This is how i taught my toddler to identify colors


Inside: It’s easy to teach a toddler colors whilethey explore! This collection includes over 20 easy and fun activities that invite young children to lớn learn about colors in a hands-on way.

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Around the age of two, toddlers begin khổng lồ grasp the names of some colors và begin to lớn excitedly point out which names they know.

A great way khổng lồ encourage this color learning is khổng lồ incorporate hands-on activities into your classroom và home.

Through fine motor, large motor, and sensory activities, your preschoolers will enjoy interacting with these color learning activities!

How to lớn Teach a Toddler Colors with 20+ Fun Activities


Bear Sorting – Sort colorful bears into their matching dens made out of painted paper bowls.

Button Sorting Cups – Cut slits into the tops of colorful cups for toddlers lớn sort large buttons into the correct color. (About Family Crafts)

Sticker Sorting – For a fine motor activity, place colored paper on the walls và have toddlers peel và stick the same màu sắc stickers on the paper. (Busy Toddler)

Magnetic màu sắc Sorting – Create magnets of colorful objects such as grapes, flowers, & trees và have toddlers organize them into the correct color. (The Activity Mom)

Stamp Sorting – Toddlers will sort the velcro stamps onto the envelope with the matching color. (Look! We’re Learning)

Sensory Bin

Color Cube Sorting – Sort cubes by màu sắc and put into matching bowls. Strengthens fine motor, too!

Rainbow Fish Water Bin – Catch fish with nets & learn their colors.

Gear color Match – If you’ve got gear toys, add them khổng lồ a sensory bin for some fun màu sắc recognition. (Moments Enriched)

Sensory Bin màu sắc – to lớn teach specific colors, create a sensory bin involving only objects in that color for toddlers lớn interact with. (Everyday Chaos và Calm)


DIY màu sắc Book – Gather paint swatches of different shades and bind them lớn create books of colors for preschoolers to flip through. (Craftulate)

Alphabet màu sắc Sorting – Grab those colorful letters & invite your toddler to lớn sort them by color! (Busy Toddler)

Large Motor

Lego Hunt – Go on a hunt for Lego pieces and sort by color.

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Color Hunt – Pick one màu sắc and hide objects of that màu sắc around the room for toddlers to lớn go on a màu sắc hunt. (Busy Toddler)

Color Hop – For a large motor activity, draw large circles in various colors outside and have toddlers hop on the color that you say. (Learn Play Imagine)

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt – Go on a nature walk with color bags, finding one object that matches each color on the bag. (I Heart Crafty Things)


Color Viewers – Use tinted sandwich bags or plastic khổng lồ make ‘color viewers’, allowing toddlers lớn see everything around them in that color. (Preschool Toolkit)

Color Mixing Cubes – Freeze ice cubes with food coloring & have two colors melt together to lớn see what màu sắc it turns into. (Gift of Curiosity)

Color Mixing Bottles – Create sensory bottles with two different colors for toddlers to lớn shake them up & mix the colors together. (Preschool Inspirations)


Yellow Sun Collage – download the miễn phí printable sun và find small yellow pieces to glue on top.

Spin a Rainbow – Dust off that salad spinner and learn about màu sắc mixing.

Object Rainbow – For a group activity, preschoolers will glue colorful objects onto the matching màu sắc line on the rainbow. (Teach Pre K)


Leaf Hunt – Collect leaves on a walk và create a sorting chart lớn put them on. (Hands On As We Grow)

Fine Motor

Rainbow Suncatchers – Use the fingers lớn press colored tissue onto sticky paper.

Color Mixing Bags – Fill a bag with 2 colors of paint & press on đứng đầu to make a 3rd color.

Pom Pom Sticks – For an easy color matching activity, draw colorful dots onto large popsicle sticks and have preschoolers sort matching pom poms onto them. (Natural Beach Living)


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