How to flirt on instagram stories: the top 11 flirting tips


Hi evereyone! First time post here. Im currently working on my first novel. Yên very kich in the beginning of the story. Its a paranormal suspenseful thriller, but in the beginning my main character a 24 year old female meets the love interest for the first time. Again thos is not a love story or romance novel lặng writing. But i did want there khổng lồ be some fliritng và banter with them when they first meet. I myself am terrible at fliritng in reality và for me ita beena a hard scene for me lớn write. Was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on good scenes in books where two people meet and have some good chemistry fliritng. Obviously not looking to steal from any tác giả here. Just want some inspiration. Thanks!

TL;DR: good examples in books for two people flirting và meeting each other for the first time.

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YA và romance are great categories lớn research flirting (this is why it's important lớn read widely!).

I like to break down flirting into two styles:

Compliments: This is when someone says something that's generally positive. It can be 100% genuine and kind or it can have more edge (ex. Sexual comments about someone's body or behavior) or it can even be compliments disguised as insults.

Insults: This is when someone says something that's negative. It can range from light-hearted teasing to lớn actually mean. The way lớn temper insulting style is with body language. Sort of a "forget what my mouth is saying & look at what my body is saying" thing.

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You can have a bunch of different combinations of flirting (with book examples):

Person A & Person B say things that are positive/complimentary/genuine (Autoboyography by Christina Lauren)

Person A and Person B say things that are teasing/negative/insulting (Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, The Hating Game by Sally Thorne)

Person A uses compliments và Person B uses insults (White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)

Person A uses either compliments or insults và Person B is oblivious (Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson)

Person A and Person B like to set things up (Red, White, và Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston is sort of an example. The characters flirt one way in the beginning và shift over time)

Obviously, you need to lớn mix things up lớn keep it interesting, but I think people generally have a flirtation style and it will depend on your character. If you are doing the last one, with one oblivious character, it makes sense that Character A would try a bunch of different things lớn see what gets a reaction.

People that are genuine, open, confident, and kind will be more comfortable doing the compliment flirting. People that are defensive, cautious, contrary, and snarky are more likely lớn use the insult style flirting.

I think of flirting as having a push/pull interaction. When someone says something flirty the goal is lớn either push the other person off-balance (to catch them off guard) or lớn pull them in. Compliments and insults can be used both ways. While most people will generally stick with one style of flirting (compliment or insult), they will almost always bởi a combination of pushing & pulling to lớn keep the other person engaged.

Also, I don't think you should focus solely on how their flirtation works in the first meeting. Flirting is a way a couple communicates, so it builds over time. It also creates a nice sense of anticipation for your reader, so if you can keep your love interests flirting, but not actually getting together for a while, you can string along your readers longer và create some great tension.