! and you’ll have lớn make sure you work harder khổng lồ get information lớn teachers who might write recommendations và counselors who send transcripts. So get a coach who can help you through the process. It will turn out lớn be invaluable.

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Great write up! However, there is a big error in content. In the introduction it is stated that there are 2 coalition exclusive schools. In the Tips section is is stated that there are 3 coalition exclusive schools. I’m no expert but I believe there are 3.


I use Naviance & am wading into the Coalition process… and not excited …The only information I see about submitting teacher recommendations is to use e-mail … but i don’t see any information telling me WHO to email and how khổng lồ indicate my student identity.Positive that I am missing something, and already bleary-eyed in early October… can anyone provide direction?


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