How To Unblock Youtube Premium Discount And Save Money


Enjoying an ad-free YouTube experience is a wonderful idea, and it is possible if you subscribe lớn YouTube Premium.

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But if the monthly fee for your location is too steep, follow these steps khổng lồ get a discount on your YouTube Premium membership. You’ll need a VPN service first.

Login khổng lồ your Google tài khoản (or create a separate Google tài khoản just for your premium subscription).Go khổng lồ Youtube Premium và verify the pricing appears in Argentinian pesos.Click Try It Free.Fill in your thẻ information. You can use your regular card or find a fee-free card and avoid currency conversion fees.In the address section, use a street, city, and postcode in Argentina (or whatever country you selected). You can search for addresses in Google or use a random address generator (find out how in the article below!).Click Buy.

Only $2.99 a month for a two-year subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee!
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That’s it! Now you can enjoy ad-free YouTube at a very discounted price every month. Read our full article lớn learn everything you should know about this money-saving hack.


Editor’s Note: YouTube Premium has updated its credit card approval process, so this method no longer works for most online users. While you can still connect to lớn a VPN to get a discounted subscription price, you will need a Visa or Mastercard issued from the country you’re trying to sign up through, with a corresponding billing address. The team is working on a new solution, so make sure to kiểm tra back for updates.

If you like miễn phí YouTube but hate the seemingly endless ads, you’re not alone. Watching the countdown timer until you can skip an ad & get to lớn your đoạn phim is one of the more frustrating things about using the popular clip site.

Of course, that is by design. YouTube knows that at some point the ads will drive you over the edge. And then, paying for ad-free videos will be irresistible. While the initial YouTube Premium không tính tiền trial offer might have you sign up without a second thought, what happens when your không tính tiền access ends?

You can move to a paid subscription, of course. But that can get expensive, especially if you already have other monthly subscription fees.

If you’re interested in saving money (who isn’t?), we’re here khổng lồ show you how to enjoy ad-free viewing and get a YouTube Premium discount every month, too.

What is Included with a YouTube Premium Subscription?

Before we dig in, here’s what you get when you subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Ad-free YouTube experience – sort of. YouTube eliminates all YouTube distributed ads (e.g. The annoying ones that play before your video clip starts). However, even with Premium, you still will see ads, commercials, và sponsored content embedded in the videos and live channels (which YouTube doesn’t have a hand in distributing).Download videos for offline viewing – only possible when you have a YouTube Premium subscription.Background play  – useful when you use YouTube khổng lồ play your favorite songs while you use other apps or your device is locked.Access to lớn YouTube Originals – movies, shows, and features from a variety of genres, that you can’t stream elsewhereYouTube Music Premium subscription – a music streaming service similar khổng lồ Spotify Premium, you get no ads, can tải về and play offline, và listen to lớn music when your device is locked.

If you watch YouTube a lot, the paid subscription makes sense. However, for occasional users who subscribe lớn other streaming music services (Amazon Music, Spotify), some of the YouTube Premium benefits may not be of that much value.

How Much Does a YouTube Premium Subscription Cost?

YouTube prices its premium service by location. & in this case, not every country is equal.

In fact, YouTube Premium subscriptions can range from downright cheap (Argentina & India) to very expensive (the United Kingdom & Switzerland).

Here’s a breakdown of how prices compare around the world, converted lớn USD ($) for comparison purposes.

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CountryMonthly Subscription Rate (local currency)Monthly Subscription Rate USD ($)*
South Africa71.99$4.94
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg6.99$8.13
Czech Republic179.00$8.17
Hong Kong68.00$8.74
United States11.99$11.99
Austria, France, Germany, Italy11.99$13.95
United Kingdom11.99$16.54

* Pricing and currency conversion rates as of October 2021.

If you live in a country where YouTube Premium costs more, why would you want khổng lồ pay extra when other countries get the same content, but at a lower price? After all, being punished for where you live seems lượt thích a sketchy way for a big company with deep pockets lớn make their profits.

