3rd grade english language arts tips


3rd Grade Foundations for ELLs

Before we get lớn the specific standards for grade 3 students, it is helpful to recognize that grade 3 standards require certain basic skills that not all English learners necessarily possess.

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Here are a few foundations that students will need lớn work on simultaneously if they haven’t achieved them yet.

Reading tốc độ – 80 Words a Minute

Can a student read at or over 80 words a minuteafter subtracting mistakes?

If students are reading slower than 80 w/m, they will likely struggle with the length, vocabulary, & complexities of more difficult third grade texts.If students are reading slower than 80 w/m, they will likely struggle with the length, vocabulary, và complexities of more difficult third grade texts.If a student is reading 3rd grade texts at over 60 words a minute, it is probably not a phonics issues and the student probably just needs khổng lồ read more.If they are reading fewer than 60 words a minute and/or making lots of mistakes, there are probably phonics issues as well & a good phonics assessment can help you decide what phonics will have the biggest impact on a student’s reading.

Speaking – Present và Past Simple, Linking Words

Can a student speak in full, coherent sentences?

Students tend lớn write how they speak. If they cannot put together a full, coherent sentence in speech, they are far less likely lớn be able to bởi so in writing.The language expectations (L 3.1) of grade 3 include things lượt thích the simple verb tenses (i.e. Present & past simple tenses), irregular past tense verbs, parts of speech, plural nouns, conjunctions, comparatives and superlatives, etc.Students should be able khổng lồ speak in complete, coherent sentences using the above grammar patterns. (SL 3.6, L 3.1)If students struggle khổng lồ create sentences such as these, you will likely want khổng lồ start most of your practices with a lot of speaking exercises, getting students saying what they are going to lớn write before you have them attempt to lớn put pencil khổng lồ paper.

Vocabulary Knowledge

Relevant Vocabulary & Background Knowledge (L 3.4, 3.5)

Students need lớn “determine or clarify the meaning of unknown or multiple-meaning words và phrases” as well as “demonstrate understanding of word relationships and nuances in word meanings.”These standards can be challenging for native speakers.For ELs, they can be daunting.Telling ELs what words mean is not enough. They need to use words a lot, both everyday & academic words, hearing them, speaking them, reading them, & writing them, preferably in that order.

Differentiating for Grade 3 Students


Vocabulary: Pre-teach vocabulary & provide a word bank.Read (& Listen): Provide graphic organizers partly filled in. Consider having them listen và discuss before reading.Speak: Provide sentence stems & lots of examples.

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Vocabulary: Pre-teach or brainstorm together words they will need in a word bank.Listen và Read: Provide an empty graphic organizer. You can observe how they do without pre-filling anything.Speak & Write: Provide sentence stems for speaking and see if they can go without full examples.Write: Students can use their filled-in graphic organizers và some sentence frames khổng lồ write 2-3 paragraphs.


Listen và Read: Use empty graphic organizers.Speak & Write: Provide prompts and sentence stems with more academic language.Write: Develop a short essay based on the graphic organizers.

*This post has been developed based on the following resources:WIDA Can-D0 Descriptors,Common vi xử lý core ELA StandardsandNew Language Arts Progressions (NLAP)