Learning resources for age 5


Homeschooling a 5 year old is an adventure. A whole new world of learning is waiting for your rambunctious and curious child. Your challenge is finding the right homeschooling strategies & resources to open up that world.

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The following information will help you bởi that, by providing you with guidance on homeschool activities for 5 year olds, curriculum options, scheduling ideas & how nhatroso.com sparks a child’s imagination. Topics include:

What Should a 5 Year Old Be Learning?

Five year old students are traditionally in kindergarten. At that grade cấp độ they should be learning basic concepts in reading, writing and math, & also be improving their motor skills by using hands-on activities. Additional learning goals should include:

Writing their first & last nameKnowing the letters of the alphabetImproving & practicing phonetic skillsRecognizing and writing numbers up to 20Identifying time lớn the nearest hour using digital and analog clocksOrdering events in a sequenceDoing simple addition and subtraction problemsReciting the days of the week và months of the yearUsing qualitative and quantitative observationUnderstanding the characteristics that animals share

How to lớn Start Homeschooling a 5 Year Old

Homeschooling a five year old can be a bit lượt thích driving a bumper car — one moment things are going smooth and the next moment, boom! Minimize the “booms” by preparing yourself for the upcoming year using the following steps:

Step 1: check your state laws for compulsory attendance. Ages vary when attendance is mandatory, but it’s always safer to investigate the required days per year that you must homeschool your child.Step 3: Decide on a schedule. You may have khổng lồ modify your schedule occasionally, which is natural.Step 4: Join a local homeschooling group that shares your homeschooling vision.Step 5: set your homeschooling goals (don’t set concrete goals, as they tend to change as the year progresses).

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Step 6: Don’t forget to have fun and include activities such as field trips.

Homeschooling Planner

Start planning out your homeschooling days with this miễn phí easy khổng lồ use daily planner.

Get Started With This Daily Planner

What Should a Curriculum for a 5 Year Old Look Like?

Most experienced homeschoolers discover that there is no one perfect curriculum. They use a few different resources, depending on their children’s learning styles và their family dynamic. But there are some basic guidelines you should follow when figuring out what khổng lồ teach a 5 year old at home. A homeschool curriculum for a 5 year old should offer:

Access khổng lồ subjects such as language arts, math và science Worksheets và other resources that will diversify your child’s learning experience Game-based instruction that makes learning more difficult concepts easier Interactive lessons that challenge and entertain your child Resources for parents that offer assistance with grading & portfolio creation Comprehensive lesson planners Subjects that correlate lớn your state’s standards

How nhatroso.com Helps You Homeschool Your 5 Year Old

Homeschooling a five year old is challenging. So, it helps when you have a curriculum product that makes your life easier by providing interactive lessons that engage your child, parent resources, 24/7 access and an inexpensive monthly fee among other things. The 5 year old curriculum benefits that nhatroso.com offers include:

Activity planners and curriculum calculators that will help you stay organized and make plans for the year.A self-paced approach that allows your children to lớn learn important math, language arts & science concepts at a speed that suits their needs.Interactive lessons that incorporate fun cartoon characters that make learning difficult concepts easier for children.A focus on fundamental concepts in all the chip core subjects to help students meet learning objectives.An automated grading và recordkeeping system that makes it simple for you khổng lồ keep track of your student’s progress & create homeschool portfolios.

Is nhatroso.com the only online curriculum you can use when you homeschool your 5 year old? No. You can compare nhatroso.com to lớn other popular online curricula, khổng lồ see which curriculum may be the ideal fit for your child. Remember that you can always choose khổng lồ blend the best parts of more than one curriculum (called an eclectic approach) khổng lồ truly fit the needs of your 5 year old.

Tips for Homeschooling a 5 Year Old

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced homeschooler, every parent can use a helping hand. That’s why we included these additional tips. They will help you maximize your child’s homeschool experience and overcome the challenges that you might face on a daily basis. Use these tips during your homeschool year.

Kids at this age love having fun, so create a homeschool schedule for a 5 year old that includes exciting outdoor activities, such as trips lớn the library & the local park.It’s important that 5 year olds interact with kids their own age. So, arrange social activities with other homeschoolers.Include computer games, apps và resources that will help your children become adept at using technology. Tech skills become even more important as they grow older.Don’t get caught up in how other homeschoolers or traditional schools are teaching their kids. What works for your kids and your family is the perfect way.