How to switch a minecraft world from survival to creative to hardcore

Flying is possible in Creative mode (Image via Minecraft WIki)

The Minecraft 1.19 update changed a lot of aspects of the game. Now, there"s a recovery compass, two new biomes, and an insanely difficult mob. Players who stopped playing và started again after 1.19 will notice many significant differences.

However, it did not change any fundamental aspect of the title. The premise is the same, the gameplay is largely the same, and, most of all, the trò chơi modes are the same.


There are three main modes in Minecraft: Adventure, Survival, and Creative, with the latter two being the most popular as they are used a lot.

Minecraft 1.19: Switching from Creative to lớn Survival và vice versa

It is crucial for Minecraft gamers khổng lồ remember that switching from Survival to lớn Creative eliminates achievements. It"s no longer considered a true Survival world if this happens, so if anyone wants to bởi vì it, they should be aware of what will happen.


Ultimately, that doesn"t mean much (except maybe to hardcore users who might frown upon such things), but it will remove the ability to lớn complete any tasks they hadn"t gotten credit for.

Either way, here"s how to lớn switch:

Step 1: Create a world

To change the world"s mode, a world must first exist. This is easy to vì as it involves players pressing play and "Create New" khổng lồ start a new world. They usually begin as Survival since that"s the most common trò chơi mode.

Step 2: Visit World Settings

To change anything about the world, whether it be the tick speed, the field of vision, the chunk distance, or anything, users have to lớn visit world settings.

To vày so, press pause. One of the options on the screen should be "Settings." This will mở cửa up the settings. The first section is World Settings, where Minecraft gamers will need to be for this.

Step 3: Change mode

The mode change option should be the second one down on the screen. Crafters shouldn"t need khổng lồ scroll down to find it.

The first option is the world name, which can be changed anytime. Below that, the "Default trò chơi Mode" option can be selected. This brings down a menu lớn change the mode.

Players can select Creative or Survival to lớn change it from whichever one they started on. If going lớn Creative from Survival, they will be warned about the loss of achievements.


The same thing occurs when turning on cheats in a Survival world.

Alternatively, a command can change the game mode. In world settings, Minecraft gamers can toggle on cheats, which allows all commands lớn be used.

The /gamemode command can change the gamemode. "/gamemode creative" & "/gamemode survival" will work lớn change the mode.

In Java Edition, users can also change the trò chơi mode lớn Spectator. That feature is eventually coming lớn Bedrock, too, but for now, most crafters will lean towards either Creative or Survival mode.