How to make money on youtube in 2022: 5 low


With an exceptional strategy và pure dedication, you can turn YouTube into a legitimate career-building platform. People are making tons of money producing YouTube videos every day. If you’re wondering how to start a YouTube channel and make money from it, then you’ve come lớn the right place!

Important Note: YouTube is big. In order lớn learn how khổng lồ get money from YouTube, you must understand the platform better. Thus, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to start a YouTube channel & money online. Stick around khổng lồ find all about YouTube ad money, monetization, YouTube channel earnings, etc.

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Why Choose YouTube?

You already know videos play a vital role in your business. So, it’s time you started planning where to lớn publish those videos as well.

Yes; there are loads of websites out there for publishing videos online, but you need to lớn ask yourself, “are they even worth it?”

We all use YouTube as a primary platform for watching videos online, be it mèo videos, fashion vlogs, sports clips, cartoons, tech reviews, cooking tips, you name it. Remember, YouTube has been in the trò chơi for years, and improvements are being made continuously khổng lồ meet our needs.

Here’s why YouTube is the best đoạn phim sharing platform:

It’s the “Google” of all types of videos: Google is the king of tìm kiếm engines, và we all know that. Và guess what? Google owns YouTube. Now, that explains why you should consider YouTube over anything else.Millions of viewers: This is no joke! Tons of people watch YouTube videos on a regular basis. There isn’t a specific number since it changes almost every day. However, if you’re a business, you need all those views, & YouTube is known khổng lồ always stay a few steps ahead in terms of hosting videos.Free marketing: Everyone loves không tính tiền marketing. Once you start uploading videos on YouTube, you’ll see how easy it is khổng lồ insert link and boost your website’s traffic. Remember, having a clip can help to lớn generate more traffic to your blog.Advertisements: YouTube lets you advertise without spending a dollar—more into this later.

Now, all this sounds really great, but how to start a YouTube channel và make money?

Well, you don’t need to lớn be tech-savvy khổng lồ know how khổng lồ create a YouTube channel. Just head over to lớn, sign in lớn your Google account, & boom! You now have your official YouTube channel.

Okay, since we’ve got this out of the way, how bởi vì you get money from YouTube? khổng lồ answer that, you first need khổng lồ understand what makes a successful YouTuber.

What Type of nội dung Is Popular on YouTube?

Honestly, you can make anything & become famous on YouTube, as long as you’re creative và passionate about what you’re doing. People watch a wide variety of videos on YouTube. Here’s a menu of popular YouTube clip categories:


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Are you a singer? If so, don’t waste any more time và begin your YouTube journey with singing!

People love listening lớn good music và are always looking for new voices that can strike a chord in their hearts. There are tons of YouTube channels that feature creators who either produce original songs or make covers of others’ music. And yes; they’re all making money doing so!


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Nowadays, whenever we’re in doubt, we simply look for the answer on the internet. If you’re good at a subject like Mathematics, English, Science, or anything, you can start sharing your knowledge on YouTube. People will appreciate your help so much.


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Similar to lớn teaching, if you’re good at doing/making something interesting, consider making tutorial videos on it. The “how-to” videos are really popular on YouTube.

Fashion Advice

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If you have a good clothing sense và would like to cốt truyện your experience và tips with the world, feel free to go with this particular niche. Remember, not everyone has a good fashion sense, & those who don’t will surely appreciate your work. You can help your subscribers look gorgeous, & they’ll thank you for it.

Make-Up Tutorials

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There are so many make-up gurus out there on YouTube. James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Manny MUA, Jaclyn Hill, Laura Lee, và many other popular make-up artists produce incredibly fun and engaging make-up tutorials that people find helpful. They all make a large amount of money from YouTube.

Cooking Videos

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“Can I make money on YouTube by making cooking videos?” Of course, you can! Cooking videos attract tons of viewers on YouTube. Everyone loves delicious food, và they enjoy going through the best cooking tips online.

Pet Videos

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If you have a dog or cat & have a great time with their funny little activities, you can giới thiệu those videos and entertain your viewers. Furthermore, you can upload nội dung discussing how to lớn take care of pets.

Comedy Videos

If you lượt thích to do mimicry or crack jokes, you can easily attract a good amount of followers on your channel.

