1st grade team with their apple cider bubbly! #husdpremier


Welcome back! In my last post we started talking about why you need to lớn start writing grants for your classroom. (You can catch up HERE if you missed it.). Today I want you to see how EASY writing grants can be.

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I want khổng lồ tell you about one of the hardest years I’ve ever had (I’ve had some hard years… My teaching career has not been all roses … or Mr. Sketch marker-y) But today I want to lớn tell you about four years ago.

I was all set to lớn teach kindergarten, my all time favorite grade. I was really excited. I was going lớn be teaching with my ‘teacher bestie’ at the neighborhood school that my children attend.

I spent the whole summer prepping, getting things just right so that the year would start off smooth. I was sure this was going to lớn be my year.

Have you heard the quote “If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans”? Yea, this is that kind of story…

So, the year started off great. By the 8th day most of the criers had stopped crying & the runners had stopped running. We had mix up some routines and my sweet little class was doing great.

That is the day that we found out our school was losing a kindergarten unit. & I was told that I was moving lớn second grade.

I was REALLY upset.

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This was not ‘the plan’. I had never taught second grade… & had never really planned to lớn teach second grade.

I cried when I packed up my beautiful K unit that I had poured my heart & soul into. And then I cried even harder when the 2nd grade unit was delivered.

It was 4 boxes of curriculum và the saddest classroom library you’ve ever seen. Và it was all a mess.

There were no math manipulatives, extra books, no toys/fun stuff, minimal supplies. SAD. I have always been a very ‘hands on’ teacher và I believe that students learn through doing so this was very, very outside my comfort zone.

Then there were the students. They were that class.

Let me be really clear that I grew lớn love this class very much. There were many, many wonderful things about them.

But they were loud.

And very active.

They didn’t get along great in the beginning and they weren’t “sit in your desk” kind of kids.

So there I was. With pretty much no “stuff” & a class that needed lots of stuff. Oh, and my not so great attitude.