How To Help Your Child With Reading

Posted by Master Nguyen Thi Yen - Pediatric Speech Therapist - Time city International Hospital

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Communicating with your child is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of a parent"s parenting journey. Children learn by absorbing information naturally through everyday interactions & experiences, not only with their parents but also with other family members, friends, and teachers at school. At the age of 3-5 years, children have gone khổng lồ preschool, so language skills are an extremely important part of learning in class.
1.1. Children"s language-communication characteristics In addition lớn learning lớn say animals in class or in the environment, children will learn a lot of new words by listening lớn their parents & other adults talk in different contexts. . Besides, children also learn from hearing & learning new words in kindergarten. Children"s comprehension is still much better than they can say. At this stage: Children learn và use more linking words such as: "and", "with",... For example, children with mother play together,... Children recognize more numbers. Children recognize & name groups of things, for example: vegetables, animals, means of transport, ... Children can name basic emotions such as: happy, sad, angry, ... Children begin lớn use more complex sentences. For example: the oto went too fast và fell,... Children use words that indicate possession such as: my hat, mother"s shoes, .. Children will also mention: yesterday, today, earlier. , now,... For example: a while ago, I ate porridge,... Children use correct personal pronouns in communication such as: child, em, grandchild,... Children begin khổng lồ tell sentences themed stories but still need reminders to lớn continue the story such as: "what happened?", "what did he vày then?",... When almost 4 years old, children will start learning talk about what they think or start a story by asking, for example: “Guess what"s in here?”,... By age 4, most adults will understand a child"s words, although , some children may not say certain sounds correctly. Children will understand và follow instructions in more than two steps in familiar contexts. For example: “I go up to the 2nd floor, mở cửa the door to lớn my room, take my phone & bring it down here”,... Children understand questions or complicated explanations for what is happening in front of them. . For example: “This pen has a tip that is too small to stand on its own”,... Children recognize and begin to be able lớn compare two things. For example: one car is bigger than another,... Children begin lớn be able khổng lồ negotiate with others. For example: after you finish eating, let me watch TV, etc. By the age of 4, children can explain why they want something. For example, your child wants khổng lồ use a black pen to màu sắc the wheel,... Children can start to act as a character while playing. For example: “I am the Dinosaur. Graooo...” SEE MORE: Teaching your child to lớn speak: Knowledge to know

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