Fluffy rice and veggies cheela


rice pancake recipe | rice flour pancakes | rice flour omelette with detailed photo and clip recipe. An extremely simple and popular healthy breakfast savoury pancake recipe made with rice flour & vegetables. It is basically an extension to the popular south Indian uttapam recipes but made as pancakes with the same texture. It can be an ideal morning breakfast recipe & served with any type of spicy and sweet dip, but can also be served for lunch boxes or tiffin boxes.

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rice pancake recipe | rice flour pancakes | rice flour omelette with step by step photo and clip recipe. Pancake recipes are always termed one of the best và most healthy morning meals. It is generally served with chocolate or honey-based syrup making it one of the sweet breakfast meals. It is widely accepted, but some prefer lớn have a non-sweet or particularly savoury meal. Khổng lồ satisfy that craving, there are some instant savoury pancakes & the rice pancake recipe is one such option.

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i have always been a huge tín đồ of instant recipes & particularly instant breakfast recipes. Being a south Indian, i am a big fan hâm mộ of idli và dosa recipes which generally require additional planning like soaking, grounding & fermentation too. I am not complaining about these, but someday i prefer lớn just get up and have instant breakfast recipes. Even though i have posted quite a few instant dosa recipes, instant savoury pancakes were long due. So thought of sharing these basic rice flour pancakes. In addition khổng lồ these pancakes, i have also shared basic coriander & mint chutney which should be an ideal condiment for this pancake. In short, the kết thúc to end process of pancake và chutney should take a maximum of 10-15 minutes, and thus an ideal morning breakfast.


furthermore, some more additional tips, suggestions và variants lớn the rice pancake recipe. Firstly, this recipe is an instant version prepared using rice flour, but it can also be prepared with normal rice too. However, khổng lồ use normal rice, you need khổng lồ soak it for a minimum of 6-8 hours và then ground it into a fine paste. Secondly, adding finely chopped vegetables is completely optional và also open-ended khổng lồ this pancake batter. You can either completely skip it or use any type of vegetables. Lastly, these pancakes are generally made with rice flour và a hint of rava. However, to lớn make it even softer, you can showroom a 1 tbsp of besan khổng lồ make it softer.

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