The 3 techniques to start teaching numbers


Learning to lớn count is one of the first academic lessons khổng lồ teach a child when entering pre-k along with learning colors. As a mom who likes lớn prepare my little one for pre-k I decided to lớn research what are the right steps và activities khổng lồ teach a toddler khổng lồ count at home.

Toddlers start counting (reciting numbers) to lớn 5 between 24-36 Months. By age 3 your child should be able to (recite by memory) count khổng lồ 10, and recognize the difference between having 1 vật phẩm or two.

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When it comes khổng lồ numbers, there are three strategies I used lớn teach my child.

Reciting Strategy Counting Strategy Recognizing Strategy

Counting or Reciting? what is the difference

Reciting means they can say the numbers by memory at loud, and counting means they can correlate one tác phẩm with one number at a time. `

Reciting Strategy

For learning khổng lồ count, I stared from numbers 1-5. I started this at age 1. I used a lot of nursery rhymes on YouTube that worked on counting. This allowed counting và reciting khổng lồ be worked on simultaneously.

You might be interested in the danh mục of our favorite songs lớn teach counting

Counting Strategy


Counting required a bit more attention. Therefore I focused on the numbers 1-5 only to start. I grabbed 5 toys of the same kind, và place them at the table in a row one at a time. I started with one & build up all the way until five. I used 5 different toys for each number.

You can go lớn the dollar store at the buổi tiệc ngọt section và purchase those các buổi party bag fillers. These are great for this activity!

Teaching one on one correspondence is the best way to lớn understand this concept and will make your little learner learn to lớn count faster.

What is one on one correspondence?

One-to-one correspondence is an early math concept. This developmental skill involves counting each object as you cảm biến one cảm ứng object at a time.

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Counting wooden pegs using one on one correspondence

For example, you place 5 wooden peg dolls in front of you, & as you place each peg doll you says the number name at loud for each one , “One, two, three, four…”

This exercise we want to mã sản phẩm at first, và repeat often to teach the concept. Before you know it, your child will be modeling this ability và get a head start by learning khổng lồ count.

Modeling is the most important part of introducing numbers to lớn your child, và don’t get discouraged if he does not immediately pick up on the task. Simply continue to mã sản phẩm regularly, & your child will eventually begin khổng lồ learn và demonstrate understanding.

Recognizing Strategy

Teaching khổng lồ recognize numbers is all about exposure và repetition. I used sensory bins, number puzzles and books.


Learn how khổng lồ set up this sensory bin for teaching numbers here>>

But what really advanced us into recognizing them was the interactive worksheets found on this book.

The learning binder brings all the concepts together, visually and manipulative. Your child can count one on one, can recite the numbers as he counts the monsters & can manipulate the numbers và monsters lớn match them as being exposed the numbers.

Repetition is key! So make sure you play with numbers often.


FAQ about teaching Numbers

Understanding toddler milestones is important khổng lồ set the right expectations when teaching a child khổng lồ count.

Let’s review a few of the most common questions to lớn understand when can toddlers start counting.

Can most 2 year olds count khổng lồ 10?

Kidswillstart out as “pre-counters” saying numbers in no particular order. For example, they may say “One,two,ten” whencounting. This is typical of atwoyearoldchild. … This is also typical of a three-to-four-yearoldchild

My son is 2.4 months and he can recite khổng lồ #17 but counting, understanding he has 10 items in his hand he cannot yet do. This means he is on track for his age.

What number should a 3 year old count to?

Most 3-year-olds can count to lớn three và know the names of some of the numbers up toten.

When can a child count lớn 5?

By the over of the third year (3 years), most children would be comfortable counting up to 5 objects. Few can count accurately up to10objects.

I played a lot of songs that practice reciting lớn 10. I did lots of one on one correspondence exercises. (I’ll teach you how)
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