While YouTube doesn’t offer discounts or sales after you’ve become a premium subscriber, there are ways to reduce your costs before you sign up.

How to Get YouTube Premium Way Cheaper

If you’re new khổng lồ the YouTube Premium service, you can start with a kiểm tra drive by claiming a YouTube Premium không tính tiền trial. If you like the experience, you can move on khổng lồ a monthly paid subscription.

However, before you vì either one, be sure to read on lớn find out how khổng lồ position yourself khổng lồ get the lowest price on your monthly paid subscription.

Look for YouTube Premium free trial offers

For new subscribers, YouTube offers a không tính tiền trial period. This is usually one month, but occasionally you can find special offers of three-month không tính tiền trials (although those offers are quite hit-or-miss). If you don’t cancel before the over of your free trial, your subscription will automatically roll over khổng lồ a paid one.

To find your YouTube Premium miễn phí trial offer, log in to your Google account, then go to lớn YouTube Premium to see if you qualify & for how long. You should see one of two screens, like in the example below.



If you receive a message stating that Premium is not available in your country, you’ll need to lớn use a VPN khổng lồ start your subscription. Likewise, if you don’t like the rate you see (based on your physical location), you can also use a VPN lớn start your subscription in a different virtual location. Read on to lớn find out more.

Use a VPN lớn sign up for YouTube Premium

Life hacks are nice, và this YouTube Premium discount thủ thuật is among the best for saving money. Especially if you are an avid YouTuber.

To find the best deal on YouTube Premium (or be able to lớn subscribe if you live in a country where YouTube Premium isn’t available), follow these instructions. If you don’t already have a VPN service, you’ll need lớn sign up for one first. Check out our recommended VPN providers in the next section.

In the following steps, we used NordVPN with a Firefox browser và selected Argentina as our destination location.

Login to your Google account (or create a separate Google account just for your premium subscription).Open your VPN and connect to lớn a vps in Argentina (or the location of your choice, depending on the discount you want).Click Try It miễn phí and you’ll see the following screen:
Fill in your credit/debit card information. You can use your regular card or find a fee-free card và avoid currency conversion fees.Click Buy.

Things khổng lồ know about using a VPN lớn get a YouTube Premium discount

While this thủ thuật can be a real money saver, there are some important things to cảnh báo before you commit.

Your monthly subscription fee will be billed to lớn your card in Argentinian Pesos (or the currency of the country you selected). You may get hit with currency conversion fees, depending on the card you added.As long as you’re signed in lớn your YouTube Premium account, you won’t need khổng lồ use a VPN to watch content.This strategy works with more plans, like the YouTube Family Plan. To lớn make it work, though, you’ll need to invite everyone and have them accept before you start this process.And, lượt thích any tech hack, YouTube might terminate your subscription. While this is rare, it is not unheard of. You should be aware of this risk, và accept this possibility before you click buy.

VPN Recommendations

If you don’t yet have a VPN service, you should definitely get one. Besides being helpful lớn unlock better pricing for a variety of online services, a VPN offers other great benefits. It can save you a lot of money on other subscriptions too.

A VPN helps you hide your identity online since it cloaks your actual IP address và replaces it with one attached lớn the VPN server you choose. A VPN also secures your data since every byte you send via the VPN connection is fully encrypted. Finally, a VPN allows you khổng lồ more freely use the internet since neither your ISP nor government can eavesdrop on what you’re doing online.

If you’re not sure which VPN provider is right for you, kiểm tra out our recommended list.

If you want khổng lồ get going right away, we strongly recommend NordVPN for unlocking cheaper YouTube Premium subscriptions. We tested several VPN providers for this article, and Nord delivered flawlessly. We also love NordVPN because it has a strict “no logs” policy, which means they don’t keep any record of your activity on their servers. If they are subpoenaed by a government or law enforcement, they have nothing to share about you.