Make the most of your child"s precious first school experiences with the Back-to-School Success Pack for preschool. Each carefully crafted product in the bundle blends puzzles & humor with important Pre-K skills, such as tracing, drawing, và copying shapes; sorting objects by shape, size, or color; & recognizing numbers and counting objects. knows kids và knows how khổng lồ make learning fun — so kids don’t even realize they’re learning.

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The centerpiece of the pack is the award-winning Preschool Big Fun Workbook. Developed with education experts, the 250+ colorful pages of puzzles, humor and skills practice, our big preschool workbook will engage preschoolers & get them excited about learning. Preschoolers will find a variety of worksheet exercises across our preschool workbook in subjects like pre-reading & early math that will boost their confidence & supplement what they’re learning in class. When your child completes the book, celebrate by hanging the Certificate of Achievement on the wall or fridge. The book also has an introduction with easy tips for parents.Write-On Wipe-Off My First 123 Hidden Pictures is a 24-page colorful, sturdy board book that has wipe-clean pages & a marker so preschoolers can practice writing their numbers 0 through 10 — and play fun puzzle activities — over và over again. Plus, a cut-out handle & marker storage make it perfect lớn take anywhere.The 192-pagePreschool Big Fun Practice Pad: Get Ready khổng lồ Read và Write gives kids extra practice in the alphabet, sight words, and fine-motor skills like tracing và cutting. Humor, puzzles and kid-friendly illustrations make lesson practice fun and engaging. A bonus section of 16 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities encourages kids lớn explore nature through simple experiments and observations, creative prompts và more.

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Learn on the Go Practice Pad: Cutting & Pasting shows where khổng lồ cut & how to lớn arrange pieces, which encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, following directions và more. It has 64 pages.Learning Fun Workbook: Tracing và Pen Control isn’t like any typical preschool tracing sheets. It’s 48 pages of tracing and pre-writing practice that incorporate mazes, Hidden Pictures puzzles & other fun activities to lớn help kids build their learning skills.

Together, the components of this Back-to-School Success Pack for preschool will help your child have a great start to the new school year!

This pack includes:

Preschool Big Fun WorkbookWrite-On Wipe-Off My First 123 Hidden Pictures book with dry-erase markerPreschool Big Fun Practice Pad: Get Ready to Read & WriteLearn on the Go Practice Pad: Cutting and PastingLearning Fun Workbook: Tracing và Pen ControlHeavy-duty, reusable zipper bag khổng lồ protect your booksBack-to-School Learning Guide

Product Details:Contents: 4 Paperback books, 1 dry-erase book, 1 dry-erase marker, 1 Back-to-School Learning Guide, 1 reusable bagPages: Varies per bookProduct Dimensions: largest 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"ISBN: 9781639620418Ages: 3-6


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