Tech Videos

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Here are more you can try:

Product ReviewsHow lớn Tutorials & GuidesVideo game WalkthroughsVlogsCelebrity GossipsUnboxing VideosComedy or Sketch VideosShopping SpreesPrank VideosParodies

As a marketer, any of the categories mentioned above can come in handy. If you want lớn know how YouTubers make money, it’s pretty simple. They simply pick their favorite niche & give everything in their power khổng lồ produce quality content.

There are plenty of other YouTube channel ideas out there. But none of that means anything if you don’t know what YOU are good at. Find your comfort zone and start working on your content strategy.

Make A nội dung Strategy for YouTube

You already know how to lớn make a YouTube channel, và you’ve also chosen a suitable niche, but without a nội dung strategy, your channel will vị no good on YouTube.

First of all, you must create videos that are worth sharing. Because if people don’t like and mô tả your videos, your channel won’t be visible to a broader audience. Here’s how you can create a perfect nội dung strategy for YouTube:

Keep consistency: You need to be consistent with your video-making strategy on YouTube. All big-name YouTubers keep consistency in their channel. You need to lớn figure out how many videos khổng lồ upload each week và when to upload them. YouTubers lượt thích PewDiePie, SSSniperWolf, Philip Defranco, và Emergency Awesome upload videos on a daily basis, while vloggers lượt thích David Dobrik upload only once or twice a week. What this indicates is that you don’t have khổng lồ upload daily; you just need to be consistent with your uploads.Build a community: The best thing about YouTube is that it lets you build a sense of community for all brands, with each YouTuber having the ability to create a loyal fanbase. Read comments, reply khổng lồ them whenever possible, listen to your audience, & ask them what they’d like to see on the next video. In short, communicate and interact with your audience as much as you can.Make a series of videos: Consider creating a series of YouTube videos. This will keep your audience hooked to lớn your channel. Big YouTubers lượt thích MKBHD, Dude Perfect, PewDiePie, và Felipe Neto utilize this nifty strategy to lớn keep their viewers coming for more.Collaborate: Collaborating with other YouTubers can help you come up with some excellent nội dung ideas. For example, YouTube star Shane Dawson recently collaborated with Eugenia Cooney (another fellow YouTuber) on a clip that took the mạng internet by storm. What collaboration does is allow you lớn attract the audience of the person you’re collaborating with and vice versa. It’s a win-win situation.Optimize for search: Your videos need to lớn be visible to searchers. If they cannot find you upon their searches, then it’s bad news for your channel. So, if you want lớn rank higher on YouTube, you must use specific từ khóa in the title, a well-crafted description, relevant tags, etc. Thumbnails also attract a lot of viewers, so make sure you have one customized for each video.

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Once you have a solid nội dung strategy for your channel, it’s time khổng lồ utilize the best tools available at your disposal.

What Are Some Must-Have Tools for YouTube?

The next step on the “How lớn Start a YouTube Channel & Make Money” guide is using the best available tools for creating robust YouTube videos. With these tools, you can enhance your SEO and make the entire process of creating videos much easier.

Video Editor

Discussing video clip software will require a dedicated article of its own. But since this post is solely focused on YouTube videos, we’ll keep it brief.

So, basically, you need a powerful đoạn clip editing software in order lớn create high-quality videos. From free to paid, there are plenty of options khổng lồ choose from. You can go with VEGAS, all of which are excellent video editing software.

Photo Editor

Sometimes videos need pictures, và for having the perfect image opt for a great photo editing app. If you have a collection of pictures that need extra polish,’s one-click filters are the easiest way khổng lồ make those images look their best. While it’s no full-fat Photoshop replacement, it’s incredibly easy-to-use.

* is a great online photo editor and collage maker. It’s also a solid desktop application for image editing with RAW conversion support. There are several versions of You can opt for one of the online versions, or tải về the desktop version for offline photo editing.

For RAW conversion support, go with the PC version. On the other hand, the online version is great for light JPEG editing tasks. Upgrading to lớn the Pro version will enable more additional features.

With’s graphic design tool, you can make eye-catching Youtube Channel Art & thumbnails in just a few clicks. It provides abundant templates for YouTube under various themes, lượt thích gaming, music, food, travel, & more. This allows you to design some of the most attractive content that will boost your views quickly.

