7 effective ways to teach your kids english at home

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Help your students" story telling abilities grow with this lesson that helps them recount what happened in a story and has them point out key details.

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In this lesson, students will learn how to showroom a one-digit number khổng lồ a two-digit number. This will help students build upon the skills needed for regrouping larger numbers.

Students will love practicing their sight word reading skills using this fun scavenger hunt lesson plan! Can be used as a stand alone lesson or a pre-lesson for the Sight Word Salad lesson plan.

Pop into place! This lessons builds your students" knowledge of numbers, their place value, and how to lớn write them correctly.

Get your students synthesizing various subtraction strategies as they work with a partner to lớn solve word problems. This lesson can be used alone or with the lesson plan Show Me the Money! Two-Digit Subtraction.
Who doesn’t lượt thích to spend money and plan parties? Students will subtract two-digit numbers as they calculate the remaining money for their các buổi tiệc nhỏ supplies. They will subtract in multiples of ten và focus on place value.
Now that your first graders are able khổng lồ count consecutively, introduce them to the tens và ones place values. Using tens & ones blocks will make math easy & fun for everyone!
Get your students moving with this activity that helps them practice their addition skills while having fun hunting for their next problem.
Introduce your class to composite shapes with this lesson that đánh giá geometric shapes và makes use of tangram puzzles. This lesson will give your students a strong base for learning geometry later on in their school careers.
Your class will love this outdoor activity that teaches them how to lớn compare the capacity of different containers.
This bear-y fun lesson will help your students understand addition và subtraction & reward their efforts with a sweet treat!
Good readers ask questions before, during, & after reading. This lesson, which incorporates two wonderful activities and some practice with the 5 Ws, is sure to get your students ready to dive into literature.
Give first graders a sense of time by introducing them to lớn telling time by the hour. Students who have mastered the numbers 1 lớn 12 will be eager to lớn keep the class on a time schedule.

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Encourage your students lớn take part in some friendly competition with this game that has students practice their addition skills with flashcards.
Looking for a fun way to learn about measurement? Inch on over khổng lồ this engaging lesson. Students will love using their own feet to determine the lengths of different objects.
Read & roll! This interactive game can be used as an engaging activity or an assessment tool that allows you khổng lồ easily monitor your students’ ability to blend phonemes together to create words.
Your students are probably used lớn answering questions. Give them a chance lớn ask their own with this imaginative lesson on reading comprehension & the ways one can use who, what, when, where, & why.
Your students will have loads of fun discovering new words và using them describe the feelings of different characters. Featuring No, David! by David Shannon, this lesson will help kids practice reading & writing.
Sometimes students struggle with comprehension, & it can be difficult khổng lồ pinpoint where the breakdown occurs. Help your students make visual summaries on sticky notes in this lesson!
Have students “cook” the right blends to make a fantastic word dish with beginning, middle, and ending letter sounds. In this lesson, your students will practice recognizing common CVC words.
With some help from The Little Red Hen, young readers will have fun enhancing their reading skills while learning about the value of hard work.
Take your students lớn a magical place by having them read stories such as "The Ugly Duckling" and "Rumpelstiltskin." They can read these magical stories and figure out the main idea và details in them!
In this lesson, students will learn how to get information from pictures in texts. They will describe pictures with a partner và see if their descriptions match the words in the text. This lesson can be used alone or as a support lesson.
Provide students with an opportunity khổng lồ closely examine the difference between a topic và main idea in a nonfiction text. Use as a stand-alone activity or a tư vấn for the Finding the Main Idea and Details in a Nonfiction Text lesson.
nhatroso.com"s first grade English learner support lesson plans are perfect for teachers looking for ways to lớn incorporate non-native speakers into their everyday lesson plans. First grade English learners who are exposed to our EL lesson plan adaptations will build academic language skills for words, sentences, and discourse through constant practice and teaming up with their peers.