How to talk to a girl on the phone: dos and don'ts


In this post, I will answer how khổng lồ talk to a girl on the phone who you have been texting with so far on Tinder or other online dating platforms. Also, we are going khổng lồ discuss what’s needs to be done after you approached a girl on the street or in the club và got her number.

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Here is the essence of how khổng lồ talk to lớn girls on the phone:

Build a great atmosphere with a girl with text messages before you talk to lớn her on the phone. If she is already interested in you, she will likely accept your phone call. Your first phone conversation will be outstanding if you make her laugh, while you remain confident, independent, & non-needy.

Getting a girl to talk on the phone is sometimes quite difficult, but this kind of communication can build a lot of harmony and trust between the two of you (if you bởi it right). That’s why a 5-minute phone conversation is often at least as effective as 2-hour-long texting.

A telephone conversation can develop a significant amount of trust, as women are experts in recognizing the uniqueness & false personality from a man’s voice.

Why is it beneficial lớn talk lớn girls on the phone?

Although nowadays it is easy to lớn schedule a first date without talking to lớn women on the phone, there are countless benefits to having a phone conversation before your first date.

• You can generate tremendous trust in a girl when she hears your voice & knows that you are a normal guy.

• She rationalizes you as someone she has known for a long time

• Some jokes work better in real conversations

• Attractive voice tone makes her want to lớn see you in person

• Girls are stunned by great communication skills


However, I’ve got a caveat for you:

Just as you can gain an advantage with phone conversations, you can also reduce your chances if the interaction goes not so well. Therefore, if you want to gọi her:

• Be relaxed

• Don’t be drunk

• Be alone so no one can disturb you in the meantime

• Be prepared khổng lồ some extent (know her name, where she works, what she is doing at that time, what her schedule is for that day và for the week)



How long is the ideal phone conversation with women?


The answer I used khổng lồ give, is the longer the conversation the better. I used to lớn talk to lớn girls for hours on the phone but now I’ve brought two reasons why you should never stretch these conversations over 30 minutes with someone you haven’t met so far.

Something was puzzling. Even though we hanged for hours on the phone, yet it didn’t guarantee things would get any easier later. Of course, there were women with whom the date went very well, but there were also many girls with whom it went south as if talking lớn her on the phone for hours would have never happened. 

I was pretty much in the same place as if we hadn’t devoted so much time to discuss her day and mine, as if he hadn’t had that fun vibe on the phone before the first meeting.


Why is that?


When you talk on the phone for 2 hours with a girl you’ve never met before, it often eliminates a basic emotion from her mind that is crucial for developing a stable & strong attraction: uncertainty.

Do you usually talk to the cashier for hours? và the postman? Of course not, because you don’t want anything from them. 

If the girl suspects you really lượt thích her, it will mess up the dynamics between the two of you: she knows you’re already hers.


“Women want to desire men. Và they can only really crave for men who they have to lớn work khổng lồ get.”


The other reason it’s not a good idea to hang on the phone for more than 30 minutes is that she will really like you. Yes, you read that well.

An outstanding messaging or phone conversation with you can generate so intense feelings in her that after a while she creates an idealized image of you in her head.

In this case, it is almost certain that you can meet her in person, but at the same time you can make things difficult for yourself because it will be impossible to lớn fit the image of a perfect man in her head. 

That’s why the first date can be disappointing to lớn her no matter how attractive & skillful you are.

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When I’m asked about the ideal phone gọi length, I usually say that between 10 and 30 minutes is the ideal phone điện thoại tư vấn length. 


Many times you won’t make a mistake even if you speak for an hour, but in this case, you just need to lớn be careful not khổng lồ build too strong an emotional bond between the two of you, as the natural way to vì this is during a real-life date.


Hang up the phone before the mood drops


When people have to lớn decide the quality of a meal, a trip, a movie, music, or even a first date or a phone conversation, they subconsciously magnify the last emotion they are experiencing during the event. 

This means that if a 2-hour long movie was exceptionally good until 1 hour và 50 minutes, but the last 10 minutes were weak, we often rate the film as only average.

This is also the case with dating, texting, và phone calls with women. In each case, you should end the interaction at the emotional peak, as this guarantees that women will subsequently remember the conversation with you as an outstanding experience. 


When she is laughing, & you’re having a good time, tell her this:

“I have to hang up the phone now because X (I have to lớn clean my room/work/train), but I’m not leaving you, I will text in a minute.”


What is the purpose of a phone call?


It‘s important lớn know the purpose of the first phone call.

You could say the goal is lớn ask her out or having a good time, but those aren’t good goals!


The basic principle is this: 

With a girl, you can achieve ANYTHING (kissing, having sex, marriage, dating) if you keep her level of interest high.


If you want ANYTHING from women, first và foremost you need to increase her LEVEL OF INTEREST, in a way where you demonstrate that you have the qualities that are appealing khổng lồ women. What are these qualities?


In my book, The Book of Online Seduction, I share with my readers the methods, psychological principles, and texting skills, for increasing all the attractive, masculine qualities showed above.

The goal is khổng lồ INDIRECTLY lead the conversation where the girl concludes that you have owned most of the attractive male qualities. If it happens, women will be attracted to lớn you. All the time.

So how vày you have a successful phone conversation?


Foundations of a great phone gọi with a girl


Here’s my easy 3-step process for getting girls to lớn pick up the phone when you điện thoại tư vấn them.


Find out if she likes having phone calls


Many girls don’t lượt thích to make phone calls even with their girlfriends or family. This is absolutely normal, and you can do nothing against it. In the early stages of the conversation, find out whether she likes having a long conversation on the phone with her friends (guys) or not.


If she says she is not a talk-on-the-phone type of gal, you better not force to điện thoại tư vấn her because it can backfire. If her reaction is positive, you have already taken a big step towards scheduling a call, as without she realizes it, she has now confirmed that she has no excuses for having a great conversation with someone.


Ask her lớn make a phone hotline with you when she is most likely to lớn accept it


As with an invitation khổng lồ a date, asking her to lớn a phone conversation requires you khổng lồ get to lớn a cấp độ with your conversations in most cases.

How vì chưng you know you got there?

From her indirect và direct reactions. From knowing she likes you. You should ask her to make a phone call with you when she is at her emotional peak.


The affection, the interest, the intense feelings can be observed in women as well as in men, even if you only talk to each other online. A girl is at her emotional high when you experience at least some of the followings in her behavior:

Laughs a lot at your jokesUses many emoticonsWrites a lot và oftenAsks a lot about youTries to lớn show her best selfInterested in your schedulesAgrees with you most of the timeTexts even if you don’t text to herLikes your pictures


If you find that the girl is just walking at an emotional peak, look for an excuse and pick up the phone for her.


Find a reason to lớn call


9 out of 10 times, I try to get girls lớn have a phone conversation with completely absurd reasons.