15 engaging first grade reading comprehension activities


It can be challenging for young readers to read at the right pace. Some kids read too slowly, while others read too fast.

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Reading too fast may seem lượt thích a somewhat unlikely problem. Having a child who reads too slowly can throw up obvious red flags, but parents & teachers aren’t always as concerned when a child reads too quickly.

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There are some definite problems with reading too fast, though.


Children who read too quickly tend khổng lồ think that “good readers are fast readers.” Listen to lớn the example in the đoạn phim below. What vị you think—does this sound like good reading lớn you?

As you can imagine, it’s important for students like this to lớn slow down so they can read accurately & comprehend the text. So let’s move on to lớn the solutions!


10 Ways khổng lồ Help a Child Who Reads Too Quickly

Explain that reading should be at the same pace as regular talking—not too fast và not too slow. Acknowledge that she’s a good reader và can read very fast, but that you want her lớn slow down when she reads because you want to lớn understand the words she is saying. Record your student reading at a fast pace and then at a regular pace. She can listen khổng lồ the recordings to lớn hear the difference. Instead of asking your student to point lớn each word, try having her use a piece of paper as a guide under the line she is currently reading. See if the physical reminder of a piece of paper—and the act of having to lớn move it as she reads—helps her slow down. You could have a code phrase khổng lồ remind her lớn slow down, such as “speedy bunny.”
Read a page lớn her at a normal pace, và then have her read it at her fast speed. See if she can hear the difference. Then read the next page lớn her, and have her match your reading pace. You can also try assigning a shorter amount of reading. Start with whatever amount she can cheerfully read at a good pace—then end there. Praise her for reading at an understandable pace or with expression, or for any part of her reading that went well. It may be that she looks at the length of reading và just wants it to be over fast, so focusing on a shorter passage done with expression will reinforce the right habits.

Remember that child who reads too fast? Listen lớn what a difference it makes when that same child slows down to a normal pace.