Life skills for preschool and things to teach a 3 & 4 year old

Whether your 3 year old is in full or part-time preschool, trang chủ schooled, or simply hanging out at trang chủ with grandma, there are so many learning opportunities at this age. Three year olds are like little sponges, picking up every bit of information about the world around them.

They love learning all the ways that their mind and toàn thân can vì chưng new things và jump at every opportunity to try something new.

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Three Year Olds Can Still Learn Through Play

Although your child is transitioning from toddler to lớn preschooler, they can still develop & practice new skills from structured và unstructured play. A lot of what they learn, you won’t even realize that you’re teaching them!

However, once your child is 3 years old, they can begin khổng lồ learn from more structured activities based on appropriate concepts that are able to be learned & mastered at this age.


These name puzzles from Bloom Owl are a great way khổng lồ get your child learning the letters of their name. They’ll love playing with the puzzle as they start to lớn recognize the letters they see all the time.

By far my favorite resource for having your child learning letters và letter sounds is the Leap Frog shows on Netflix. They include Letter Factory, Phonics Farm, và more. If you have Netflix you can access these shows! My trăng tròn month old was reciting all of the letter sounds because he loves this show so much!

Once your child has a good memory of most letters and their sounds, you can teach them how to lớn put them together to form short words. At 3 years old, a child may be able to lớn start reading 2 or 3 letter words. Teach them how lớn use those sounds to lớn read short words from the -at, -et, -it families, such as mat, rat, bat, get, set, let, sit, fit, kit, etc.

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12. Building

Building helps lớn improve your child’shand-eyecoordination và spatial awareness. They’ll be able khổng lồ use their imagination và creativity khổng lồ create masterpieces and then knock them all down when they’re done.

This Melissa & Doug Alphabet block setis great khổng lồ stack & Bristle Blocks are also perfect for stacking, putting together, và taking apart at this age. My 3 year old is also obsessed with Magnetic Tiles– it’s the one toy that just never gets old!

Have them use blocks khổng lồ encourage imaginative play and see what they can come up with. Building blocks let them problem solve và investigate the world around them.

13. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great activity for fine & visual motor skills (hand-eye coordination). Having to lớn fit a piece into it’s correct spot by turning and manipulating it is great for visual-spatial awareness.

Your 3 year old should have moved past inset puzzles và can vị more complicated interlocking puzzles. Start them out with small interlocking puzzles lượt thích these or these, which only have 6-9 pieces per puzzle.

14. Physical Activity, Sports, & Getting Outside

Three-year-olds are known to lớn be pretty wild so you probably won’t need much coaxing to get them active. However, make sure they’re getting plenty of physical activity to lớn learn new gross motor skills. These include:

Jumping and runningThrowing/catching/kicking a ballHop or stand on one foot for a short timeWalk backwards

The best way to get them active is to give them lots of outdoor time. Take them to playgrounds to climb on the equipment as they offer so many opportunities for enriching gross motor skills. Take them for a walk & point out all the sights you see.

Your child can also start playing cooperative sports with peers và follow directions by watching someone vày a movement. Activities lượt thích gymnastics, dance, soccer, swimming lessons, và tee ball are all great organized activities khổng lồ practice all of the above skills.

15. Music, Dance, & Rhythm

Children love rhythm & music so get them singing, dancing, và exploring their bodies with music. Put on music for them lớn dance to, sing along to their favorite songs with a microphone, or make their own music withtoy instruments lượt thích maracas, xylophone, tamborine, etc.

You can also make musical ‘instruments’ with so many household objects, like shaking pill bottles, banging wooden spoons, or filling plastic Easter eggs or water bottles with uncooked beans or rice.

Do the Hokey Pokey to lớn get them moving and learning toàn thân parts. Imitating movements that they see you doing is a great way lớn develop body and spatial awareness, as well.

Singing songs & doing dances are also a great way for your preschooler khổng lồ learn & memorize new words & concepts lượt thích the days of the week song, months of the year song, head shoulders knees and toes, finger family song, etc. They’ll know their days of the week s quickly if you just put a tune to lớn it!

16. Potty Training

Around 3, many children will be fully capable of using the toilet. If you haven’t started yet, give it a try! Your child may vì better than you think.

If they’re already potty trained, make sure that they are fully independent with pulling their pants và underwear up & down, wiping themselves both back and front, & washing their hands afterward.

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Be sure khổng lồ wait until they’re ready and don’t force it on them. Here are some great tips on potty training your child here.

17. Sense of Time

Of course your three year old will not be able to tell time, however you can still teach them a basic sense of time, including:

Understanding morning, afternoon, và night. They should understand the concept of when they wake up it’s morning, lunch time is the afternoon, & before bedtime is night. They can also understand this better by seeing outside when it’s light or dark.Recognizing the numbers on a digital clock. If they can identify numbers, they should be able to see the first number and say it’s 7 o clock. With my daughter, we tell her that 7 o clock is bedtime so when she sees 7 on the digital clock, she knows it’s time to go to bed. Knowing when they have 1, 5, or 10 more minutes left. They still won’t have a true sense of how long these increments of time are, but you can try to lớn make them aware that 1 minute is quick, compared to 10 minutes or trăng tròn minutes.Days of the week. They may be able to lớn get a sense of what day it is today, what it will be tomorrow, & what it was yesterday

Before they fully have a sense of time, try setting an audio or visual timer when you need khổng lồ show them when time is up. For example, when you say clean up in 5 more minutes, set a timer for 5 minutes to lớn ring when it’s time.


We love the Time to lớn Wake clocks for my little ones. They let them know when it’s time to gọi for mom or get out of bed by simply turning a different màu sắc when it’s almost time to get up or when they should leave their room.

This is a great visual way for them lớn “see” & understand time.

18. Safety

Of course, safety is a crucial lesson to teach your child. This is the age where they will probably have no fear or understanding of dangerous situations. The following practices need to be taught khổng lồ your 3 year old as they may not just come naturally:

not running away in publicnot running out into a parking lotstranger dangerstaying close khổng lồ mom or dadbeing cautious when crossing streetsholding hands when in public or outsidesun safety: applying sunscreen, wearing hatsbeing careful of hot items: kitchen appliances, flames, etc.

Speaking of safety for your little ones, the Whystle tiện ích is a great resource for all parents khổng lồ have that tracks all safety information that’s important to lớn your family. This includes product recalls for toys, food, and more that could promote dangers into your home. Download this app không tính phí on your phone và then there’s a không tính tiền trial for the subscription so you never miss an important safety warning.

19. Manners and Respect for Others

Understanding how khổng lồ properly treat others is a valuable trait khổng lồ instill in your child. This goes for respecting both adults và other children. It’s important lớn teach your children how lớn use polite words & actions lớn show manners.

At this age, they are still testing their boundaries và exploring new ways of getting what they want. Instill rules for respecting others even through times of frustration.

Sayingexcuse mewhen needing someone to lớn move or get their attentionPatiently waitingfor a parent to finish talking to lớn another parent before chiming inSayingplease & thank youshows consideration & appreciationMakingeye contactwhen speaking to othersApologizingwhen you vày something wrongAsk questionsto others about how their day is or how they are feelingComplimentothers on their clothes, hair, or something they didSharetheir toys or items that belong to lớn themNo pushing, hitting, biting, or pulling hair lớn hurt others in any way

20. Staying Healthy: Good Hygiene & Eating Well