Google từ khóa Planner

As already mentioned, từ khóa are necessary for YouTube videos. You can use tools like Google keywords Planner khổng lồ find keywords your audience is searching for.


Using them on your đoạn clip title & description will boost the traffic on your YouTube channel. Remember, if you cannot rank higher in YouTube searches, you won’t be able lớn make money from YouTube views.

Social Blade

Social Blade can track various statistics on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, và Twitch. It’s effective for enhancing your social marketing tactics. You can track your statistics, as well as your competitors’. Here’s an example of analytics from PewDiePie’s channel on the Social Blade platform:


As you can see, it displays the date, subscribers, đoạn phim views, và estimated earnings. Và this is just a basic scan. The tool is capable of performing more in-depth analyzing. So, consider giving it a try!

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is a must-have tool for creators. It lets you manage your YouTube channel from thiết bị di động devices. This is helpful for those who take their YouTube profession seriously and are always editing on the go.


You won’t always be near your PC. So, every time you need lớn edit something on your channel, this nifty app can come in handy. It lets you monitor your channel’s performance with real-time analytics. You can also filter and/or respond to comments.

Now, let’s talk about real business.

How vì chưng People Make Money on YouTube?

If you made it this far, it’s safe lớn say that you’ve successfully created a YouTube channel, picked a great niche, và built a solid strategy for your channel. Now, without wasting another minute of yours, let’s show you how to lớn monetize YouTube videos lớn make money!

Qualifying for Monetization

Your YouTube channel must have at least a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time in the last twelve months. Only then can you apply for YouTube monetization.

Don’t worry!

Once you have implemented a solid SEO strategy, you’ll start hitting those big numbers in no time. Just try not to trick the system because your application for monetization could be rejected due to lớn your channel being involved in “view4view” or “sub4sub” activities.

Enabling Monetization

It’s only a 4-step process:

First, go to “My Channel”From there, click on the blue button labeled as “YouTube Studio (beta)”Next, locate the menu và head over lớn Other Features > MonetizationAnd finally, hit the “Start” button in your Monetization

And you’re done! You have accepted the terms và conditions of the YouTube Partner. Now, all you need to bởi is sign up for Google AdSense. If you already have an account, simply connect it, & that will enable you khổng lồ start making money from YouTube via advertisements.

Use YouTube to Generate Traffic lớn Your Blog

Do you have an eCommerce website? Well, then you must need traffic!

A lot of the sites were crushed by Google’s Hummingbird, Penguin, và Panda updates. Did the same happen khổng lồ you? If so, your traffic is definitely hurting. Luckily, you can use your YouTube channel not only to lớn drive traffic but also boost it.

Try repurposing your older nội dung as videos besides making new videos. In your đoạn phim description, link to your website to lớn make sure viewers click on it so that you can transfer the YouTube traffic to your eCommerce site.

Paid Sponsorships

This is an absolute banger for generating money on YouTube. Paid sponsorships are basically when brands offer you a reasonable price for mentioning their product in your video. It might be a hard goal to achieve, but if you can engage with a few companies, you’ll be making a lot of money. It’s worth the effort.


Similar khổng lồ Paid Sponsorships, except less money. But the best thing is, getting into tiếp thị liên kết programs is easier compared lớn direct sponsorships. For example, sign up for any affiliate program, and you’ll get a special discount code your followers can use while buying. Each time someone uses the code khổng lồ purchase something from that company, you’ll receive a small payment. You can mention the code in your video or the description.


People are crazy about merch, especially the younger audience. However, you first need to make sure your audience is willing to buy your merch. Because if not, then it will be a waste of money. Consider asking them what products they would like to purchase through your videos or in the phản hồi section (make sure to pin your comment). Both Jake Paul & Logan Paul have made millions selling merch to lớn their loyal fans.

Wrapping Up

If you have the skills lớn create amazing videos & are looking for ways lớn learn how to lớn start a YouTube channel & make money from it, then you need khổng lồ master YouTube marketing. Since you made it this far, you must have understood the monetization process of YouTube and how YouTubers make money online.

That said, start your YouTube journey today & become a successful YouTuber! Also, feel miễn phí to mô tả this tutorial with your friends and leave us a phản hồi below if you have any queries.

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