How do i register for a weibo account?


How vày I sign up for Sina Weibo? Sina Weibo is a Chinese social network that is something lượt thích a cross between twitter & facebook. After the unrest in trung quốc in 2009, the Chinese Government decided lớn prohibit access to all social networks, which were not created in China. It turns out that since that time, residents of the Celestial Empire have no access lớn Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular resources. But how lớn register on weibo?

As a result, the Chinese company Sina in little more than a month created its own social network called Weibo, which in Chinese means “microblog”.

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The main features of the social network Weibo are:

Corresponding with other users;posting posts like on twitter;Reposting & commenting on posts;sharing & adding truyền thông media to your posts.

When you start using Weibo, you’ll notice that it has similar features to lớn Facebook và Twitter.

If you have problems with sms activation when registering on Weibo, you can buy a Weibo registration number for 25 cents


How to lớn create Weibo without phone number in English?

It is worth saying right away that the English version of the website is not available at But the source is very easy to translate into English. To bởi vì this, right-click on the main page & select “Translate into English”. Now, you have it in English.

Next, let’s have a look at the step-by-step instructions on how to lớn create an account for this Chinese social network:

Choose “Registration” in the upper right corner of the website.Go to the window “Mobile phone”. Choose the country và enter the number without the country code.Fill in the remaining lines: the password and the date of birth.Press the button “Get free…” in the section “Activation code”.Enter the code from the SMS & click on “Register now”.Done, now you have a personal page on this social media.

When filling in the form, you will see that this service is available in a limited range of countries only – not all of them.

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 In general, this menu contains đôi mươi countries only. More to the point, even if your country is on the list, there is no guarantee that you will successfully manage to sign up.

If the system reports an error when you enter your phone number or your country is not on the list at all, you can create Weibo tài khoản without phone number – just use a virtual number instead. Also, using this method will allow you to create several pages. And, finally, you can use it in case you vị not want lớn show your personal number on the Internet.

How lớn buy a virtual number for Weibo from any country sign up without phone number

Today it’s easy to buy a virtual number for creating accounts on various services. But the price varies significantly from one company to another. One of the most inexpensive sources is There, it will cost you only trăng tròn cents lớn pass SMS activation khổng lồ get a Weibo tài khoản without phone number.

The site allows you to register on Weibo from Russia, as well as from any country in the world. At virtual numbers of Chinese operators are available, through which you can pass sms activation during registration.

Buy virtual number for Weibo (step by step instructions):

 Refill your account in the “Payment” section in dollars in rubles or cryptocurrency.
Go khổng lồ the trang chủ page, click on “Show all countries”, enter the one you want and click on it. Next, click “Show all services”, enter Weibo & select it. Then click on the “Buy” button.Done, the virtual number is added to lớn our trang chủ page or lớn the “History of requests” tab.To register on Weibo, copy và paste your purchased number into the registration field on Weibo. Don’t forget lớn select the correct smartphone operator’s country before doing so. After sending sms to this number go back to your personal cabinet at & click “Get sms”.Insert the received code on Weibo và complete the registration.